SHIPWRECKS & GROUNDINGS “Scottish Minsteral” Ashore in Tees disabled Scilly Isles

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 26/10/1877.   


On Tuesday evening, a large and fine full rigged ship, called the “Scottish Minstrel,” left Middlesbrough Docks bound for Beypore, India. She had been loaded at the Anderstone wharf with a cargo of 2,100 tons of railway bowl chairs, and the crew of 25 hands. Whilst proceeding down river Tees the ship got ashore near the barge lightship. It was ascertained that the cause of the mishap was that the steering gear was out of order. This having been put right during the night, the vessel was enabled to proceed on her voyage at an early hour on Wednesday morning. It may be mentioned that amongst that amongst those on board is a Redcar youth named John Harrison, until a few weeks ago telegraph clerk in the post office, who has been apprenticed with the master of the vessel, and who goes out on his first voyage followed by the good wishes of a large circle of friends and acquaintances in Redcar.

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 23/11/1877.


A rumour was current in Redcar at the end of last week that the ship “Scottish Minstrel” had been picked up by a West Hartlepool steamer; having being abandoned by her crew and great interest was manifested to learn the truth or otherwise of the report, owing to there being a youth well known in the town appointed on board. We therefore reprint the following particulars from a contemporary, for the information of our readers;-

“The screw-steamer “Lilydale,” of West Hartlepool, towed the ship “Scottish Minstrel,”
into Plymouth on the 21st inst. The latter vessel is 1,570 tons register, and was commanded by Captain G.C. Mellin. She is owned by Messrs. W. H. Ross and Co., Stockton-on-Tees, and this being her first voyage. She sailed from Middlesbrough on Oct, 23rd with a cargo of railway sleepers (2,100 tons) for Beypore, (India). All proceeded well until Sunday last when 60 miles S.W. of Scilly Islands, when she was caught by a hurricane from the W.S.W., in which she laid to under storm main staysail. Whilst so laying he cargo shifted, and she hove down on her beam ends. It was then determined to cut away the whole of her topmasts. This was accordingly done, the water at the time being up to her main hatch. The cutting away of her masts prevented the “Scottish Minstrel” from capsizing, as she was in imminent danger of doing so, and she righted to a certain extent, although still having a strong list to starboard. The jib boom was carried away, and also several of her yards of her lower masts injured, deck house stove in, starboard lifeboat smashed, and hull injured. She then drifted helplessly up the Channel until Wednesday morning, when she was taken in tow by the “Lilydale” 40 miles S.S.W. of the Lizard, and safely towed into Plymouth Sound. An agreement was made with the steamer for those services, the amount being £1,000.


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