WARRENBY – Street Names

Accreditation Cleveland Standard 13/06/1936

Street Names at Warrenby

   Has it ever occurred to you why virtually every street in Warrenby is named after a bird? As you go down the main road the routine is bound to be noticed when you see Plover Street, Widgeon Street, and Snipe Street. The origin of these names hard to define, but a resident was telling me this week that Warrenby was at one time the home of virtually every type of feathered species to be found in England. It swarmed with animal life, birds and rabbits thrived there. The rabbits were so numerous that the entire village site was tunneled – hence maybe the name Warrenby. Warrenby is a spot well worth developing, though many are apt to believe that because the ironworks are so near it is of no use to visitors. But its ideal position is worth considering by the Redcar Council. Here a promenade and front could be erected which would not be an eyesore, and the sands are just as glorious. In fact, they have more natural glory than at Redcar. Last year it was wondered whether there was a site suitable for a miniature railway, but it was decided that there was not. Here is the ideal spot. A miniature line could be run to Warrenby. Think what Scarborough did with Scalby Mills, a desert only a few years ago. The miniature railway erected there very quickly paid for itself and gave added attraction. Brains, and a few bright ideas, could make of Warrenby a great asset to a holiday town. Those who do note believe it should go and have a look at Warrenby, walk down to the beach there, or the beach just above the village, Warrenby is a place of which little is heard, but this week is one of those rare occasions when Warrenby has been thrust in the public eye, for one of the oldest couples in the district are celebrating their diamond wedding. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd have certainly found attractions over the bridge, and something about the place must have kept them there for all these years. All the Warrenby folk are talking of the big event, and they have every reason to be proud of the pair for it is the first Warrenby diamond wedding within memory.


dean June 7, 2010 Warrenby