SHIPWRECKS & GROUNDINGS “Dove” “Skylark”. 08/07/1870

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 06/07/1870


            A little after midnight on Monday night (04/07) a fearful collision occurred off the Tees, between the brig “Dove”, of Lynn, coal laden, and the schooner “Skylark”, of Sunderland, in ballast, for London, in which the former vessel almost immediately sank and three lives were lost. The Dove, Mr W. Rayner master, left the Tyne with six hands on Monday night, including the master, and had reached the Tees alight. About midnight, when the watch was changed, the Captain had just reached the deck to relieve the mate, when the two vessels which were on opposite tacks, came in college and. A great chasm was made on the port bow of the Dove, and she rapidly filled with water; the Skylark having also her starboard bowel stove. Some of the Dove’s cruel had just turned in, and were below at the time of the collision. One of them named Thos. Butcher, ran on deck without any clothes, court at the chain at the Skylark’s bow and gained her deck. Captain Reyner jumped into the sea to avoid being taken down with the vessel, which in a few minutes settled down, and he was dragged on board of the Skylark by a line drawn to him. The mate, the cook, and a seaman went down with the vessel. Boats were immediately put off from the Skylark, and 20 min after the Dove disappeared, John Rose, a young man, was picked up at a considerable distance floating on the forecastle hatch. He was much exhausted, and was with difficulty brought round, the survivors were most kindly treated on board the Skylark, and were supplied with clothes and everything necessary. There were landed at Sunderland on Tuesday morning (05/07) and were sent to the Sailors’ Home. The mate who had been 11 years in the Dove, was named Frances Long, aged fifty-three, belonging Lynn, where he has a wife and family; Stephen Greaves, seaman, leaving a wife and two children; and Alfred Earl, aged eighteen were lost. The Dove belonged to the owner of the Perseverance, a vessel which sprang a leak on Saturday last (02/07) and founded on a voyage from Middlesbrough all to Leith, the crew of which was likewise landed at Sunderland and forwarded home by the Ship wrecked Fishermen and Mariners’ Society.


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