Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 08/09/1876


            The North German brig “Stafftte” (Eduard Perrow, master) of Memel, bound for Hartlepool with timber and deals, she struck on the rocks called the Flashes, east of Redcar Pier, on Monday morning (04/09), shortly before eight o’clock, it being a little over half low-water, ebb tide. The place where the ship/is within 200 yards of the spot where the North German brigantine “Odor” was stranded a fortnight ago last Saturday (26/08), which was successfully got off, and now lies at Middlesbrough are undergoing repairs. The ”Stafftte,” which is 76 years old, left Memel on 3rd August , with eight hands on board, and had experienced rough weather in the North Sea, there being 10 feet of water in her hold, notwithstanding that her pumps had been kept working day and night. The cause of her stranding is attributable to the fact of the vessel being in such a leaky state that the captain was obliged to keep close to the shore. The crew of the old lifeboat at Redcar, “the Zetland,” was got together, and the boat having been launched in, was speedily got to the stranded vessel, and the whole of the crew were taken off, with their chests, &c. Contrary to all expectations, and the ship was got off in the afternoon, and towed to her destination, accompanied by the old lifeboat.


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