WWII War Clouds Hanging Over Us – Redcar Council Discuss Air Raid Precautions

Accreditation The Standard 1936.

Councilor Cruddas

The provision of adequate home defence was mentioned at a meeting of the Redcar Town Council on Thursday night, when delegates were chosen to attend a meeting of the Tees-side Area in respect of air raid precautions.

   In the minute of the General Purposes Committee, it was stated that the Town Clerk (Mr. T. D. Hocking) had received a letter from the Clerk of the County Council, enquiring whether he would act as convener of the meetings for the Teesside Area. These meeting would concern Redcar, Thornaby, Eston, Guisborough, Saltburn, Marske, Skelton, Brotton, Loftus, and Stokesley.

   The Town Clerk has been authorised to act as convener and the Redcar Council will be represented at the meetings Councilor Mrs. Lonsdale, Councilor G. Cruddas, Councilor J. T. Fletcher, and Alderman W. Wardman.

   The Town Clerk advised that three representatives would be sufficient, but the Mayor pointed out that it was up to the members present to decided how many, and who, should be included in the representation.

   “I look upon this matter very seriously and I think that Redcar should be well represented,” said Councilor Crudas. He happened to know the serious view that bigger towns than Redcar were taking on this matter. Their gas managers and other Council Officials were all keenly interested.

   “I am making no secret about it: I know there are war clouds hanging over us at present. The Fire Brigade is going to be classed as the first line of home defence.” He thought that the interest of all departments should be awakened and that the matter should be taken very seriously.


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