REDCAR – Tree Planting by Burial Board


Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 07/02/1891


            On Thursday afternoon (05/02), in response to the invitation of the Burial Board Committee, a large number of the inhabitants assembled in the cemetery to take part in the ceremony of planting a number of trees and shrubs. The day was beautifully fine, which greatly added to the enjoyment into which all appeared to enter with zeal and good will this. Shortly after the appointed time, Mr T. Watson, Chairman of the Board, commenced proceedings by giving a very cordial welcome on behalf of the Board to wall the word favoured them with their presence, and said that he had no doubt the ceremony would be long remembered by them all, and that it was a fitting thing for the various sections of the Christian Church to join in this friendly way, in a work such as they were about engage, in the beautify of the cemetery. He hoped nothing would care to interfere with their enjoyment, and that their meeting together that afternoon would be as harmonious as the meetings of the Board had been, although the Board was composed of members of the various sects, no one of them had ever attempted to dominate over the others. Mr. Watson then planted the first tree on the unconsecrated portion of the ground, and he said he trusted they might all live to see the trees grow up. Mr. R. Lee one of the oldest members of the Board, planted the first tree on the consecrated side.

            The following ladies and gentlemen also planted trees:- Rev. J. Groves, Messrs. A. H. Sill, W A Picknett, J. Bulmer, Bramley, Joseph Robinson, R. Fettes, T. Brown, W. G. Lennard, Dr Mackinlay,, T. Williams, Rev. J. W. Franks, J. Derwent, Mrs Thomson, J. Bradley, H. Harrison, G. Hood, H. Hodgson for D. Speight, R. Pybus. W. Judson, Miss Shaw, Mrs W.Thompson, Mrs G. M. Clay, H. Hudson, T. M Simpson, Grainger, E. Teggin, The Connel, H. Hodgson, T. Jones, J. Woof,, J. Harrison, W. Weatherill, T. Walker, S. Darnborough, T. Flemming, T. Boagey, and Mrs Fowler.

            The shrubs were planted by Misses Barwick, Miss Duff, Miss E. G Brown, Miss Wood, Mr Armitage, Mr Downing, Miss E M. Picknett, Miss M. Bainbridge, Miss Spenceley, Mrs Clay, Mrs Agnew, Mrs and Miss E Lennard, Miss Garbutt, Miss Day, Miss Thomas, Mrs C. Evans, Miss S. A. Lennard, and Miss Bulford.

            After about 60 trees and shrubs had been planted an adjournment was made to the Board office where the company partook of a slight lunch. Mr Watson congratulated them on the very successful manner in which the work had been completed, and stated what great satisfaction it was to himself and his colleagues that the ceremony had been such a great success and had given such general satisfaction. Mr. W. A. Picknett, who is the next oldest member of the Board, in the absence of Mr Lee, endorsed the chairman’s statements, and said what pleasure it had given him to assist in bringing to such a successful issue, the work in which so many of them had taken part. During the 15 years he had been a member of the Board it had been his constant endeavour to beautify the Cemetery, and make it an object worthy of attraction, and place which by its beauty might afford solace and strength to many bereaved one. The Rev. J. Groves, vicar, in the speech of cordiality and great humour, testified to the pleasure their gathering together and the work they had accomplished had given him, and trusted they would all be spirited to see the Groves of trees which would afford shelter and add beauty to the place. Mr. T. Brown said that he was pleased to have the opportunity of taking part in the ceremony, and thought it was a right thing to invite the inhabitants to take part in the affairs of the Board. Such gatherings help them to know each other better and to develop public spirit, that thing he had always thought the town was in much need; besides he thought the day’s proceedings were some atonement to the ratepayers for the great disappointment they had in not being invited by the Board of Health to assist in planting the trees in Redcar Lane and High Street. He had always been anxious to beautify the last resting place of departed friends, so that when visiting the Cemetery sorrowful thoughts might be dispelled by the beautiful budding trees, shrubs and flowers. Mr Lennard was glad that the dream of resumes was in a fair way to being realised. He had ever desired to see Redcar beautified, and that the day was not far distant when an avenue of trees would be planted in Redcar Lane, scratch that. Mr J. Bulmer as the youngest member of the Board was proud to have assisted in the proceedings. Mr H. Hudson expressed the thanks of the inhabitants to the Board for their kind invitation to join them in their effort to beautify the Cemetery, and for the generous way in which they had been entertained and hoped that the members of the Local Board president would take the hint and act in a more considerate and generous manner the next time they had any trees to plant. Mr. H. Harrison one of the oldest inhabitants testify to the great pleasure it did afforded him to be with them. He was present at the laying of the foundation stone of the Church, and the laying out of the Cemetery, and was exceedingly glad to have the opportunity afforded him of planting a tree therein. Mr. H. Hudson on behalf of the company thanked Mr W. Weatherill the oldest hotel keeper in the town, for the very efficient way in which he had assisted the Cemetery staff in their work, and for the liberal way he had contributed to their enjoyment, by his gilts. Many present could certify that the wine was first-class. Mr Wetherill in reply, said he was glad to help it anything that was calculated to improve the town. A number of other gentlemen expressed their gratification at the way the business had been carried out. A vote of thanks to the Chairman and Mr A H Sill, the clerk, terminated the proceedings.


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