RAILWAY – Scarborough and Whitby Railway

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 19/05/1871.


The bill sanctioning the construction of this line with reduced capital has just passed the Lords,, and it is expected to be carried through the Commons without opposition. The prospectus of the company which has been issued states that the capital is £120,000, in 12,000 shares of £10 each, and the line will be 20 miles in length, thus doing away with the necessity of traversing 55 3/4 miles via Malton to reach either place, which is not more than a score of miles from the other. The number of visitors at the two watering places exceeds 250,000 a year, whilst the existing population of Scarborough, is about 22,000, and that of Whitby, nearly 12,000; and it is contended that a more direct line of communication is needed for two important towns like these. It is expected that the proposed line will realise large returns, as the district comprises several thriving fishing stations, a country abounding in ironstone, three stone, cement, alum rock, hard and soft, jet, &c., And the scenery is almost unsurpassed in its picturesqueness. The railway will commence at Scarborough and passing through Scalby, Burniston, Cloughton, Stainton Dale, Robin Hood’s Bay, Hawsker and Stainsacre, will terminate at. The advantages of the project are stated notes:-, a saving of about 35 miles as compared with the existing route; easy and cheap access to a district line, of coast presenting unrivalled attractions to excursionists, and abounding in mineral resources which, and for want of railway accommodation, are yet undeveloped; and facilities for a further prosecution of the fisheries the landowners in the vicinity are not only in favour of the project, but I’ve offered to sell their land at agricultural prices, and to accept payment in shares. We may mention that an influential provisional committee has been established, comprising representatives of the chief localities of the district to be accommodated by the railway, and every expectation exists of the success of this effort to complete the coast communication, in conjunction with the authorised the line from Whitby to Lofthouse, from Bridlington to the Tees district.


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