SHIPWRECKS & GROUNDINGS – Whit Monday 28/5/1860


Whit Monday, 28th, May 1860

Whit Monday, 28th, May, 1860, was a day to remember in the lives of everyone, lifeboat men, fishermen, the residents of Redcar, and people further afield. A storm blew up that wrecked 23 vessels. An East, North Easterly heavy gale on this occasion was unforgiving, spreading vessels of all types along the coastline, from the entrance of the River Tees to Saltburn. Nothing appeared to be spared.

Coatham sands (9)

The schooner “CORRA LINN” of Stockton was 66 tons, on route from London to Stockton laden with guano. The crewmen were all drowned being washed from the vessel into the sea. The Capt. Robinson had his feet through the rigging, and was hanging face down. A Rob Jordison of Redcar went along on horseback and brought the information of this wreck to everyone’s attention. Later one of the crew was found on West Scar rocks. He had one of his legs off below the knee, and was identified by his mother from London.

The brig “BETSY” of Yarmouth, 133 tons, bound for Seaham.

The brig “DARING” of Stockton, 150 tons, from Dieppe to Middlesbrough.

The schooner “GUARD” of Rochester, 123 tons, bound for Hartlepool.

The schooner “ALBERT” of Jersey, 60 tons, from London to Seaham.

The brig “QUEEN VICTORIA of Hastings, 99 tons, bound to Sunderland.

The schooner PARRA PACKET” of Whitstable, 131 tons, from Folkestone to Middlesbrough.

The brig “WILTHEMINA” from Hamburg to Middlesbrough.

The brig “ANT” of Scarborough, from Sheerness to Middlesbrough.

Redcar sands (3)

The brig “AGNES” of Folkestone, 146 tons, Lowestoft to Newcastle.

The schooner “PERCY” of Amble, 124 tons, from Dieppe to Amble.

The sloop “RENEKE” of Wendham, 49 tons, Southampton to Newcastle.

Marske sands (6)

The sloop “TWO BROTHERS” of Yarmouth, 42 tons, from Blackton to Hartlepool.

The schooner “ISABELLA PECK” of Exeter, 99 tons, bound for Middlesbrough.

The schooner “JAMES & MARIA” of Yarmouth, Ramsgate to Hartlepool.

The sloop “VICTORIA” of Boston, 35 tons, Warfleet to Middlesbrough.

The schooner “ZION” of Grangemouth, 66 tons, from Boulogne to West Hartlepool.

The brig “BOXER” of Colchester, 229 tons, bound for Newcastle.

Saltburn sands (4)

The schooner “SOUTHWICK” of Southwolds, 50 tons, to Hartlepool.

The schooner “ALFRED” of Paimpou”, 35 tons, Dunkirk to Blyth.

The schooner “ANN” of Plymouth, 142 tons, Harve to Newcastle.

The three masted schooner “WILHELMINA ROSALIA” of Flushing, 193 tons from Nawbury to Middlesbrough.

Bran sands (1)

The brig “MARGARET MCDONALD” of Sunderland, 118 tons, from Canarvan to Sunderland was totally wrecked on Bran Sands.

Out of the above 23 vessels that were wrecked, the only vessel in which the crew were drowned, was the first vessel mentioned, “Corra Linn. How all/some the crews were saved we do not have that information, and there appears no record. What we do know is that although the “Zetland” was on duty, it appeared that it was useless to help in what was occurring.

If you do know anything further about these vessels please do not hesitate to inform us. We will be glad to hear from you no matter how small the information.


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