LOCATION – Watering Places. Redcar Marske Saltburn

Accreditation the Redcar & Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 02/06/1871


            I paid a brief visit last week to the Cleveland watering places – Redcar, Marske, and Saltburn-by-the-Sea. Redcar and Coatham are now joined by streets and Terraces of handsome houses. The new detached villas are picturesque and extremely artistic edifices. The old cottage residences by the sea are rapidly superseded by large three storey houses, and the Esplanade is as broad and handsome a marine drive as I have seen. There are many excellent shops in Redcar. It has quite a superior class of hotel accommodation, its railway station is also being enlarged and improved, and altogether the place appears determined to hold its own against its more aristocratic neighbour, Saltburn-by-the- Sea. The town is remarkably neat and clean; its streets are broad, ample, and well kept, and swept in all directions with refreshing sea breezes. The village of Marske is also greatly improving. It is a charming place, with pleasant rural surroundings, and some of the finest parts of Cleveland district are accessible from it. Saltburn is a sort of Triton amongst watering places. It has quite an imperial air. Its mansions and hotels are palatial in their proportions, and should I say that the pleasure grounds laid out by the Saltburn Commissioners offer a fine example of landscape gardening as we have in this part of the country.


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