WEATHER & TIDES – Weather on the Coast

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 02/03/1877.


            Stormy weather has again set in on this coast and during Monday night (26/02 there was a heavy fall of snow, accompanied with a hard frost, which still continues. For the second time this winter the Cleveland Hills have assumed a snowy mantle. Strong North-Westerly gales have also brought up a heavy sea, and at Redcar the tides of the past few days have been unusually high – that of Wednesday (28/02) morning, especially, when the sea roars to within three or 4 yards of the houses in some parts of the Esplanade, without, however, doing any damage. The storm of Monday night appears to have affected a wide area, for at Whitby great waves broke on the bar and the beach in a way that would have made the harbour very dangerous for entrance, if any ships have been seeking refuge. The storm-signals were exhibited during the day from the Coastguard station, and the lifeboats, rocket apparatus, and other life-saving appliances were kept in readiness for service. On the East coast also the weather was very stormy, and at Brighton t now he wind blew with tremendous violence, the waves dashing over the Junction Parade February.


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