PEOPLE – TURNER Charles. Sir


Sir Charles Turner married Teresa Newcomen in 1796, but died in 1810 leaving the Kirkleatham Estates to his wife. She married Henry Vansittant in 1812 and had him a daughter Teresa Vansittant, who married her cousin Lt. Arthur Newcomen. They had two sons and two daughters. Teresa Newcomen was one of the daughters. Teresa Newcomen was one of the daughters and was very rich, autocratic and pious lady. Her mother, in her will, had left monies to build a church, stating that she wished it built in a very tasteful style of architecture. As a result the church was built in the fields surrounding the Coatham Estate (hence the saying “The Church in the Fields”).

          Looking back, Teresa Newcomen really got what she stated in her will with one of the best churches in the whole country. A magnificent church with a spire that could be seen for miles once in the surrounding countryside of Coatham and Redcar. Even today the spire can be seen in some places from miles away. The church was built and consecrated in 1854 costing £4,000. The church has many features both inside and out, one of the features being the French De-Caen sandstone which was shipped over from France, also the lychgate. In the graveyard there are the gravestones from the crew of the shipwreck “Birger” who lost their lives and also the grave of Col Locke.


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