WRECKS – The Annual Wreck Register and Chart for 1969.

Accreditation the Middlesbrough Gazette 24/10/1870.


            The annual “Wreck Register” has been published. 2114 shipwrecks, with the lamentable loss of 933 fume lives, took place amidst the gales of last year on our coasts. However, as there is a bright side to every picture, so in regard to the records of this “Wreck Register,” we find that by means of the boats of the National Lifeboat Institution, and various effective means, 5121 lives were saved last year from various shipwrecks on our shores. The “Register” tells us that 2594 ships were lost or damaged in the 2114 casualties reported last year, representing a tonnage of 537,605, and employing 22,579 hands; in 1868 there were 2131. Vessels with us affected. Inasmuch as in cases of collisions, there must necessarily be more than one ship engaged, the number of vessels is in excess of the total number of disasters had reported—each case of collision being orally reckoned in the “Register” as one disaster.


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