REDCAR – Central Hall, skating.

Accreditation Redcar and Saltburn News 15/07/1875


            A fashionable summer skating rink has been opened at the above hall, but we are sorry to learn that the “amusement” hitherto has not received the amount of patronage which it really deserves. The hours the room is open for skating are – from 10.30 to 12.30, 3 to 5, and 7 to 9; and the price for admission is low – 6d each, and use of skates 6d; so that for 1s our visitors and the inhabitants  can enjoy a couple of hours of thorough recreation. The Leeds Mercury of Thursday last (08/07), speaking of the skating rink at the Leeds Horticultural Garden, says:- “The skating rink recently introduced into the Leeds Horticultural Gardens is daily becoming a more popular resort. The skating is conducted with the utmost decorum, and seems to be thoroughly enjoyed by the large number of persons who avail themselves of it. And such is the attraction that on the evenings of the promenade concerts the music is almost deserted for the skating rink.” We believe we are correct in saying that the hall has been taken for the remainder of the season, and if the rink receives a fair amount of patronage skating may be indulged in during the remaining summer months.


            This fashionable recreation, as it becomes more known, is attracting considerable attention, and the daily attendance at the Central Hall is increasing. During the wet day, when it is almost impossible to take out-door recreation, or walks or drives on the sands, the skating rink affords the exercise to both sexes which cannot fail to be fascinating and agreeable. There are few exercises that partake of a mascular character in which the fair sex can be indulged without being considered “fast;” but skating is an amusement in which the most scrupulous and fastidious persons may indulge without and disturbed reflections. It is a combination of graceful, with vigorous exercise that has given this wonderful novelty such an enthusiastic reception in most of the towns and watering places of England and Wales; and the facility with which roller skating is learned, and the ease of motion so pleasant to the skater, is leading to its most fashionable adoption; and we doubt not that as Redcar is one of the first places in the North where a skating rink has been opened, the proprietor at the Central Hall will meet with great and deserved success.


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