1889 11 20 Redcar Local Board of Health Meeting

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 20/11/1889.



           The Surveyor reported that he had in effect certain sanitary improvements in Fisherman’s Square in accordance with the Boards’ directions. Messrs Baker and Sill not having complied with the Board’s orders to remove their piggeries, which the Medical Officer had reported to be a nuisance a long discussion took followed, Mr. Lee maintaining that the Medical Officer was to severe on poor people, but the Chairman the Rev, J, Groves, and Mr. Hood exonerated the Medical Officer from blame, and insisted that the public health was above all private interests. Eventually the Board decided to adopt by-laws which should state at what distance from dwellings pigsties should be placed, and then every one should be compelled to comply with them.

          The following letter from Mr. T. Brown was read: To the Chairman and Members of the Board.

           I have to call your attention to the great inconvenience and loss caused to a large number of inhabitants of the town, through the removal of Mr. Emmerson, J.P., and respectfully requests that you will endeavour to have some gentleman who lives in the town, and who can be seen at any reasonable hour during the day, appointed as magistrate.
I would suggest Dr. Day as a suitable gentleman, and is nearly always at home. The names of other equally suitable persons will suggest themselves to the Board. Trusting you will give this matter prompt attention,

I remain yours faithfully, T. Brown.

          After some discussion, the Board decided to recommend Dr. Day, Mr. A. O. Cochrane, Mr. T. D. Ridley, and Mr. Fallows, with the consent of the gentlemen, to the proper authority for the appointment of one or more of them to the local magistracy.






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