Shipwrecks Part 1

         At present our shipwrecks lists Part 1 to 3 contain vessels that have come to grief (for whatever reason) on our notorious coastline – Hartlepool Bay – Estuary of River Tees, Redcar to Staithes.
         Tips when searching for the vessel(s) :-

         You may not have the correct NAME SPELLING or the EXACT DATE you are looking for in the Shipwreck Index’s 1-3. because through time/dialect some of the names/dates have been accidentally mis-recorded.
         If not in the 1-3 indexes try a search of our list (using the search box below) by ship name or date. If you have information on the shipwrecks we have listed or any we have not listed then please feel to drop us a line.
         The vessel may have come to grief more than once on the rocks or elsewhere along the coast line.


Year Ship Name Information & Links
1789 Henry Greathead commissioned to build first lifeboat.
05/04/1801 HEART OF OAK Michael Potts, master of the ship, which was in ballast. Wrecked at Redcar. Crew saved.
13/10/1801 BESS The brig of Stockton in ballast, from London, was wrecked at Redcar. Crew saved
02/11/1801 unknown name A vessel from hole in ballast, wrecked at Redcar. Crew saved
23/12/1801 MARY ANN Stranded on Salt Scar Rocks, Redcar.
1802 Unknown Laden sloop owned by Lord Dundas wrecked on redcar rocks. All crew saved.
07/10/1802 First Lifeboat arrived at Redcar. Lifeboat house commissioned and built ready.
19/02/1802 DESPATCH Vessel of Aberdeen bound for whole with general cargo, was wrecked at Redcar. Crew saved.
26/08/1802 BITTERN His Majesties sloop “Bittern” of London, wind being South West, got stranded on Redcar rocks. Later re-floated but with much damage.
05/12/1802 FRIENDSHIP A brig blown ashore North Gare of Tees p.m. at the same time in other brig “Sarah” (see below) was also blown ashore. Nine members of Friendship saved.
05/12/1802 SARAH A brig. Long ashore North Gare of Tees p.m. Six members of the crew saved.
16/11/1803 INDUSTRY The sloop of Stockton, in ballast, wrecked at Redcar. Crew saved.
08/03/1804 ROSE The brig mastered by person called Sibbold of London. Laden with cargo of timber and wrecked on Redcar Rocks. Crew saved
06/10/1804 RAMSGATE The Sloop mastered by person named Sharp, in ballast (light). Wrecked at Redcar. Crew saved
29/10/1804 MARY The brig mastered by person called, Worth of Shields, in ballast and wrecked off Saltscar Rocks. Crew saved.
29/10/1804 Unknown A london brig went ashore near Marske. Crew saved.
08/11/1804 WILLIAM & MARY Foundered off Tees mouth (Further information required)
1805 Reported that no vessels came to grief off Redcar.
Further information require.)
1806 CONSTANTINE The Sloop mastered by person called Mulgrave, of Whitby, light, stranded on Redcar rocks. Assisted off by fishermen and pilots.
1806 FANNY The sloop of Lynn at same time as sloop “Constantine,” (see above). Also, stranded on Redcar rocks. Assisted off by fishermen and pilots.
11/11/1806 ENDEAVOUR. We have this vessel listed on this date, but no information. As a result of the below we are now able to state that the brig “Endeavour” of Whitby became stranded at South Gare rocks. All crew perished.
11/11/1806 THE FARMERS INCREASE The vessel of Whitby, light, wrecked at Redcar. Crew of five saved by lifeboat
11/11/1806 PEGGY The vessel of Ipswich, light, wrecked at Redcar. Crew of six saved by lifeboat.
11/11/1806 BRUNTON Stranded at Marske. Crew of six saved. (Further information required.)
23/11/1806 ANT Severe storm – The brig of Lynn, Captain Maxim floundered at Coatham. Carrying corn for Newcastle. Lost but crew were saved by Redcar lifeboat.
30/01/1807 unknown name Sloop became stranded whilst entering River Tees. Rescued by Redcar lifeboat. Only part of crew saved.
23/12/1807 MARY ANN The vessel of Yarmouth, laden with coal, wrecked on Saltscar Rocks, Coatham. Crew saved.
30/06/1807 unknown name Newcastle bound for Stockton, became stranded on entering the River Tees. Crew of eight saved, but unfortunately two men assisting in the rescue swept away by the tide.
03/11/1807 unknown names During heavy gales, no less than 17 ships became stranded on Coatham sands.
20/03/1808 NEWBIGGIN Sloop, of Whitby, Ness captain. became stranded on the North Gare. All the crew saved by Redcar lifeboat.
26/03/1808 * CALEDONIA Aberdeen to London, 28/03/1808, when it sank off the Redcar. coast line. What is known, is that 10 people perished as a result of this tragedy, and were buried in the Marske grave yard.
More information
29/12/1808 MAGDALENA (Further information required.)
1809 NEPTUNE This brig, of Newcastle got stranded on the Redcar rocks, but with the assistance of the fishermen, managed to get off and was re-floated.
06/09/1809 unknown name A sloop not recorded, of the Lynn, laden with a general cargo. Wrecked on. Redcar rocks. Crew saved. (Further information required.)
06/09/1809 unknown name A smack not recorded, of Leith, wrecked on the Redcar rocks. Laden with a general cargo. Crew saved. (Further information required.)
09/09/1809 unknown name A brig with no name and port, wrecked on Redcar rocks. Crew saved. (Further information required.)
09/09/1809 unknown name A sloop with no name and port, wrecked of Redcar rocks. Crew saved. (Further information required.)
09/09/1809 unknown name A brig with no name was wrecked on Redcar rocks. Crew saved. (Further information required)
18/09/1809 unknown name It was reported that three vessels in ballast had been driven ashore between the River Tees mouth, and Saltburn. All the crews were saved. It was also reported that a further fall vessels were wrecked at the entrance to the River Tees. The crew from two of the vessels perished. The crews from the other two vessels were saved with great difficulty by Redcar Lifeboat.
(Further information required on the these vessels,) but maybe some of one normal vessels above
18/11/1809 no names Severe Gale. For all vessels ashore at Coatham Sands. The lifeboat Zetland rescued two of the cruise numbering 10, but unfortunately the remaining crews perished.
15/12/1809 unknown name A brig laden with call was wrecked on Redcar rocks. Crew saved. (Further information required.)
1810 unknown name A freak vessel not recorded, but of South Shields, laden with coal. Wrecked on the Redcar rocks. Crew saved. (Further information required.)
20/11/1810 FLORA A brig vessel sailing from South Shields,became stranded on Redcar rocks, but managed to get off.
10/05/1811 TRIO Of Hull, not known what type of vessel, but got stranded on Redcar rocks, but managed to get off.
17/04/1812 OCEAN a brig, from Aberdeen, travelling from that location to London, with a general cargo. Salt Scar rocks. Crew of seven men and boys. Four lives lost, and three saved by a pilot boat. Reported to have went to pieces on the rocks. Soon after 1 AM.
07/08/1813 unknown name A sloop from Sunderland, carrying. Lime. Stranded on Redcar rocks, but later got off. (Further information required.)
.03/09/1813 ENDEAVOUR (see above) The brig Endeavour against God/en Redcar rocks for a second time, and managed to get back off. Taken into the River Tees.
19/10/1813 JANE The brig with the master Thomas Allen of Lynn. It was in ballast at the time bound for Stockton, in stormy weather with the wind north easterly. The crew of 16 were saved when the brig was wrecked at the South Gare.
19/10/1813 BETSY & NELLY This brig in ballast and from Sunderland, bound for Stockton, got into difficulties (see Jane above) and became wrecked at the South Gare.crew saved.
09/02/1814 RESOLUTION The brig resolution of Shields with the wind south-westerly, became stranded on the Redcar rocks. After a long delay the vessel got off the rocks on the 31/03/1814, but not before suffering considerable damage as a result of its grounding, and getting off the rocks.
21/02/1840 ELIZABETH A galliot vessel. The master John Swain of Northfleet, from Newcastle bound for London with coal. Unknown cause, but it would appear that the weather was fine, and with a south westerly wind became wrecked on the Redcar Rocks. The crew were saved by their own boat.
17/03/1840 unknown name A brig not recorded leaving South Shields for London with coal, the weather being calm and with a south westerly wind, became stranded on the Redcar rocks. Decision made to unload some of her cargo, and as a result became unfastened from the rocks.
08/10/1814 TWO BROTHERS This vessel from which the, laden with calls from Sunderland, was wrecked on the South Gare at the mouth of the River Tees. The crew consisting of seven were saved.
06/11/1814 PEACE Stranded Saltscar, Redcar. (Further information required)
27/01/1815 unknown name A brig, (no further details known) but sank off coast.
07/12/1815 unknown name A brig wrecked at the South Gare. The vessel laden, with coals also lost seven of its crew, with only the Captain being saved from drowning.
15/11/1817 RIFLEMAN This sloop /the Redcar rocks laden, with coal. Consequently became a total wreck. Cruel of nine saved.
19/12/1819 unknown name Six fishermen from two boats saved by the lifeboat Zetland.
27/01/1819 unknown name Six fishermen from two boats saved by the lifeboat Zetland. (Further information required.)
16/04/1819 unknown name Six fishermen from two boats saved by the lifeboat Zetland
23/10/1819 unknown name A sloop, en route from Aberdeen came to grief at Marske. The four crew were drowned.
31/12/1919 unknown name Three fishermen from two boats saved by the lifeboat Zetland
28/01/1820 unknown name Redcar fishing boat off. Redcar. Three crew drowned
07/09/1820 ESK One of the many whaling ships sailing out of the Port of Tyne returning to its home port of Whitby. Was caught out by an on shore gale, which forced it onto the Saltscar Rocks, east of Redcar. Three of the crew of 20 survived. It may be worthy of note that whaling from the Port of Whitby, never survived this tragedy. More information
29/01/1921 AFRODITE Large crowds turned out for the funeral in church and cemetery/sincere letters also expressing sympathy were sent to bereaved by those concerned when the Greek ship called AFRODITE came to grief .
04/11/1821 unknown names
On this day, a severe storm blew up from the North East, on which 30 vessels came ashore between the entrance of the River Tees, along the coastline towards Marske. All of these vessels managed to get free from the shore and other points except warm, which was the vessel “Mary” of Weymouth, laden with coal, and floundered with all on board, believed to be seven persons lost.
29/02/1822 unknown name YES WE HAD THEM IN REDCAR AS WELL? A smuggler getting into difficulties on Redcar rocks with his boat laden, with gin, was carefully assisted off the rocks by Redcar fishermen, who received payment in kind. Namely gin.
1822 unknown names Five colliers came ashore West Coatham sands due to stormy weather. Believed two refloated
13/10/1822 OVINGTON At dusk on this date the brig “Ovington”carrying cargo, valued at £40,000 from Newcastle to London crew rescued from vessel and raging seas. Although both anchors were dropped, the sea was so strong that the vessel was beached at Marske sands. 12 male crew were saved along with two women located in their cabins.
24/10/1822 ST MARTINS PLANTER This brig from Miranichia with timber was wrecked on the North Gare. Crew of nineteen saved by the Zetland Lifeboat.
24/10/1822 HAWK This vessel of Sunderland, was lost on the North Gare, the crew being saved.
29/01/1823 unknown name A boat belonging to Redcar, coming from Seaton to Coatham was overtaken by a storm. The Zetland Lifeboat was launched, and seven people were saved
01/02/1823 FRIENDS ADVENTURER The brig, of Stockton, was stranded off the North Gare, in a storm from the N.N.E. the lifeboat Zetland and was launched, but later the brig was re-floated.
01/02/1823 BEUCEPHALUS Wrecked on rocks South Gare. seven crew saved by Redcar lifeboat.
01/02/1823 MERCURY The brig laden, with coal came to grief and was wrecked on Marske sands. One of the crew drowned with 11 being saved by the lifeboat the Zetland. The hull was sold for £142.
04/02/1823 unknown name
22/09/1823 unknown name A fishing boat belonging to Redcar. Master John Crane, lost off, Redcar. The crew of three were all drowned.
03/02/1824 BARBARA Stranded on Redcar sands.(further information required)
11/10/1824 ANN’S
“Ann’s” stranded on Redcar sands (further information required.
“Resolution” (Further information required)
“Confederacy” stranded on Coatham sands. (Further information required)
25/12/1824 unknown name Two fishing boats belonging to Redcar, were returning from the sea with fish, and were overtaken by a storm, and the crews, assisting of seven w were drowned.
29/09/1825 FLEECE This brig, Captain Booth, from Sunderland to London, laden with coal, struck Redcar rocks. Crew of 10 saved by the lifeboat Zetland
06/10/1825 RICHARD & ANN The brig captained by Jo Dixon, from North Shields to London, laden with coal. The crew saved by the lifeboat Zetland. The brig got off the rocks, 07/10/1825.
11/11/1825 COURIEREN The schooner Captained by Westberg, from Gottenberg to Leith. Laden with deals and iron, stranded on the South Gare, the crew of seven saved by the lifeboat Zetland.
17/11/1825 BRITTANNIA The brig, Captain Taylor, from Newcastle to London, laden with coal. Wrecked on the Saltscar rocks. Stormy weather. The crew of nine saved by the lifeboat Zetland.
30/11/1825 SCOTIA More information
06/09/1826 ESK Whaling ship of Whitby, Master Capt. Dunbar, wrecked between Redcar and Marske. 23 of 27 crew were lost.
13/10/1827 DOVE Wrecked Tees mouth. (Further information required)
13/08/1829 AURORA The brig, Captain Oxley, from Shields to London, laden, with coal, was wrecked in a storm from the North East on the North. Gare. The crew of 10 (including the master and his wife) were saved by the lifeboat Zetland
20/01/1830 ROBIN HOOD The schooner of Harwich, Captain Emmerson, from Harwich to Sunderland, was wrecked on Redcar sands. The crew of six saved by the lifeboat Zetland.
20/01/1830 ST MARTINS PLANTER The brig, laden with coal, was stranded on the North Gare. The crew of 40 were saved by the lifeboat Zetland. Totally wrecked.
20/01/1830 HAWK Totally wrecked on the North Gare. Crew saved (Further information required).
20/01/1830 JANE The brig of Sunderland, Capt Bob Ayre, from London to Sunderland, was wrecked on Redcar sands, the crew of 14 being saved by the lifeboat Zetland.
19/03/1830 F.T. RISONS (Further information required.)
08/05/1830 (unknown)
25/11/1830 A galliet was wrecked off Huntcliff, and the crew escaped
25/11/1830 BERHARDINA A galliot Capt. Veluin, from Holland to Hull, with bark and bones, stranded on the Saltburn Sands. The lieutenant of the Coast Guard and two of his men went on board to render assistance, and unfortunately drowned before the Zetland could get to the scene.
02/02/1831 or unknown name On this date 12 vessels were driven ashore at Coatham sands with dozens of lives lost. Wreckage from these vessels was evident along the beaches of Redcar and Marske.
23/04/1832 FOWEY Stranded Redcar rocks (Further information required)
17/11/1832 NEWBIGGIN Stranded near Huntcliff (Further information required
19/07/1834 LAMBTON Stranded off. Redcar (Further information required)
09/12/1834 MOWBRAY The Brig of Sunderland Captain Grainger from Stockton to London with coal. Wrecked near to Redcar and Coatham. Crew saved by Redcar lifeboat.
12/12/1834 GEORGE Of Westtray, Capt Jas Milan.from Westtray to Newcastle with cargo of kelp. Wrecked in a tremendous gale off Coatham sands. Crew of four drowned
12/12/1834 ALEXANDER & WILLIAM Sloop of Sunderland, wrecked on the North Gare. Crew of two men drowned
18/12/1834 unknown name Vessel with a supposed cargo of apples,wrecked off, Redcar. Crews believe all drowned. The beaches were strewn with apples.
(Further information required.)
17/02/1836 EMMA Foundered off Tees mouth. (Further information required)
19/02/1836 THOMAS & ANN This break, of Scarborough, was wrecked near Marske, with the crew of six being drowned.
07/12/1836 ENGLISHMAN Whilst leaving the River Tees went aground on the Bar. Became a total wreck.
17/12/1836 ALFRED A brig laden, with coal caught up in a tremendous gale and was wrecked in the Marske. All crew of six drowned.
25/12/1836 CAROLINE Danish brig of Aalborg from Shields laden with coal, wrecked opposite where now Coatham Hotel stands. The crew of 10 left in two boats, but perished before the lifeboat Zetland arrived.The only time the lifeboat ‘Zetland’ lost a life of one of its crew men William Guy..
08/04/1838 BELSAY CASTLE Brig. Captain Robson, of Sunderland, sailing London to Sunderland under ballast, when it became stranded on the North Gare. Seven crew were drowned and three saved by the Seaton Lifeboat.
13/04/1837 MARY Foundered off the Tees. (Further information required)
01/01/1839 PALLION A sloop of Newcastle, Capt Tassimen, stranded on the North Gare. The captains son was drowned, but rest of the crew saved.
07/01/1830 CITY OF YORK Of Stockton, stranded in the Tees Bay, having parted from her anchors.
12/01/1839 ENTERPRIZE Foundered near Redcar. (Further information required)
07/04/1840 JANE Of Whitby, Captain Lennard, from Newcastle to Stockton with a cargo of railway shares, and became stranded at Saltburn. Two crew saved by the Lifeboat Zetland.
06/05/1840 ARCTURUS Of Whitby, from Sierra Leone with a cargo of teak wood, became stranded on Coatham beach, in a storm from the North East. The crew of 18, and a pilot on board were rescued by the Lifeboat Zetland. Vessel wrecked.
12/05/1840 GOOD HOPE Stranded Huntcliff. (Further information required)
04/02/1843 LIBERTY A brig of Sunderland wrecked at Saltburn in a raging hurricane. Five of the crew were drowned and one saved. He came ashore in the ship’s boat, the rope having broken before the rest of the crew could get in the boat. The Redcar lifeboat reached Saltburn, with great difficulty, but could not get near the wreck, and found on arrival that the sailors had perished.
28/03/1857 MARGARETHA A Sloop struck by heavy seas came ashore near the Bransands LIghtouse with the loss of lives to crew, and two boys aged 14 years and 11 years
1860 Number of Ships It is recorded that in approximately 4,000 ships entered the River Tees,
??/06/1870 JOHN Schooner of Tain, stranded near the pier, but her crew, who had taken to their boat were lost. A dog remained on board and was saved.
1889 HARVEST 19th Century steam ship sank off the South Gare in 1889. In co0llision with a steam ship Regent Harvest.


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