RIVER TEES – The deepening of the lower River Tees

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 05/01/1877


            The important contract of the Diamond Rock boring Company for the removal of the obstructive reef in the Tees was completed six months since, and far as regards the blasting of the rocks. We learn that the removal of the debris has now also been brought to a satisfactory termination. The former work was carried out under the management of Mr. W. Dawes, and both have been completed under the supervision of Mr. John Fowler, C.E., The experienced chief engineer for the Tees Conservancy. Some idea of the importance and extent of this vast work of improvement is the Tees navigation may be obtained from figures. “Upwards of 200,000 tons of solid matter have been removed by the dredger (from the position in which it was left after blasting) and taken by Hopper barges clean out to sea. This solid matter removed in the form of debris was formally a reef of solid rock, covering an area of 17 acres, and lying athwart and along the direct line of the river navigation. It is now so reduced that, throughout the line of the Channel, there is a minimum depth of 14 feet at low-water, equal to twenty-nine at high water, over the site of this former obstruction.



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