SEASHELL – Mission

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 24/09/1881.


         Those that are interested in ameliorating the condition of sick children in the hospitals of London can do so in a very simple manner. An Association called “The Sea Shell Mission” has been in existence for some years, which supplies each child with a box containing 500 shells, on Christmas Day. The real joy and variety of amusement which these cheap but timely gifts afford the little ones is extreme. It occurs to us that other children, blessed with health and the opportunity of doing good so easily, could collect shells on the Redcar sands, and those to whom long hours of suffering are appointed, the tedium and pain of which it is so difficult to brighten or relieve. Mr. Picknett, of “The Free Gardeners Lifeboat,” has most generously undertaken the temporary care of any parcels of shells consigned to him for the above mentioned purpose, and a friend will have them forwarded to London before Christmas. It would be a suitable subject for the superintendents and teachers of Sunday Schools to interest pupils in. Near and beyond the wrecked ship, and wherever the tide has newly receded, are to be found various kinds of shells, and all are prized; the only proviso required being that they be quite entire and in no way mutilated.


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