Shipwrecks Part 2

         At present our shipwrecks lists Part 1 to 3 contain vessels that have come to grief (for whatever reason) on our notorious coastline – Hartlepool Bay – Estuary of River Tees, Redcar to Staithes.
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Year Ship Name Information & Links
(unknown) not recorded in lifeboat registers believed 1800’s) VANGUARD III Scottish Trawler became stranded near Saltburn after leaving Hartlepool.
further information>
05/03/1840 SUCCESS Stranded at Redcar. (further information required)
12/05/1840 GOOD HOPE Stranded Huntcliff.(further information required)
June 1840 name unknown A coble belonging to Mr Ronson, Redcar, whilst returning from a fishing trip was overtaken by a storm. Three crew saved by lifeboat Zetland.
12/01/1841 GEORGE A sloop from Sunderland, from Hull to summoned with a cargo of iron. Wrecked on Coatham sands. Three, of crew all drowned
14/11/1841 SUSANNAH A collier brig, of Stockton, laden with coal. 225 tons, Capt R.Watson wrecked off, Coatham. Sailed previous evening (13/11) in fine, and calm weather. On the 14th was driven ashore. Crew of nine lost in the storm. Several amounts of shipping was wrecked all beached. 11 other vessels came ashore in approximately the same location two of which went to pieces. More information
29/12/1841 ATKINSON MASTER A cobble belonging to Redcar, which was overtaken by a storm returning from a fishing trip. All three crews saved by the lifeboat Zetland.
04/02/1843 THOMAS Stranded off Skinningrove. (Further information required)
04/02/1843 LIBERTY A brig wrecked at Saltburn being caught in E.N.E gale. Further information
04/02/1843 LAUREL A schooner of Arbroath, Captain, J. Boyd, from Arbroath to London with barley, Wrecked off Redcar. Crew of six ground, and ship’s boat washed up on Redcar beach.
27/02/1843 name unknown To cobles from Redcar laden, with fish got into difficulties when a storm from the North, overtook them. The crew of six all saved by the lifeboat Zetland.
14/03/1843 PETERHEAD PACKET A sloop of Leith, from Leith to Newcastle, when it was supposed to have foundered off. Redcar, and as a result all the crew were drowned. The stern part of the vessel was later washed up on Redcar sands.
15/03/1843 FIVE SISTERS A sloop of Boston, from Stockton to Spalding. Captain Aitkin. Wrecked off. South Gare. One crew drowned and others saved.
12/10/1843 WILLIAM & JANE A brig, of Sunderland, Capt Robinson, from Hamburg to Sunderland, wrecked near Saltburn, when caught in North north-easterly gale. The mate was drowned
17/10/1843 name unknown YES some do get lucky? During a heavy gale from the N.E. the schooner, from Prussia, fortunately went over Redcar rocks, and bore away for the River Tees or Hartlepool.
18/10/1843 name unknown Four fishing cobles, belonging to Redcar people, with cargoes of fish were only able to reach the shore, without assistance. The Zetland lifeboat was launched, and 12 crew from them. rescued.
26/02/1844 JENNY A schooner,(collier) 79 ton,owned by John Payne Jr of Faversham, Capt William Bridges.from Middlesbrough row to Faversham with coal, wrecked off Redcar in east north easterly gale. All six crew drowned and three bodies washed up ashore near to Marske. The Kentish Gazette newspaper says she sailed in company with two Whitstable vessels, Endeavour and Unity, and that all three vessels loaded at Shields.(see below)
26/02/1844 ENDEAVOUR.


Jenny(see above) was lost at sea off Redcar, on or about 25/02/1844, “as per declaration of the owner.” The Kentish Gazette newspaper says the above Jenny sailed in company with two Whitstable vessels. Endeavour and Unity, and that all three vessels loaded from Shields. Endeavour and Unity were wrecked inside the haven and their crews saved. Hartlepool is more likely as Lloyd’s says “Hartlepool 25th of February, the Unity., Tilly, of Faversham from Middlesbrough row is on shore near this place, full of water. Crew saved
13/06/1844 ADDERLIOUSE A sloop of Sunderland, Capt Watson, bound for Stockton with grain, wrecked on Coatham Sands. The crew of three all drowned.
00/10/1844 GEORGINA Founded off. The Tees (further information required)
1845 GYPSY Stranded Huntcliff (further information required)
10/03/1845 MARY WILSON Schooner, of Newcastle, Capt Neasham, laden with wheat, wrecked on the North Gare. Crew of five drowned.
30/03/1845 JANE Stranded Saltburn further information>
21/12/1845 COMMERCE Schooner, of Stockton, Capt Lister, from Stockton to Dundee with coal on Redcar sands. The lifeboat Zetland was not available to reach the vessel, and all six crew drowned. The mates body next day, was washed up on sands near to Dundas Street.
03/12/1846 MARGARET Foundered off Tees mouth (further information required)
23/11/1848 SAMUEL Schooner of Selby, Capt Moat, from London to Middlesbrough row, in ballast, wrecked on Redcar rocks. Crew of six saved by the lifeboat Zetland. Value of ship £400.
A barque “RingMahon Castle,” brigs Vintage, Pallion Hall, and schooners Donegal, and Linx, all the shore at Redcar, with all crews saved. Very heavy gale and snow showers, wind north-easterly.
30/09/1849 JOHANNA Breach of Dantzic, Capt. Witt, from summoned to Dantzic with coal, wrecked on Redcar sands. The crew of 10 were saved by the lifeboat Zetland. Value of the vessel £1500, value of cargo £110.
30/09/1849 JOHN Schooner of Saltcoates, from Riga to Hull with cargo of linseed etc. wrecked off Redcar. Crew of five all drowned. Value £400.
30/09/1849 ALBION Brig, of Newcastle, Capt Brotherton, from Newcastle to London with general cargo, wrecked at the South Gare. Crew of 10 all drowned. The ship was valued at £1600, and cargo £2000. A man washed ashore on the sands was buried in Redcar churchyard 15/10/1849.
30/09/1850 ALBERT Schooner, of Freecamp, Capt Vennur, from Middlesbrough to Freecamp with coal, wrecked near Saltburn. One of the crew drowned, six saved by the Zetland lifeboat. Value of ship £500. PLEASE NOTE It has further come to light that on 30th, September 1850 Robert McLean Master Mariner set to sea in a freshening northerly gale in a sailing ship ‘The Albert’ (a sloop owned by Lenard & Danby) bound for Whitby and was never seen again.
23/12/1850 DILIGENCE 23/12/1850. Wrecked Huntcliff. (Further information required)
25/09/1851 BRITANNIA








A N.N.Easterly great storm hit the area. on this day, with the steam tug of Stockton, wrecked on Coatham Sands. They were obliged to run ashore to save lives.
Two galliots “Maria” “Jane”
Two brigs “William and Mary” “Whitwell Grange.”
“Two Sisters..”
The brig “Meridian” of Newcastle, was wrecked on Marske sands, and went to pieces on the second tide.
Schooners “Apollo” and “Lady Zetland”
Sloops “Aid ” and “Elizabeth & Sarah”
“Trial” (further information required)
“Napoleon” stranded off Saltburn. (further information required)
Marske Sands
19/02/1862 PROVIDENCE The ship was stranded on the South Gare, in a great storm from the North. 8 of the crew were drowned, and one apprentice named R. Casa was saved by the tug “Royal Victoria”.
27/10/1852 WILLIAM & THOMAS Stranded Redcar. (Further information required)
29/10/1852 LOUISE The brig, of Strettin, from Riga to Stockton, laden with timber, three of the crew were saved by the lifeboat Zetland, and seven by E. Day.
29/10/1852 unknown name A brig unknown, wrecked near Redcar. Supposed crew of nine all drowned. Part of wreck picked up near Redcar.
28/12/1858 JOHN BURRELL Foundered off the Tees. (Further information required)
unknown name Severe gales over period of fourth to 10th of January, when a dozen vessels were driven on the sands near to Tees mouth.
30/05/1853 BARBARA A schooner of Arbroath, Capt David Albert, wrecked off Redcar. The crew of five hands all drowned.
15/11/1854 JANE ERSKINE The Irish brig ran aground on the rocks East of Redcar. The lifeboat Zetland was launched, and the crew, and lifeboat, truly and their colours. Including the lifeboatmen. The crew of the brig, and fishermen 52 people were saved before the wreck broke up on the rocks. further information>
16/11/1854 TYNE Schooner of Ramsgate, Capt Jacman, from from Ramsgate to Hartlepool, wrecked on Redcar sands. Crew of five saved by the lifeboat Zetland
30/10/1855 REBECCA A brig, of South Shields, Capt. Webster, from Dorot to Shields, ashore on Coatham sands. The crew of seven saved by the lifeboat Zetland.
30/10/1856 WALLBORG A schooner, of Hoganus, 74 tons, Capt. N.Lawson, from Helisingborg to Newcastle with oats. Crew of five hands lost.
08/07/1856 BROTHERS Coble, Redcar, belonging to Mr. E. Boagey, in returning from sea with fish, had to be taken off by the lifeboat Zetland, one drowned, five saved.
1857 AMELIA BG237 built in Stockton (reg WY1833 (owners W Brown & Porritt of Hinderwell); lost in Runswick Bay with all hands in great gale of 1857. This ship did a run to Calcutta in 1847
04/01/1857 ANN A brig, of Torquay, Capt. Windsborrow, from Torquay to Hartlepool, wrecked on Maske Sands. The crew of eight saved by the Zetland lifeboat.
04/01/1857 EMULOUS A brig, of Whitby, Capt Kemp, wrecked on the South Gare. Master and mate were lamed as a result.
04/01/1857 NORTHUMBERLAND Thought to be the Northumberland which foundered off Coatham. Supposed eight cruel all drowned.
06/01/1857 EMMA A barque, of North Shields, 260 tons, Capt Mackenzie, from Shields to Villiercies, with coal, wrecked off Redcar.
22/03/1857 MARGARITHE A sloop, of Carolinsigh, to Hull, with a cargo of beans, wrecked off Coatham sands. More information
20/01/1858 MERCHANT A brig, of South Shields, 308 tons, Capt Slaughter, from Shields to London, with coal, foundered off Redcar. 12 crew were drowned, and part of the crew washed ashore at Marske, also the ships boat. Value of vessel £2,999,
07/03/1859 MARGARET Of London, in ballast, struck on Redcar rocks, all the crew saved.
26/10/1859 ISABELLA A coble of Hartlepool, with a crew of two, saved by the Zetland lifeboat.
26/11/1859 FORTUNA Wrecked at Redcar, and crew of 11 saved by the Zetland
04/12/1859 MARIANNE A galliot, from Rotterdam to Middlesbrough, wrecked at Redcar. The crew of 11 were saved by the Zetland lifeboat.
1860 BOYER Foundered off Marske (further information required)
1860 SOUTHWICK Foundered of Marske. (further information required.)
28/05/1860 CORRA LYN Lost at the mouth of the Tees. All ships crew are lost. (further information required.)
02/12/1860 PRODROMA Foundered off the Tees. (Further information required.)
16/12/1860 ELIZA Wrecked off the North Gare near Redcar. All crew saved. (Further information required.)
15/01/1861 THEODORE Stranded Skinningrove. (Further information required.)
10/02/1861 ROMAN EMPRESS






A heavy gale, saw six ships ashore at Redcar.
A brig “Roman Empress,” of North Shields, laden with coal, was completely wrecked. 10 crew saved by the lifeboat Zetland.
A brig, “Mary,” of Sunderland, laden with coal.
A barque, “Koh-i-Noor,” was wrecked on Coatham Sands, and the crew were saved in their jolly boat. With the assistance of Jack Picknett and David Thomas of Redcar, One of the crew had his leg broken. Bob Jordison rode, to Redcar, for a cart to convey him to the Swan Hotel. Everything on the ships deck was smashed by the heavy seas. The ship became a total wreck, and most of the wood in a residence in Redcar.
The brig, “Lady-de-Crespigny” of Colchester, the crew of nine drowned.
three sailors were washed up on the shore, and buried together in one grave in Redcar churchyard 15/02/1861, their names not known. Two of them belonging to the Lady del Crespigney, and one belonging to the Apollos.
The schooner Apollos, from Holland, laden with D. retorts was also wrecked and the crew consisting of six were drowned.
The brig Evstace, of Sunderland also wrecked.
17/04/1861 ORIGON Stranded South Gare, Teesmouth. (Further information required.)
01/03/1862 BANFF This schooner of Harwich, laden with linseed, sank off East rocks within sight of those onshore. The crew all drowned, when she was driven onto the shore and laid over. She never rose, again. Vessel to Hartlepool with tow from the life boat Zetland, for temporary repairs.
17/02/1864 BROTHERS A brig, of South Shields, was wrecked at Redcar rocks. Crew of seven saved by the lifeboat Zetland
1865 BORDER CHIEFTAIN A Brig, Hartlepool. No further details.
1865 KATHLEEN A Brig, Hartlepool. (no further details.)
14/01/1866 MEDINA Run down off the Tees. (Further information required.)
30/11/1866 BETSY WILLIAMS Wrecked at Teesmouth. (Further information required.)
23/03/1866 GYPSEY Stranded at Redcar. (Further information required.)
10/11/1866 WHITBURN Stranded at Redcar. (Further information required.)
07/12/1866 JOHN BOTCHEBY Stranded foot of Huntcliff. (further information required.)
05/02/1867 TRITON Stranded at Saltburn. (Further information required.)
17/02/1868 SUCCESS On Thursday evening (16/02) is small schooner, the ‘Success’, of Whitby, from the port to Middlesbrough all, in ballast, struck upon the Salt Scar Rocks, from having been kept to close inshore. Arrangements were made with a party of fishermen for the vessel to be floated off again by them, for £18, and the contract was completed in the course of the night.
16/03/1868 Unknown On this date a French schooner struck on the Saltscar rocks at an early hour. Lights were exhibited for assistance, but on a coble going alongside the services of the crew were declined. The vessel floated with the next tide, and pro-seeded on her voyage northward, apparently no worse for the lodgement.
30/04/1868 WILLIAM AND SALLY this date in the early hours during a strong wind, the schooner mentioned laden, with coals, from Seaham Harbour, struck the Saltscar rocks, and that since become a wreck. The crew at first declined to leave the vessel, but if you hours afterwards signals were made for assistance, and the crew then came ashore in to cobles. Since that time, part of the coals have been landed in fishing cobles.
15/11/1868 PETREL On Sunday morning last (15/11), about two o’clock, the brigantine “Petrel,” Capt Wilkinson, in ballast from London, bound for Hartlepool, struck on the Saltscar Rocks, often Redcar. It was very dark at the time, and a very strong wind was blowing from the W. S. W. A fishing cobble immediately put off and brought the crew onshore. At high water attempt was made to get the vessel off, but so much water had got into that the attempt was needless. Three other vessels struck on the rocks about the same time, but got off again directly without assistance.
1869 DISPATCH SLP56 built 1806 (owners Jn. Anderson & Thos. Hunter) left Staithes for Inverness with alum and Epsom salts on board. 3 crew W. McLean, Cpt; Robert Danby and W. McLean jun. A strong N-E. gale shifted her cargo,, carried away her sails. Heavy sea running, and her masts were rolled overboard. Towed to Whitby, but later became driven ashore in another gale becoming a total loss.
13/01/1869 PLANET The schooner on this date, Newcastle, Capt Campbell, ran on to the West Scar rocks. From the Tyne with coals for Schiedam. Now lies on the rocks a total wreck.
16/06/1869 DALTON LASS Founded off Saltburn. (Further information required.)
15/07/1869 VISION About 10.30 last night (15/07) a brig, the “Vision” of Teignmouth, laden with call, got on Saltscar rock. She managed to get off about nine o’clock this morning, by the aid tugs
03/09/1869 JOHN The wrecked Schooner “John,” which belonged to Mr Alexander Ross, of Tain, in Ross-shire, still lies embedded in the sands, further information
03/09/1869 unknown name 27/08/1869. Same day in another vessel under the same conditions, was grounded on Coatham sands. Floated off with flood tide later in the day. Believed undamaged.
03/09/1869 AVE MARIA 28/08/1869 . a.m. the.”Ave Maria” of London, Capt Nichols, from Stockton with chairs, struck on the Salt Scar rocks, and was off during the day. Believed no damage.
04/09/1868 GEM On Sunday morning last (30th/08), about three o’clock, the brig Gem, of Newcastle, laden with coals, struck on Saltscar rocks off Redcar. Several boats instantly put off, and a steam tug came to her assistance, but their effort to get the vessel off proved unsuccessful. The crew having partly unloaded her, with the help of two steamboats she was got off at five o’clock on Monday.
19/09/1869 JOHN Foundered off Saltburn. (Further information required.)
30/09/1869 BONNIE LASS Stranded at Saltburn. (further information required.)
13/10/1869 PLANET On Wednesday night (13/10, about half past eleven, the schooner “Planet” of Newcastle, Capt. Campbell, run on the West Scar rocks. She is from the Tyne, with coals for Schiedam. She now rests on the rocks a total wreck
22/11/1869 DAWSON A brig struck Redcar Rocks, two of crew drowned. CLICK HERE for more information
02/12/1869 FRANCES MARY Yesterday, Thursday morning (02/12), the sloop “Frances Mary,” of Dunkeld for London with potatoes, went on Saltscar about half past five o’clock. The sea being rough, the crew could not leave the vessel in the ship’s boat, and they remained on board till daylight, the wind blowing from the North, and snow and sleet falling fast. About seven o’clock the position was perceived from the shore and the lifeboat was immediately brought out, and the poor fellows, with their clothes, etc., were brought ashore. About noon the rising tide floated the sloop of the rock, but her hull was so severely damaged that she sank almost immediately. She belonged to the master, Capt Phillips, and Mr James Ross, of Inverkeithing.
20/12/1869 MORAY Monday night (20/12) about half past six, the schooner, “Moray,” of Aberdeen, Capt Gilbert Henderson, from London to Middlesbrough, with 150 tons of loam, struck on the Saltscar rocks. She was got off next morning (21/12) at flood tide, uninjured.
21/12/1869 MARY YOUNG Late on Tuesday evening (21/12) a violent gale from the N. E. sprang up at Hartlepool, accompanied by drenching squalls and a terrible sea rolling into the bay. A little before daybreak, the next morning (22/12), the brig “Mary Young,” Capt Young, of West Hartlepool, drove onto the North Gare Sand, near the mouth of the Tees, where she was soon fast aground. She was bound from Gefle to West Hartlepool, laden with deals and iron.
22/12/1869 VESTA During the gale of Wednesday night last (22/12), the brig “Vesta,” of Belfast, 11 days from Antwerp for South shoes, went ashore near Saltburn, but happily the crew were saved by some persons who ruled in to them on horseback. A light as if a ship in distress was observed near Redcar, about 8 PM., and messengers on horseback were sent to ascertain the whereabouts of the ship, whilst the lifeboat was pulled along the sands towards Saltburn. When opposite the battery the coastguard boat a blue light, but as nothing more than see of the ship they turn back, and it got nearly home when they were told that the vessel was near Saltburn. They immediately made for that place but when opposite Marske they were informed that the crew were saved.
07/01/1870 unknown About dusk on Monday (03/01), during a dense fog, a large Prussian barque on Salt Scar rocks; and as it was about high water at the time, a steam tug took hold of her, and she floated again directly. The Redcar fishermen had only got about halfway to her when she got off, so they could be of no use.—On New Year’s night, the sound of a fog bell and the steamers whistle was heard; and the fishermen, thinking a vessel was on the rocks, rushed to their boats, and many of them being too eager over the matter got a thorough drenching in the attempt to push the deeply laden boats off the shore; and after all, they only found that the ship was a mile or more beyond Saltscar, so they had to return bootless.
11/01/1870 BERDHINKS On Tuesday night (11/01), about 11.20, the Brig “Berdhinks,” of Whitby, (Capt Thompson,) whilst on voyage from Shields to the West Indies, with a cargo of 370 tons of coal, stroke on the West Scar Rocks. The weather at the time was hazy, and the captain took Hartlepool light for that at Seaham Harbour. Some of the Redcar fishermen went at once to its assistance, and 13 of them agreed to get her off for £60. This they did next tide, with the help of a steam tug; and being very leaky, she was at once taken to Hartlepool. She lost her rudder, and sustained so much damage in consequence of her rolling on the rocks that you will have to discharge her cargo.
28/01/1870 JOHNS A schooner of Sunderland, bound for Santander Became a wreck just outside the entrance to the River Tees. For more information click HERE
04/07/1870 DOVE A collision at sea with Skylark and lives were lost. Click HERE for more information.
04/07/1870 SKYLARK A collision at sea with Dove and lives were lost. Click HERE for more information.
08/01/1871 JAMES & LOUISA About 3 AM this date, this fishing smack of Hull for Hartlepool, laden with fish, grounded on the Salt Scar Rocks. Weather fine and hazy. Got off at flood tide by 10 fishermen who took her to Hartlepool, for which they received a payment of £100.
10/01/1871 ORION This date the fishing smack of and out of Grimsby with a cargo of fish, got on the West Scar rocks, but insisted off the following tide, by eight of the Redcar pilots and fishermen, who are to have £80 for their services. Weather, hazy, and sea calm when she got off.
12/01/1871 SPRINGBOK. This date, the barque of Dundee, from Aberdeen with pit props for Middlesbrough, whilst being towed by a Shields tug, came ashore on Coatham sands owing to dense fog. Expected to get off next tide. Three steam tugs waiting to take her off.
29/01/1871 NEWSKY 19/01/1871 the screw steamer, from Bilbao to Middlesbrough, grounded on the rocks near the old lifeboat house. Got off next morning by fishermen who will receive £50 for their services.
30/01/1873 UNITY Stranded at Redcar. (Further information required.)
04/04/1873 ENDEAVOUR At daybreak on 03/03/1873, this schooner became stranded on East Scar rocks, Redcar with a fisherman offering assistance, which was refused. The vessel shortly after re-floated.
04/04/1873 unknown name A little time following the above “Endeavour” (above) a foreign schooner struck the East Scar rocks, the master eagerly accepted help, but whilst bargaining the vessel re-floated off the rocks, with the flowing tide
27/10/1873 HUGO GEORG This date, a Prussian brig from Stettin to West Hartlepool struck West Scar rocks, in a thick haze. The vessel was owned observed until fishermen went out next morning. By this time 500 deals had been thrown overboard and the vessel floated. Fishermen picked up about 100 deals the rest being carried away.
26/11/1873 EUREKA In collision with steamer Ryhope off Robin Hoods Bay. all 16 crew were saved but Eureka lost. More information
16/07/1874 CHARLES Schooner Charles stranded on Saltscar rocks with a cargo of potatoes. Click HERE for more information.
00/09/1874. ANN RANKIN September, 1874. This vessel became stranded one-mile north of Staithes. (Further information required
16/11/1874 Charles Schooner Charles stranded on Saltscar rocks with a cargo of potatoes. Click HERE for more information.
09/12/1874 CALEDONIA Brig of Rochester, in ballast bound from Rochester to Shields. Captain Tindale, beached Saltburn sands close to Old Saltburn. Rocket equipment saved crew.
09/12/1874 GRIFFIN One of two ships driven on to the beach at Redcar in a storm, and consequently colliding with the un-completed Coatham Pier. Became beached and wrecked on the nearby Coatham sands.
09/12/1874 CORRYMBUS One of two ships driven onto the beach at Redcar in a storm, and consequently colliding with the un-completed Coatham Pier. The vessel came ashore in the Tees Bay, but was a total loss. The crew were able to walk ashore at low tide.
09/12/1874 EXPRESS A brigantine of life, Touline master, came ashore in storm on the Lye Dams, located a little east of Redcar Pier.
09/12/1874 GARIBALDI A brig stranded when are driven on to the Sands, 20 yards east of Coatham Pier. All crew saved by rocket apparatus, following the holding of the lifeboat Burton-on-Trent, on launching.
17/12/1874 Lady Of The Lake A terrible gale prevailed during Saturday night and Sunday, and was attended with great loss of life. The wind was from the north east. The schooner “Lady of the Lake” Click HERE for more information.
17/12/1874 FRANCAIS French barque, after refusing assistance from Hartlepool tug (for money) later became a victim of a heavy storm, and the vessel was driven on to the Middleton beach. Seven or eight lives lost. Click HERE for more information.
04/02/1875 MINTO Screw stream of Glasgow struck on the South Gare, near. the Tees breakwater. The crew on-board ascertaining that the vessel was in no immediate danger stayed on board, and the vessel came off on the next tide with little injury.
15/07/1875 THAMES CAPTAIN FLECK About 5 AM this date fire broke out on board this vessel after putting in four new boilers and machinery parts. Fire got a firm hold. Being from foremost Stern, completely burnt out and gutted. Prevented from further damage by Fire Brigade. Fire caused the bowels of the vessel to collapse considerably.
30/07/1875 ESTRISS Only Friday AM (30/07) the brig of Portsmouth, from Sunderland to Southampton, with coals, struck on Salt Scar rocks, about a mile from Redcar Pier head, and sustained serious damage to her bottom. She was after-world is got off and told in the direction of Hartlepool.
30/07/1875 DEE Early morning (30/07) this vessel belonging Aberdeen, Capt Stevens, and insured by Messrs Adams & Co., Aberdeen, ran ashore at midnight between Saltburn and Staithes. This is a very dangerous coastline and the vessel was severely damaged. The engine room filled with water, but cargo of whiskey, oil, &c., comparatively uninjured. Vessel went ashore due to dense fog and all the crew took to the boats.
06/02/1876 EMILY Sunday (6/02), the Zetland lifeboat was launched in stormy seas. Horses and lifeboat crew struggled along beach towards River Tees, found crew of Seaton Carew lifeboat beached eight crew saved from the”Emily,” with four left on board. The crew from the Zetland launched a boat to save other four crew. Click Here for more info.
19/08/1876 ODOR From Antwerp to Sunderland with glass sand, struck the rocks between Redcar Pier and the battery early Saturday morning (19/08), but was got off the following tide, and towed to Middlesbrough for repairs, the keel of the vessel having sustained considerable damage.
08/09/1876 STAFFTTE A North German Greek, of Memel, bound for Hartlepool with timber and deals, Kevin Sharp on rocks, Redcar. For further details please click here
29/09/1876 PSYCHE A Welsh three masted schooner bound Middlesbrough to Swansea ran on to the West Scar rocks. (Further information)
13/12/1876 CORAL QUEEN Stranded of the old pier at Hartlepool attempting to get into harbour during severe storm. Later got off.
20/01/1877 s.s. VINE At 10 PM. This date from Grimsby to Hartlepool, in ballast, struck on Salt Scar rocks, a little to the west of Redcar Pier. Managed to get off without assistance.
further information>
24/01/1877 ALERT This date shortly before midnight this schooner from Ipswich, from London to Stockton, with old rails struck the rocks eastern Redcar sustaining serious damage. A strong SW gale blowing. With assistance from fishermen. The schooner was blocked off the next morning.
03/05/1877 MIRIAM This date. During a heavy gale blowing on the North East coast on Sunday and Monday, a barque from Riga to Hartlepool, laden with timber, was driven on to the rocks between Saltburn and Skinningrove. The barque is broached in her stern, and almost a wreck. One of hands (Watts), of Aberdeen, was jerked off the yard, and drowned.
05/10/1877 HOPEWELL A schooner, of Wells, Thos Parker, master, from Hartlepool to Wells, laden with coal struck Salt Scar rocks, half past six o’clock, two hours off low water. Vessel missed her course. The course of four. Later re-floated without assistance, and carried on her journey.
15/10/1877 VICTOR A Schooner came onto rocks at Staithes Nab, Staithes.
19/10/1877 STOCKTON PACKET And all coaster, stranded near the mouth of the Tees
20/10/1877 LIZZIE This date this a sloop of Whitby, John Hind, master, from Whitby to South Shields, at about half past eight o’clock Saturday evening struck on East Scar rocks, opposite. Redcar Battery. Lights shown from boats and cobles from Redcar set off to assist, but no assistance required. Same night re-floated between 10 PM and 11 PM. No damage.
23/10/1877 SCOTTISH MINSTEREL Vessel left in Middlesbrough Docks, bound for Beypore, India. with railway bowl chairs. Went ashore near barge lightship following possible steering gear fault. Fault rectified and vessel pro-seeded on each journey (24/10) further information>
21/12/1877 CHARLES BUTTERS More information.”>
21/12/1877 EMILY On (19/12) vessel struck the highest part of Salt Scar rocks, and remained there until about two o’clock yesterday morning (20/12), when again she re- floated, and pro-seeded on her voyage, having apparently sustained little damage.
03/04/1878 KELPIE Came into collision with a screw steamer “Osborne” off Huntcliff. Crew took to lifeboats… Click here for more info.
03/09/1878 ELIZABETH Hartlepool coble run down by a Sunderland herring coble. So badly holed to keep afloat, used bladders attached to their nets, until Harry cobles safely landed them ashore.
23/02/1879 ISABELLA Schooner, Truscot master, of Fowey, bound for Stockton, cargo of China clay, grounded on slag banks, near to South Gare Breakwater 11 PM approximately, and remains in that position. Vessel to be lightened and expected to be got off the rocks.
11/10/1879 CORAL QUEEN This date the screw steamer, owing to previous dense for ran on to the east side of the Salt scar rocks. further information>
14/10/1879 HEBE This date, the schooner, master and owner captain Peck, was on tow from Hartlepool to Whitby by the”Ganges” tug boat, when it founded off Huntcliff foot in a violent storm. Everyone safe on tug boats arrival at Whitby
07/11/1879 WILLIAM (05/11) a sea going lighter, of Newcastle, coal laden, whilst towing from Sunderland to Scarborough, sprung a leak and sunk off. Redcar. One man on board at the time, picked up, and landed at Bridlington Quay.
14/01/1880 MARCHIONESS OF LONDON This day Wednesday, the iron screw steamer vessel bound from Bilbao, in Spain, to Eston Jetty, went to ground near the Tees estuary. loaded with iron ore. The weather was very thick with fog. During the day. The vessel was got off, and pro-seeded to their destination. (See below, would appear both vessels together.
14/01/1880 THORNBURY This day Wednesday, the iron screw steamer vessel bound from Bilbao, in Spain, to estimate jetty, went aground near. The Tees estuary. Loaded with iron ore. The weather was thick with fog. During the day. The vessel was got off and proceeded in its destination. (see above would appear both vessels together)
30/01/1880 SARAH AMY (28/01) This Welsh schooner, of Portsmouth, bound for Seaham for Southampton, with coals ran on to the Saltscar rocks, off Redcar about 8 AM. This miss Was attributable to the foggy weather, which prevailed. Sustained little damage and was taken off.
30/01/1880 WOODLAND LASS (29/01) laden with a cargo of stones, this vessel, Chapman master, bound from London to Middlesbrough,/the Saltscar rocks, and was compelled to put into Hartlepool.
20/02/1880 CAPTAIN BROWN (15/02), at nine o’clock a strong easterly gale,this schooner Lowestoft from Yarmouth, in ballast drove on to the Middleton beach, Hartlepool. Coastguards with rocket apparatus, also NL John Barlow present. Cruel of vessel declined to avail themselves of rescue due to tight every, and they got ashore at low water with clothing.
24/09/1880 ELIZABETH (22/09) This schooner belonging to Hull and bound for Stockton with cargo of grain, struck the Saltscar rocks, but was speedily got off through the assistance of pilots and fishermen belonging to Redcar. It suffered little damage and was towed to its destination.
28/10/1880 EMMANUAL BOUTCHER (28/10) Early hours of this date the Whitby brig became grounded on the shoreline at East of Redcar. The crew of four was saved by the then president lifeboat.
28/10/1880 LUNA Later this morning of the same day. The schooner, Luna got into difficulties, vessel later came foul of the rocks, and subsequently collided into Redcar Pier. Crew of seven saved. (Note, this was the last location the lifeboat ZETLAND was launched
28/10/1880 TEES p.m. the same date, the steamship Tees was deliberately run aground off. Redcar. Crew of 20 were rescued.
28/10/1880 HARTLEPOOL Stranded Redcar. (Further information required.)
28/10/1880 HAZARD Stranded Redcar. (Further information required.)
28/10/1880 NINA Stranded Redcar. (Further information required.)
25/11/1880 ISABELLA Stranded Redcar. (Further information required.)
27/11/1880 JANE A barque under tow, came ashore Coatham Sands near to Coatham Furnaces. More information
??/10/1880 JOHN AND MARY A brig wrecked along with many others on this day in a heavy gale. The brig wrecked near Hazelgrove, Saltburn, with the crew reaching the shore in their own boat, one man attired only in his shirt.
??/10/1880 ELEMORE Of Sunderland, lost off Huntcliff with all hands. Further Information
27/01/1881 BEAR This steamer, Capt Smith, of Middlesbrough in making for the Tees ran ashore to the southward of the slag banks. With the assistance of Redcar fishermen she was got off at high tide and safely reached their destination.
07/02/1881 EARL OF DURHAM Got itself in trouble off Saltburn Rocks. Eventually got clear but not without extensive damage. More information

08/12/1882 LIBRA Stranded German schooner near Saltburn. Wrecked in fierce storm off Old Saltburn. Charles and Ann Lifeboat rescued 5.
06/03/1883 GOOD TEMPLAR This ketch with run ashore on Redcar sounds, lying near to Redcar Pier. Its cargo of potatoes were removed. Ketch expected to be re-floated when whether subsides. Potatoes later auctioned off, and bought £4.10s a tone by M. E. Ward , of Whitby
21/07/1883 PRISCILLA Struck East Scar Rocks, and became stranded near to Artillery Battery. Crew of 8 saved by lifeboat Emma. further information>
24/01/1883 JIM CROW Stranded Redcar rocks. Cargo of coal salt to Mr. Burnison for £18.10s which appeared a small amount for 100 tons of coal. (Risk concerned, very great). On Thursday (25/01) vessel in situ, next morning (26/10) not to be seen. On 08/03/1883 part of this vessels wreckage came up on the beach office said the Gun Battery.
28/05/1883 STONEWALL JACKSON An American barque, 1102 tons, registered Boston, laden with 1408 tons of wheat, struck Saltscar rocks whilst in tow with the tug Cruiser, of Shields, during calm weather, close by to where the barque Birger eventually sank. The vessel became a total wreck. Car go removed to a field owned by Mr. Skinner, Stockton Hotel
24/01/1883 NORFOLK TAR This date stranded Redcar rocks, and Complete wreck losing cargo as well, apart from wheat, which raised £150 at auction.
30/09/1884 PARAGON This date, the sloop of Scarborough, captain Chambers, struck the Redcar rocks, at 7:30 PM and stove in her bottom. She was beached with difficulty to save the ship and crew by the fishermen. The vessel became a total wreck, and was sold at auction (03/10) for £14.10s to Mr. Pallister of Redcar.
10/10/1884 SAMARANG A barque from Quebec ran aground near to Marske. Three lifeboats , two from Redcar and one from Saltburn, battled to get a line aboard. 13, Seaman, were rescued before the ship broke up on the shore
19/11/1884 s.s. GENOVA (19/11) On Wednesday and Thursday (20/elevenths). A gale of great violence visited the North East coast. The sea in the Tees Bay was unusually rough. The vessel left. The Tees with a cargo of pig iron for Germany, after preceding a a few miles it hat to post back through stress of weather
26/11/1884 HEATHERSAGE This date the s.s. Hathersage, from Hull to West Hartlepool in ballast, went ashore at Marske on Wednesday morning (26/11) during dense fog. It is probable she will not be got off for several days, as the tide are receding, and should the weather become stormy the vessel may become a total wreck. Monday (01/12) re-floated at high water and steam to Hartlepool
18/12/1884 VENTNOR Thursday night (1812). The screw steamer of Sunderland ran aground on. Redcar rocks, during thick. Whether. She managed to get off on the afternoon tide , without receiving much damage.
10/05/1885 JOHN & EDWIN On Sunday morning (10/05). The vessel from Faversham came ashore Salt Scar rocks, Redcar. Left Shields previous evening 200 tons coal for the south coast. Efforts made by fishermen to get off at high water failed, but without success. Became a total wreck. Six crew saved by fishermen and cobles. Wreck and stores sold (15/05).
01/11/1885 s.s. COBDEN This vessel left, the Tees with a stiffed Gale prevailing, snow falling and heavy seas, when its cargo shifted, causing it to return to the Tees for safety.
01/11/1885 Name unknown a French brigantine, was blown ashore between the breakwater and Coatham. The men from the vessel took to their boats, and after safely landing, proceeded to Redcar where they received care and attention.
08/12/1886 NILE Stranded Saltscar, near two Redcar Pier. Morning dark and stormy. Redcar fishermen went out in their cobles, and brought crew safely ashore and cared for them at the Jolly Sailor Hotel.
09/12/1886 ELIZABETH Wreck of the Brigantine Elizabeth and it stores were sold by Messrs. Walker, and Son, Redcar.
06/04/1887 WILLIEM German schooner ran onto sands at Marske. Several cobles in attendance 3 crew saved. Conveyed to Ship Inn. ( more information required )
04/01/1888 WILLIAM On this morning, between five and six o’clock, this schooner from the Port of Rye, from Yarmouth to Shields in ballast, ran onto the rocks between. Redcar and Coatham Piers. She bumped twice or thrice on the rocks, and then began to fill with water, and in half an hour heeled over. Luckily fishermen onshore had observed her lights showing in danger, and they went off in their cobles, and reached the scene just in time to rescue the four men comprising of the crew from imminent death by drowning. One man had already been in the water sometime, but was restored, and the master had his face badly cut. They were brought to shore uncared for. The vessel was a total wreck, and the lady just visible keel of the most. The stores were sold Friday (06/01).
27/06/1888 SUMMER CLOUD This date shortly after 8 AM this fishing boat belonging. Hartlepool struck the East Scar rocks in thick fog, and became launched on the rocks. Master James Bothie, with four crew managed to free boat with evening high tide. Little damage, and went on the way.
16/07/1888 TORONTO Floundered off Tees mouth. (Further information required.)
0705/1889 CUMBRIAN Barque of Middlesbrough, bound for Hong Kong, went ashore at Saltburn early morning on this date in thick fog. Was got off next time at 7 PM. Damaged and returned to Middlesbrough for repairs.
12/09/1889 HARVEST The British Steamship, 1338 tons, sank at the South Gare, after a collision with the s.s. Regent. The harvest was outward bound with a cargo of pig iron.
14/01/1891 CARRIE Wrecked Tees mouth. (Further information required.)
14/02/1891 HOLLAND On Monday (09/02) morning, the German steamer ‘Holland’ (Captain Marten), ran ashore at, Marske, while on a voyage from Esbjerg to Blyth in ballast. Fortunately she was got off shortly after midday, having received very slight injury.
21/02/1891 ANNIE The ketch, “Annie,” stranded on Redcar Rocks on Tuesday morning (17/10) with a car cargo of coals from Kennet Pans for London. Got ff at high water.
19/3/1892 VOLUNTEER A steam trawler, of South Shields sunk opposite fifth boy in light.
16/10/1892 VIGILANT Schooner of Montrose wrecked Saltburn. Further information
18/11/1893 HARRIET Stranded at Redcar. (Further information required.)
19/11/1893 CLARENCE Stranded at Huntcliff. (Further information required.)
02/09/1894 ENGLANDS ROSE Three masted schooner from Yarmouth to Hartlepool in ballast
Wrecked on the Redcar sands. The life-sized lady figurehead from this vessel is in the Zetland Museum. Wreck could be seen at low tide opposite Pacittos Cafe, Esplanade.
21/03/1894 RESOLUTE Stranded Salt Scar rocks Redcar. (Further information required.)
19/04/1896 HARRATON This vessel sank on the approach to Tees mouth, after a collision with another ship Engineer, of London.
12/01/1897 AMARANT Seen drifting off. Redcar coast between the two piers. Boarded by local fishermen and found with no crew on board. Abandoned during dense fog by crew. Once the shore at Redcar became the property of the fishermen. Later, broken up by a storm with the whole going through one of Redcar’s pier’s.
No known 1897? STIRLING (Further information required.)
11/11/1897 VICTORY Steam trawler wrecked at Tees mouth. (Further information required.)
29/11/1897 KATRINA Stranded foot of Huntcliff. (Further information required.)
20/11/1897 LOCH ALSH Schooner wrecked Saltburn area and the last crew to be rescued by the Charles and Ann lifeboat at Saltburn.
22/10/1898 BIRGER 1000’sof people in Redcar saw this disaster of the barque unfold with the vessel crashing onto the Saltscar rocks. Only two men of 15 crew were saved. The dead seamen are buried in Coatham church graveyard/St. Germaine’s Church, Marske, and the Whole Trinity Church, Hartlepool, graveyard. Recently the anchor of the Birger, was lifted by divers, and is now displayed (with plaque) on the Redcar promenade.five bodies from this wreck were washed up on. Hartlepool beach following the disaster, and there is also a headstone in The Holy Trinity Church graveyard, marking the use graves. further information>
18/10/1898 VAALBORG Stranded near Redcar. (Further information required.)
02/10/1899 BERTHOLD Stranded at Redcar. (Further information required.)
20/12/1869 MORAY On Monday (20/12) night, about half past six, the schooner, “Moray,” of Aberdeen, Capt Gilbert Henderson, from London to Middlesbrough, with 150 tons of loam, struck on the Saltscar rocks. She was got off next morning at flood tide, uninjured.


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