SHIPWRECK – Schooner on the rocks at Redcar “Charles”

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn News 19/11/1874


            Shortly after two o’clock on Monday (16/11) morning, the Schooner “Charles” of Grimsby, 65 tons register (Johnson, master), bound from Leith to London, with a cargo of potatoes, struck on the Saltscar rocks, about 200 yards west of Redcar Pier. The crew, three in number, were taken off the Schooner shortly after she struck, by one of the Redcar fishing boats, there being only a moderate see running time. During Monday, a quantity of materials were taken from the vessel, which has since been washed up by the tide to about low-water mark, and will have to be broken up. It is said that the captain missed the Hartlepool lights, and did not know where you was until he saw the breakers, shortly before the vessel struck.


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