REDCAR PIER – The Redcar Pier Company Limited.


Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 03/03/1871.

Incorporated under the Company’s Act, 1862, with
Limited Liability

CAPITAL £10,000.

£1 per Share to be paid on application, £1 per Share on allotment, and the remaining £8 per Share calls not exceeding £2 each, at intervals of not less than one month.


REAR-ADMIRAL CHALONER, Longhull, Guisborough, Chairman.

T. T. TREVOR, ESQ., The Cottage, Guisborough, Vice Chairman.

G. D. TROTTER, ESQ., Upleatham, near Masker-by-the-Sea.

T. HAGUE COOKE, ESQ., J. P., Field Head, Mirfield.

GEORGE WATSON, ESQ., J. P., Cleveland Villa, Middlesbrough.

C. M. E. SCHMITZ, ESQ., Derby Villa, Coatham, Redcar.

J. H. BENNETT, ESQ., M.D., Redcar.

T. W. S. LOCKE, ESQ., M.R.C.S.L., Coatham, Redcar.

RICHARD PICK, ESQ., Clarendon House, Redcar.

MR. E. W. LENNARD,   Chairman of the Local Board of Health, Redcar.




J. G. THOMPSON, ESQ., Stockton-on-Tees and Redcar.



MESSRS. J. E. and A. DOWSON, C.E.., 3, Great Queen Street, Westminster, S.W..


ENGLAND, Redcar.



MR. J. H. WEBSTER, Redcar





THE above Company was formed in 1966, for the purpose of providing Redcar with a commodious Promenade and Landing Pier, and is of that year the construction of the Works was authorised by a Provisional Order obtained from the Board of Trade, and confirmed by “The Pier and Harbour Orders Confirmation Act, 1866:”

            The Company, having decided to alter the site of the Pier have since made application to the Board of Trade for a Provisional Order for the amendment of “The Redcar Pier Order, 1866,” which when granted will enable them to construct the Pier in a situation in every respect, the most eligible.

            It affords the company the greatest satisfaction to be able to state that The Right Hummable The Earl of Zetland, K. T., as Lord of the Manor of Marske, in Cleveland, has given his entire consent to the undertaking, and that His Lordship has most handsomely promised to subscribe £1000.

            The Pier, which will command charming views of the Bay of the Tees and the Yorkshire Cause, will commence at or near a point on the See Wall, now called “The Esplanade,” nearly opposite to Clarendon Street, in Redcar, extending from such point into the Sea a distance of 1300 feet, or thereabouts, in an East North Easterly direction; and at the Pier-head, there will be suitable landing accommodation, and a sufficient depth of water to enable passengers with ease and comfort to embark in, and disembark from Steamers and Pleasure Boats at any state of the tide.

            Besides the fact (which indeed is of paramount importance) that the site selected possesses a naturally formed and always accessible sheltered deep water channel for Steamers, and is undoubtedly the best in an engineering point of view that can be obtained, it has other very great advantages, which most at once be obvious.

            Amongst others may be mentioned its proximity (without being objectionably near) to the boating and bathing, which are such great attractions on the far famed sands of Redcar and the ready access which Visitors (and especially Excursionists, who always frequent Redcar Beach,) will have to the shops, hotels, and other places for Refreshment.

            As a Fashionable Watering Place, Redcar – which has the good fortune to be situated in the Cleveland district, where the Iron Trade is being so wonderfully developed, and in the midst of a vast and ever increasing community -has for many years been the favourite resort of Visitors; not only from the neighbouring towns of Middlesbrough, Stockton, and Darlington, but also from many large and populous places at a greater distance: and commensurate with its rapidly increasing importance and necessities, during the last few years, many houses and buildings have been erected, and together with other considerable improvements, the Sea Wall, which is about 850 yards long and has a carriageway sixty feet wide, has been constructed at a cost of nearly £2000.

            Eligible building land, with sea frontages, lies at the east end of Redcar, and there can be no doubt that the extensions of the town, which has already been commenced in that direction must soon be continued.

            The Pier, which will be constructed on Iron Piles, will be both substantial and on a mental, and at the Pier-head, a capacious and elegant Reading Room, or Saloon, and Refreshment Rooms, with every convenience, we’ll be erected; whilst care will be taken to provide proper seat accommodation wherever it may be needed.

            The Company have full powers to prevent any person from shipping or unshipping fish or anything which in their judgement might in any manner interfere with the use of the Pier for recreation, or for the embarking on landing of passengers, and care will be taken that such powers shall at all times be properly exercised.

            The designs have been prepared with due regard to economy, by engineers are well acquainted with, and are well known in connection with instructions of this kind, and it is fully anticipated that the whole of the Works will not cost more than £6,000.

            The great success of the Pier Companies generally, and the high dividends paid by them where much larger sums have been expended, fully justify the belief that the Redcar Pier -economically but substantially constructed, and efficiently managed -cannot fail to be a source of considerable profit to investors.

            Fees to promoters, or promotion money, have not and will not be paid.

            A large portion of the capital has already been subscribed.

            Application for the remaining Shares upon the accompanying form, with a deposit of £1 per Share, may be sent to

            Mr. J. G. THOMPSON, Solicitor to the Company, Stockton-on-Tees;

            Mr. J. H. WEBSTER, the Secretary, Redcar: or to




To the Directors of the
Redcar   Pier   Company, Limited.


                                                Having paid into the hands of the National.

                                    Provincial Bank of England. The sum of £

                                    being £             per Share on              Shares in the

                                    above Company. I request you will allot me that

                                    number ; Shares; and I hereby agree to accept the

                                    same, or any less number that may be allotted to

                                    the, and I undertake to pay the balance of the

                                    deposit and calls thereon, and to sign the Articles

                                    of Association of the Company, whenever required

                                    so to do.

                                                Name in full.


                                                Occupation (if any) or Description

                                    Dated the                          day of                  1871        








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