1887 01 01 Redcar Local Board of Health Meeting

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 01/01/1887.


           A meeting of the Local Board was held on Christmas Eve (24.12), for the purpose of receiving tenders for the work to be done on the Esplanade and in private streets. For kerb stones, the tender of Mr Bates, Bishop Auckland, was accepted. Foe cement flagging, Jones and Co,’s tender was accepted for private streets, and that of Combie & Sons for the Esplanade; and a tender of Messrs Bradwell and Wynn, of Ayton, for whinstone, broken and unbroken, was accepted. An offer of slag at 1/8d per ton was accepted.

          The Public Loan Commissioners have lent £1,491 for the line of water pipes at 3 ½ per cent, for thirty years; and for the additional money required – viz., £4,695 – for the Esplanade and private streets, a number of offers were received, and that of Messrs Woollett and Co., of Red Lion Street, London, to lend at 3 ½ per cent was accepted.


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