Years 1890 to 1899

27/07/1890 Vincent van Gogh 37 shot himself, and died two days later. Went to the spot where he had painted Cornfield with Flight of Birds.
15/09/1890 Agatha Christie, creator of Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, and writer of detective stories which sold more than 300 million copies, was born in Torquay.
14/10/1890 Dwight D Eisenhower – “Ike” Second World War military leader and 34th US president, was born in Texas.
20/10/1890 Explorer Sir Richard Burton died. Wrote 43 travel books, and two volumes of poetry. Translated 16 volumes of the Arabian Nights, two volumes of Latin poetry, six volumes of Portuguese literature. as well as books in Hindustani, Arabic, Spoke 20 languages.
1891 Half mile long breakwater pier built on River Tees North side. Called North Gare
09/02/1891 Ronald Colman, English actor who became a romantic star in Hollywood, was born in Richmond, Surrey. His films included The Prisoner of Zenda.
07/03/1891 It is reported that Mr. Mosscrop, Lord Zetland’s agent, as under consideration the desirability of extending the sea wall at Redcar some considerable distance.

24/08/1891 Thomas Edison patented the motion camera.
14/09/1891 The first penalty kick in the English League football game was taken by Heath of Wolverhampton against Accrington.
12/10/1991 The Boer War began.
15/03/1892 Liverpool FC is founded.
17/09/1892 Mae West, actress, was born in Brooklyn. USA.
13/01/1893 The Independent British Labour Party was formed by Keir Hardie.
09/02/1893 The world’s first public striptease took place at the Moulin Rouge in Paris.
25/07/1893 The Corinth Canal, in the Guilf of Corinth, Greece, is used for the first time.
14/08/1893 The world’s first car registration plates were introduced in France.
10/02/1894 Harold Macmillan, Tory prime minister 1957-1963 was born.
14/04/1894 Thomas Edison publicly demonstrated his “kinetoscope” moving picture machine in New York.
23/06/1894 Edward VIII, the king who abdicated for the love of Wallis Simpson, was born at Richmond, Surry.
30/06/1894 London’s Tower Bridge was officially opened to traffic by the Prince of Wales.
22/12/1894 The Dreyfus affair begins in France, when Alfred Dreyfus is wrongly convicted of treason.
12/01/1895 The National Trust is founded in the United Kingdom.
20/05/1895 Reginald ‘.R.J.’ Mitchell (1895-1937) The Staffordshire- born engineer, was chief designer of the Submarine Spitfire. this ‘plane won the Battle of Britain, a victory he did not see, working until dying weeks before his death from cancer.
10/08/1895 The first London Promenade Concert took place, founded by Henry Wood and Robert Newman, and played by an orchestra of 80 in the Queen’s Hall.
04/10/1895 Deadpan hero of the silent screen Buster Keaton was born in Kansas. His parents were acrobats in vaudeville, and by the time he was three Buster was in on the act.
21/10/1895 The Republic of Formosa collapses as the Japanese forces invade.
22/12/1895 Wilhelm Roentgen made the first radiograph, or X-ray – of his wife’s hand.
06/04/1896 The opening ceremony of the first modern Olympic Games was held in Athens.
02/06/1896 Guglielmo Marconi applies for patent for his newest invention, the radio.
04/06/1896 Henry Ford took his first Ford automobile onto the roads of Detroit in America. Its success formed the Ford Motor Company.
17/08/1896 First pedestrian killed by a car was Mrs Bridget Driscoll, of Croydon. She froze in panic seeing the car coming towards her at travelling at 4mph.
12/12/1896 Italian born inventor Guglielmo Marconi gave the first public demonstration of a radio at Toynbee Hall, London.
03/02/1897 The Greco-Turkish War breaks out.
1897 23/12/1897. A man died at Warrenby Iron Works when a runaway engine collided with 5 laden bogies of slag, which he was just attaching to an another engine. The man died instantly.
11/08/1897 Enid Blyton, children’s author was born.
1898 200 people die of smallpox in Middlesbrough.
11/01/1898 H Gordon Selfridge, founder of the London Department Store was born in Ripon, Wisconsin. USA.
19/05/1898 William Gladstone, four times Liberal prime minister, died at Hawarden Castle in North Wales aged 88.
26/12/1898 Marie and Pierre Curie discovered radium carrying out work in nuclear physics.
21/01/1899 Opel manufactured its first automobile.
1899 Redcar and Coatham were amalgamated into one Urban District
17/05/1899 Queen Victoria laid the foundation stone of the Victoria and Albert Museum.
03/06/1899 Legendary England cricket captain WG Grace played his final test match against Australia at Trent Bridge at the age of 51.
29/07/1899 The first Hague Convention is signed.
13/08/1899 Alfred Hitchcock English film director was born. He made the first British sound film.
15/08/1899 Henry Ford leaves Edison to start automobile company.
29/09/1899 Sir Billy Butlin holiday camp pioneer was born.
15/11/1899 Winston Churchill was captured by the Boers while covering the war as a reporter for the Morning Post. He escaped a few weeks later.


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