REDCAR – Redcar and Coatham Rocket Volunteers.

Accreditation Redcar and Saltburn News 27/05/1875


            On Friday last (21/05), the enrolled members of the Rocket Brigade of Redcar and Coatham, held their quarterly practice on the sands, near Coatham Pier. The practice was under the inspection of Acting Divisional Officer Mr Lockney, from Sunderland, who had been appointed to attend in the place of Captain Prowse who at present is on leave of absence.

The volunteers went through the whole of the duty in a most credible manner. The rocket was fired to throw the rope across the old ship “Griffin,” on of the wrecked vessels in the late storm; the rope went direct across the ship. And the cradle was efficiently worked from the supposed wreck. But we need not say more upon the efficiency after the noble manner in which they saved the crew of the “Garibaldi” on that fearful night, when so many ships were driven ashore.

The inspection finished with members throwing the lead, which evidently is no easy task. Each man however did his best, and although some of them threw wide of the mark it was quite evident that it was entirely for the want of practice.

The inspecting officer at the finish expressed himself perfectly satisfied, and said he was bound to give a favourable report to Headquarters.

Volunteers present: W. Wetherall, R. P. Skinner, W. Johnston, R. Fishwick, J. Sexton, W. Preston, C. Whitaker, J, Earl, J. Jones, A. Taylor, and F. Bradley.


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