SALTBURN – Dynamite Experiment at Saltburn-by-the-Sea

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by the-Sea Gazette 27/04/1877.


            A series of experiments with dynamite took place on Friday afternoon last (20/0 in the sea and on the sands at Saltburn. It was intended to experiment upon a number of iron piles which are embedded in the sea, forming part of the debris of the landing stage of the promenade pier, wrecked to win twos ago, but in consequence of a strong east wind blowing it was impracticable to make a connection with the piles, and hence Mr. Reid, who represented Nobels’ Explosives Company, contented himself with giving a few minor experiments, to sure the power of dynamite over gunpowder or any other explosive. It was clearly demonstrated that, whether in the dry, the effectiveness of dynamite is the same and in one experiment its superiority over gunpowder was most manifest. A small quantity of dynamite was placed on dry sand and fired, a Lake quantity, in point of money value, of gunpowder being placed similarly, and also fired. The gunpowder exploded with a slight report, and left the sand quite undisturbed; whilst the dynamite exploded with a loud report, throwing up an immense quantity of sand a considerable height, and leaving a huge hole in which a horse and cart might have been buried. The experiments which throughout were of the most interesting nature, were witnessed by a large number of representative gentleman, all of whom really expressed their astonishment at the polls of dynamite has complied with any other blasting agency. It was stated that the removal of the piles with the aid of dynamite would be attempted when the sea was calm, and judging from last Friday’s experiments the object will no doubt be achieved.


Lol Hansom January 14, 2015 Saltburn