WEATHER – Whitsuntide at Redcar

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 25/05/1877.


            A great drawback to the enjoyment of the Whitsuntide holidays (19/20/21/05 has been the coldness and severity of the weather, which all good generally prevalent, was more particularly felt on this coast, with the keen north ?   which prevailed. Whit-Sunday was notable for its continuous rainfall; for the  ??

However, Monday was dry, though cold, and the pleasure-seekers who could take plenty of exercise and some amount of enjoyment. The trains brought in numbers of people, as usual, and bathing was attempted, but not on a very extensive scale – indeed, it required a considerable amount of nerve to venture into the sea in such weather. The bathing machine proprietors must wait for their harvest to more subtle weather comes in. Happily, we are told, on the authority of Lieutenant Saxby, that after the late storm, the weather is to improve, and that’s something more gentle than we have yet experienced will follow. There are not wanting indications of a change for the better, for during the last two days the weather has steadily improved, and the brilliant sunshine is all the more valued. After the dreariness which preceded it. The shore looks very gay in the sunlight, and the trippers who have come later in the week have been a decided advantage. If the weather continues to improve, we may expect visitors in large numbers – hitherto. But a very few families have arrived. Next week we intend to publish a list of visitors, and give the usual information for the season.


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