Weather & Tides – High Tides Redcar

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 25/02/1870.


            On Monday (21/02) last an unusually high tide was witnessed at Redcar. During the evening a violent gale blew from the North East, which had the effect of causing the water on the beach to rise to a height almost unprecedented. Long before the tide was at its height the water reached the top of the sea wall and by half-past eight. The sea swept along the whole of the wall, reaching in many instances to the base of the houses. Fortunately, the only damage done, assisted in the washing away of some railings at the foot of the Clarendon opening and the loosening of some slack at one of the two of the approaches. The utility of the wall in resisting the encroachments of the sea was fully apparent, as but for its protection several cottages-especially Clarendon cottage and Sea Terrace Villa – would have been undermined. It is about 30 years since the tide reached so high.


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