BEACH – Submerged Forrest at Redcar

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn News 21/02/1873.



A unique part of the forest in the sand, more of which can be seen at very low water
Accreditation Photo F. Brunskill

     In the autumn of 1871 a correspondent called attention to the remains of a submerged forest a little east of Redcar, then laid bare by the tide; the patches described being about three foot square, there were also hazel nuts, pieces of wood, bones, &c. During the last few days there has been laid bare, below West terrace, still more remarkable evidence that a bog, as well as a forest, has at some former period existed seaward of our present high water mark.

     A large quantity of bog has been laid bare by the tide about midway between high and low water mark, and from the accounts given of it, by those who have availed themselves of the opportunity of securing fuel at the inexpensive rate of digging and carrying it away, we learn that it is very good and acceptable substitute for coal. To the passer by the appearance of this submerged forest is very similar to a ledge of rocks showing itself in an unexpected place, but on examination this turns out to be no rock but peat, blue clay, and remains of trees. To what extent this may exist, or how long it may remain exposed, is of course very uncertain. At present there are 60 or 70 yards of material, which is being dug out and utilised for fuel. It has only been during the last few days that much digging and carting has gone on, as happily for the poor quantities of sea coal have been washed up on the beach, and of course, that was first secured.

     During the present high prices of coals any other kind of fuel, whether peat, bog, or sea coal, is a great boon, and should the peat bog continue bare much longer, the greater portion of it will be utilised. An old inhabitant says he remembers seeing a similar patch of bog laid bare a little further east than the present patch, and another old inhabitant has been heard to state that his grandfather used to tell of grass growing…….. No further details paper unreadable.


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