Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 24/12/1869.


            During the gale of Wednesday night last (22/12), the brig “Vesta,” of Belfast, 11 days from Antwerp for South shoes, went ashore near Saltburn, but happily the crew were saved by some persons who ruled in to them on horseback. A light as if a ship in distress was observed near Redcar, about 8 PM., and messengers on horseback were sent to ascertain the whereabouts of the ship, whilst the lifeboat was pulled along the sands towards Saltburn. When opposite the battery the coastguard boat saw a blue light, but as nothing more seen of the ship they turned back, and it got nearly home when they were told that the vessel was near Saltburn. They immediately made for that place but when opposite Marske they were informed that the crew were saved.


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