SPORT – Coatham and Redcar Married v Singles

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 14/05/1871.


Married v Singles

            On Saturday, the 20th inst., the first match of the season was played at Courtroom between some of the married members with M. Fessy, the professional, and 11 of the single members of the club, in which the former were victorious. A more pleasant opening game has not been played for some time, and if we may judge from the large number of spectators, it seems to have excited considerable interest. It is all that the residents and visitors will during the ensuing season, avail themselves of the advantages of a good ground and professional which are offered at courtroom, and thus, in addition to the benefits they would derive, assist in maintaining the club on its proper basis.

Married 1st Innings      Total 116
Singles 1st Innings        Total   36


Lol Hansom October 30, 2013 Cricket, Sport