SHIPWRECKS & GROUNDINGS “Coral Queen” Steamship on Redcar Rocks

Accreditation The Redcar & Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 17/10/1879


           Shortly before midnight  Saturday (11/10) owing to the prevalence of the dense fog, the screw Steamer “Coral Queen,” belonging to the West Hartlepool Steam Navigation Company, from Gothenburg to West Hartlepool, with a cargo of deal battens and laths, ran on to the east side of Saltscar rocks, off Redcar. The mishap occurred near to where the screw steamer Charles Butters was wrecked about two years ago. It was just about high water when the “Coral Queen” got upon the rocks, and a number of Redcar fishermen were employed to discharge her cargo, and assist in getting her off, which was successfully accomplished the following tide, with the aid of the tugboat, “Confidence and Ryhope,” of Hartlepool, when she was towed to her destination. The steamer was said to have sustained but little damage.


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