At, about 12 midnight Thursday, 8th, March, 1804, the inhabitants of Redcar were alarmed by a very heavy firing; thinking the enemy were off the coast, the drums were ordered to beat arms. The Sea Fencibles* commanded by Captain Thrush were, in a few minutes, on the sands, when it proved to be minute guns from the brig “Rose” (of London) which had got upon the Redcar rocks.


The lifeboat put off, but could not render them any assistance; a few fishing boats at length reached the distressed vessel, and brought all hands (26) on shore. The vessel was laden with timber from Christiansand. The timber was saved but not the wreck.


The brig mastered by person called Seffald of London.


*The Sea Fencibles was a naval force that worked to protect the United Kingdom from invasion by France during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars



(Any further information regarding this vessels demise would be greatly appreciated)



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