TRANSPORT – Railway important to railway passengers

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 20/05/1876


            A case, involving a question of some importance to the travelling public, was heard before the Guisborough magistrates on Tuesday (17/05). The defendant was Mr. George Chambers, of Middlesbrough with an excursion ticket, on Sunday, 26th March last. Mr. Fawcett appeared to prosecute, and Mr. Bainbridge defended. It was admitted that defendant to a ticket and travelled with the excursion train, which runs from the Middlesbrough to Redcar every Sunday afternoon, but instead of returning with the excursion train in the evening, came back with the mail train, for which his ticket was not available. The extra fare from Redcar being demanded, he refused to pay it, and hence the present charge. In cross-examination, it was stated that the fare was the same with the excursion train as with the mail train, and as the information had been laid on to a bylaw of the Company which implied that the defendant had been guilty of fraud, the Bench held that there had been no fraud, and the case must therefore, be dismissed. Mr. Ayrton added, however, that a principle of some importance to the public was involved, and he advised the Railway Company to appeal against the decision of the magistrates at the next Quarter Sessions.


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