REDCAR – Tees Bay as a Harbour of Refuge

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the Sea  Gazette 21/07/1883

Opinion of Mr RENDELL, C.E.

Important Statement.

          At a meeting of the Hartlepool Port and Harbour Commission held on Tuesday (17/07), under the presidency of Captain Young, the report of Mr A. M. Rendell, C.E., on the question of a harbour of refuge between Hartlepool, Heugh, and Huntcliffe Point, was read.

          The report sets forth at great length the advantage of the Tees Bay over Filey, but Mr Rendell’s opinion is that so far as Hartlepool is concerned the scheme is impractical, owing to the ground off the latter port not being of a nature to afford secure anchorage.

          The Tees Bay, however, south of the mouth of the river, he considers eminently suited for such a harbour, and as prepared a plan showing an outer breakwater of 11, 000 feet and an inner pier of 7,500 feet, enclosing an area of 80 acres, with an entrance from the south 2,800 feet wide, and an entrance from the north 1,200 feet, the estimated cost of the work being £1,600,000. In concluding his report Mr Rendell says, “Whether for commerce of for use, in respect to material or cost, or to the use convict labour, from any and every point of view, it appears to me that the advantage lies in every respect so largely on the side of the Tees that Filey cannot be placed for moment in competition with it.”

          After hearing the report the Commissioners passed a resolution, on the motion of the Chairman, expressing their willingness to assist the Tees Conservancy Commissioners in any practical way, but declining to incur any further expenditure in support of the scheme.



































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