COUNCIL – Water Cart, Where is it

Accreditation Redcar and Saltburn News 11/06/1874

The following item of news appeared in this edition of the paper.

 Where is the Water Cart ?

          The fine weather of the last fortnight has caused a great influx of visitors into Redcar and Coatham, and many of them must have been nearly blinded by the showers of sand, which have rendered it impossible for any one to stir out during the day with any degree of comfort. The very natural question has been asked:- “Is there no water cart?” We suppose there is, for at the last monthly meeting of the Redcar Local Board of Health it was incidentally mentioned by the chairman that the surveyor had arranged with Mr. Poole of the Hydropathic establishment, to a supply of sea water from his tanks for the purpose of watering the streets, in the event of their being any scarcity of water this season for other purposes. If the water cart is out of repair it ought to be put into working order without delay, as the present state of things must cause serious loss to shopkeepers, especially butchers and those who deal in articles of a perishable nature. We trust the hint will be taken in the proper quarter.


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