Shipwrecks Part 4

The below vessels may in some cases be included in the Shipwreck Files Part 1, 2, 3. No indication (unless stated) in those parts indicate the type of vessel these were. I hve however established that the below were steam or Motor types of vessel. Any further information of these vessels or inclusions would be greatly appreciated.

25/09/1851 BRITANNIA Tug stranded Coatham sands.
28/10/1880 ELEMORE Foundered off Huntcliff.
18/02/1890 CORAL QUEEN Collision off Teesmouth.
25/03/1893 MUTTRA ss Mutra collided on rocks near 5th buoy light at the time.
14/04/1893 ROWAN Stranded West Rock, Redcar.
18/11/1893 CLARENCE Tug stranded at Huntcliff.
19/04/1896 HARRATON Collision off Teesmouth.
05/11/1898 GOTEBORG Stranded Salt Scar Rocks, Redcar.
12/09/1889 HARVEST Collision off Teesmouth. 1338 tons.
25/11/1897 VICTORY Trawler stranded at South Gare, Teesmouth.
30/01/1901 CARLO Foundered off Teesmouth. 1307 tons.
14/12/1901 SYLVANIA Stranded at Skinningrove.
25/081903 WALLSEND Trawler sank off Teesmouth.
06/11/1912 SANTIAGO Stranded at Redcar.
19/11/1914 BERG ss Berg (Further information required)
16/12/1915 LEMNOS War loss off Teesmouth. 1530 tons.
31/01/1917 IDA DUNCAN War loss off Teesmouth. 139 tons.
22/02/1917 JOHN MILES Mined off Tees. 687 tons.
24/02/1917 BENEFICENT Mined off Teesmouth. 1963 tons.
21/04/1917 RUTHIN CASTLE Mined off Redcar. 275 tons.
02/08/1917 TEESDALE Foundered 3m n of Saltburn. 2470 tons.
06/08/1917 TALISMAN War loss off Teesmouth. 153 tons.
03/09/1917 RECEPTO Mined near Teesmouth. 245 tons.
26/12/1917 EIDSIVA Stranded 2m S of Teesmouth. 1053 tons.
26/01/1918 HARTLEY War loss off Saltburn. 1150 tons.
 10/05/1918 ANBOTO MENDI Torpedoed off Redcar. 2114 tons.
19/07/1918 UB-110 U- boat 110, sunk off Tees, but raised later. 510 tons.
24/07/1918 LOCHIEL Blown up off Saltburn. 241 tons.
16/01/1919 NORTUMBRIA Mined off Teesmouth. 4215 tons.
18/12.1938 MATABELE Trawler foundered off Teesmouth
23/06/1939 ERNRIX Foundered off Redcar. 629 tons
1940 AFRIDI Redcar 872 tons.
09/01/1940 MONTAUBAN Stranded Salt Scar Rocks, Redcar. 4191 tons. The 419 ton French collier ran ashore on the Salt Scar Rocks, at Redcar, and broike up in the gale afterwards. “Montaubah” was on route to Marseilles from the Tyne with coal, and was built by the Forth Shipping Building & Engineering Company in 1920. The wreck is well dispersed at the North east point of the Salt Scars.
22/06/1940 LA BASIASE French Patrol Vessel. War loss off Teesmouth.
13/10/1940 CARGO FLEET NO.2 War loss off Teesmouth.
10/06/1941 MOORWOOD Torpedoed by aircraft off Tees. 2056 tons.
15/01/1942 EMPIRE BAY Convoy escort warship escorting convoy east of Redcar, when it was bombed by  German Dornier 217E-4 as a result it sank in Tees Bay. 2824 tons.
15/03/1942 PRESTO War loss off Teesmouth. 971 tons.
14/01/1952 TAXIARCHIS Stranded at Redcar. 4221 tons.
10/03/1954 GUILFORD M.V. foundered off Tees.
03/02/1958 WHINNYFOLD Stranded Redcar. 67 tons.


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