SHIPWRECKS – ‘HOPEWELL’ Laden Vessel on Redcar Rocks

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 12/10/1877


            The schooner Hopewell, of Wells (Thos. Parr, master) from Hartlepool to Wells,, coal laden, struck on the Saltscar rocks, of Redcar, half-past six o’clock on Friday morning, it being then about two hours of low water, ebb tide. The vessel had missed her course, owing to the thick weather which prevailed, and as tending to show the dense nature of the fog, it may be mentioned that the time the schooner stuck, a coble’s belonging Redcar, was anchored about six yards off, the crew of which was engaged in recovering iron from the remains of an old wreck lying there, and those on board were for some time in utter ignorance of the proximity of the vessel, and the narrow escape they had had of being run down. The schooner was got off about eleven o’clock the same morning, without assistance, and the pumps being tested by those on board, it was found that she had not received any material damage, and they therefore proceeded on their voyage.


Lol Hansom January 11, 2015 Shipwrecks Part 2