REDCAR – PIER Company Annual Meeting

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 30/03/1889.


          The annual meeting of the shareholders in the Redcar Pier Company (limited) took place on Thursday (28/03), at Redcar. Mr. William Lennard of Middlesbrough presided. There was a fair attendance.

The Secretary read the report which stated that the past year had been a fairly good one. Unfortunately a portion of the pier had given way, and acting on the recommendation of Mr. T. D. Ridley (engineer), the Directors had employed Messrs. Head Wrightson, & Co., Stockton, to repair the damage.

The retiring directors Messrs. H. Harrison and Wm. Weatherill were re-elected; and Surgeon Major Locke was also elected a director. Mr. T. Bland was re-elected auditor. A vote of thanks was unanimously passed to Mr. Coleman, who had been chairman of the company for several years, but had now resigned, for his services on behalf of the pier, and the great work ha had given in the management of it.


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