REDCAR – The Tides

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 08/10/1869.


            The tides of the last three days have not, after all, realised the predictions of the weather seers, the weather having been remarkably fine. Great numbers of people flocked to the seaside in many parts of the kingdom, and our own shore had its full share of pleasure seekers brought here by the natural curiosity arising from the expectation of an unusually high tide. Owing, however, to the extremely calm state of the atmosphere, this sea was perfectly smooth, and no perceptible difference between the presence and ordinary spring tides was perceptible. The types of February last greatly exceeded those of the present month. At that time the wind being from the north-east caused the sea to be tolerably rough, and the breakers lashed the top of the Esplanade; the meeting of the receding and advancing waves dashed up the form, and formed a magnificent spectacle. On the present occasion, to use a nautical expression there was not even a capful of wind; and the little there was being from the South, there was nothing to give the least impetus to the tide. The most notable object was the immense expanse of rocks their actual water, the length and breadth of the scars been very extensive. At high water the waves mealy laved the base of the sea wall.


Lol Hansom March 13, 2013 Weather & Tides