WILTON in Cleveland

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 12/09/1879.
Lazenby village and Wilton village today are situated alongside of each other


It having been found requisite to put a new main drain through the village of Lazenby, one of the contractor’s men was excavating about two feet from the surface, when he struck upon something unusual. And on a little examination he discovered a quantity of silver coins, numbering about 150. The coins are of various sizes, and are of the reign of Charles I. There was a scramble, and several children being on the spot a great many of the smaller coins came to their share, as the men at the work did not at first consider the pieces to be of much value. As Cromwell not only visited the locality, but bombarded Wilton Castle (which is  about a mile from Lazenby), the inhabitants, no doubt in fear and as an act of preservation, buried their valuables in gardens and other places for security. The following if the description of the shillings:- “Charles the first – obverse: bust of the king, crowned and in armour, with long hair; mint mark on both sides, an anchor; legend, Carlos, D.G., M.A., B.R., F.R., E.T., H.L., Rex. Reverse: Arms of England, France, Ireland, and Scotland on plain square shield and cross fleure; legend, Christo Anspice Regno; date 1625


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