Years 1910 to 1919

08/031910 The first pilot’s licences were granted. The Royal Aero Club granted number one to JTC Moore Brabazon (later Moore Brabazon of Tara).
18/05/1910 The Earth passed through the tail of Halley’s Comet.
1910 Sunday School Service held on the sands.
1910 Glass shelter built on site of Coatham Pier.
1910 Sheltered seating added to the Bandstand.
1910 ‘The Gem’ showed films in the evening but was the Assembly Rooms by day – 112 High Street.
13/08/1910 Death of Florence Nightingale, ‘The Lady With The Lamp’ during the Crimean War.
12/09/1910 Composer Gustav Mahler’s Symphony premiered in Munich with 1,028 musicians and singers. Last performance of one of his premieres, dying eight months later at the age of 50.
05/10/1910 Portugal became a Republic.
22/10/1910 American born Dr. Haley Crippen convicted at the Old Bailey of poisoning his wife Cora. Hanged (23/11) Pentonville Prison.
1910 Police Station and cells built in France Street.
03/03/1911 Jean Harlow (Harlean Carpenter), the platinum blonde actress, was born in Kansas City.
1911 The Coronation Year of King George V
1911 Bandstand Shelters built. 40,000 visitors during Whit Weekend.
16/07/1911 Fred Astaire’s dancing partner Ginger Rogers was born in Virginia Katherine Mc Math in Missouri. USA.
1911 Redcar & Coatham population 10,503.
1911 Cruck cottage. Known as Old Potts Cruck Cottage, and the last in Redcar to be demolished in 1911. It was an old fisherman’s cottage built in cruck house fashion, using an A frame usually shaped out of an oak tree. Stood around 118 High Street (and since replace by Solicitors Office. Cottage was recorded in reign of Henry V111 (1509 – 1547).
04/11/1911 Britain’s first escalators were introduced, connecting the District and Piccadilly platforms at Earl’s Court underground station in London.
1911 During this year of the Coronation George V in the August, 1,000 Middlesbrough children brought from Middlesbrough to Redcar (seaside) as a celebration.
12/11/1911 Delhii replaces Calcutta as the capital of India
23/11/1910 Dr Hawley Harvey Crippen. who poisoned his wife to seek a new life with his love Ethel Le Nerve, was hanged in Pentonville Prison.
14/12/2016 Roald Amundsen, Norwegian explorer, became the first man to reach the South Pole – 35 days ahead of Captain Scott.
1912 Railway built the wooden footbridge over West Dyke Crossing.
1912 2,500 Territorial Soldiers of Yorkshire & Durham Brigade marched through the town 29/7/1912.
15/04/1912 RMS Titanic made its ill-fated maiden voyage to New York with the vessel struck an iceberg and 1,517 people went down with the ship. Lights were still on and the band playing when she sank.
16/04/1912 American pilot Harriet Quimby became the first woman to fly across the English Channel solo in a time of 59 minutes.
08/05/1912 Paramount Pictures is founded.
20/08/1912 The death of William Booth, English founder of the Salvation Army.
12/09/1912 Washed up on Redcar beach east of Redcar Pier a whale. Cut up and buried.
29/12/1912 Captain Robert Falcon Scott died in Antarctica returning from his South Pole expedition to the South Pole.
10/11/1912 It was reported that owing to the price of a chimney sweep some residents of Redcar were deliberately lighting the soot up the flues of their homes causing the soot to catch fire and be emitted out of the chimney. Those on washing days were not to pleased, and some were asking for a by law to prevent same.
12/11/1912 The remains of English explorer Robert Scott and his companions were found in Antarctica. Bodies were buried in the ise beneath the tent and a wooden cross was set up and carved from poet Tennyson. “To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”
28/11/1912 Albania declares its independence from the Ottoman Empire.
30/11/1912 Sir Hugh Bell reported to have been Chairman of the Tees Conservancy Commission for 37 years
1912 11 local fishermen lost their lives during a storm off Redcar and Marske during Winter of 1912.
04/01/1913 Reported that the council had advised children could not go onto the bandstand unless with a parent. The children were also not allowed to make a playground of the bandstand. The Police were instructed to remove such children.
11/01/1913 Reported that to popularise the seaside resorts between Redcar, Saltburn to Bridlington it was decided by North Eastern Railways to offer return tickets to the towns at a single rate after 6pm in the evening.
1913 Palace of Varieties, a purpose built picture house was opened on the Esplanade.
18/01/1913 Reported that the newly erected King Edward VII memorial clock mechanism would be set in motion on the 19th hour on the 19th day. Rumoured whiskey and cake would be served at the ceremony. Built and erected by John Dobson. Weather vane made by Mr. Banks. Opening ceremony 29/01/13.
18/01/1813 Reported B.O. Davies elected President of the Redcar Liberal Association.
25/03/1913 New parish hall opened. Many thanks were given to the amateur builders who built the hall.
08/02/1913 Reported that the council would take over the running, repairing, winding, and lighting of the Memorial Clock.
08/02/1913 Reported in local newspaper under Local Churches by Ecclesiastical about that the throwing confetti at weddings was a stupid meaningless custom. It was impossible to sweep up, and made the churchyards and churches unsightly. Quote:- “The throwing of confetti has no historical origin, and is strictly modern. Rice can be cleaned up. Confetti makes its presence known for weeks”.
04/06/1913 Suffragette Emily Davison deliberately threw herself in front of King George V’s racehorse, during The Derby at Epsom Race course.
05/07/1913 Residents and visitors to Redcar became annoyed and had cause to complain to the authorities at the closure of the post office at 8pm. It would appear that at the time Post Offices in and around the area in the Summer closed at 10pm.
05/07/1913 A number of coke ovens were to be laid down at Warrenby by Messrs Walker Maynard & Co, for the manufacture of coke.
18/07/1914 Indian philosopher and national leader Gandhi left South Africa after successfully leading campaigns of passive resistance
29/07/1913 Reported that soldiers marched through town, believed territorial below.
02/08/1913 Territorial Army made camp just outside Redcar towards Marske 3,000 soldiers.
13/08/1913 First production in the Uk of stainless steel by Harry Brearley.
09/09/1913 The Wesleyan Methodist Church purchased the old Catholic Church in West Dyke. Church renovated, and opened .
06/09/1913 High seas reported to have washed away the ‘pierrot stand on 3 occasions.
18/09/1913 Death of a well known and liked Liberal person Mr Harry HUDSON. Died 13/09/1913
14/10/1913 Britain’s worst pip disaster took place at Senghenydd, Glamorgan when 439 died after an explosion.
01/11/1913 It was reported that a Mr Ike Owen late of the Union Jack Cafe, Redcar took over the management of the Queens Hotel, Redcar in November.
08/11/1913 A request was made to the Kirkleatham Estates for them to be asked if land could be leased or sold for an isolation hospital in Redcar, or land for an extension of the present hospital.
08/11/1913 It was reported to the council that the Coatham Graveyard was getting full and a maximum of 3 years left. It was suggested at least posing the question to amalgamate with Redcar
13/11/1913 First modern elastic brassiere patented by Mary Phelps Jacob
22/11/1913 It was known that the Cleveland Golf Club was proposing the building of a new Golf Club with a proposed cost of £3,000.
21/12/2013 The comic section of the ‘New York World’ carried the first crossword puzzle.
21/12/2013 The first crossword puzzle was published – in New York World, compiled by Liverpool-born Arthur Wynne.
15/01/1914 It was noted that a game of football on Redcar Racecourse, between Langbaurgh East Police and Langbaurgh West Police took place with the Langbaurgh East Police winning 4-1
15/01/2014 Cleveland Show arranged for 21/08/1914. In spite of drawbacks in previous years the seaside town of Redcar is acknowledged to be the greater draw, and went down popular amongst the show people and crowd attending.
07/02/1914 Water closet tenders invited for Red Lion Street and Cleveland Street.
28/02/1914 The inhabitants of West Dyke were practically unanimous in opposing a licenced premises in their area. The town of 12,00 people already had 16 public houses and several out-door beer licences.
29/02/1914 Public Auction of machinery and equipment at Saw Mills, Charles Street Redcar, and Builders Yard, back Turner Street. Sale date 28/03/1914.
22/03/1914 (11pm) A traffic accident occurred on the Promenade, Redcar, when a well known local person Mr. Frank Atkinson, of Picton House, Redcar, received fatal injuries. The side car of motorcycle which he was riding, came into contact with wheels that were used for carrying boats.
04/04/1914 (A blast from the past) The Matron Stead Hospital?) brought to the attention of the council that the following renovations required attention. White washing of the wards, bathroom, and landing. Playroom required dis tempering. Kitchen required painting. Nurses bedrooms required papering. 2 door mats replaced, and a rug for the nurses bedroom. A chair and form required repairing, and1 easy chair would be acceptable.
04/04/1914 The council accepted a tender of £9 from a Mr. H. C. Eves of Coatham in respect of laying manure, planting beds of flowers and shrubs. Generally for maintenance of a Triangular Enclosure. triangular park. (possibly ‘late to become known as ‘Titty Bottle Park’, opposite then the Bandstand?)
11/06/1914 A fine specimen of a white beaked dolphin washed up at Redcar. Taken to Dorman Museum.
20/06/1914 Redcar Town Band commenced playing on the Bandstand.
28/06/1914 Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria his wife Sophie are assassinated in Sarajevo, Bosnia, lighting the touch paper to the First World War’.
04/07/1914 Close to 2,00 poor children from Darlington visited Redcar.
11/07/1914 Hetton Motor Company applied for a char-a-banc license to ply for hire in Redcar. Not granted.
11/07/1914 Madame Elsie’s application for a clairvoyants tent on the sands. Not granted.
18/07/1914 A button hole Day (Funds collected for North Ormesby Hospital) was to be held on 19/07/1914, for those in North Ormesby Hospital. Organised by Mr & Mrs Cochrane, Norton House, Redcar.
04/08/1914 Great Britain declared war on Germany for violating the Treaty of London – and the First World War began
08/08/1914 Redcar Gas Company submitted to the council application for the installation of gas lamps along the Promenade. The gas would shine equal to 500 candle power, and cost the council 1d a lamp standard per night
08/08/1914 130 men of the town had left since war had broken out. It was with regret that it was found that excessive prices were being charged for goods from some dealers. Due to the war, the Pierrot’s Show on the sands closed early in the season/
22/08/1914 The council were informed that the River Tees was now under martial law. Restrictions were now in place, making passage up the river very difficult. Officers were now patrolling the river.
29/08/1914. The Admiralty drew the attention to local councils of the indiscriminate mining of the North Sea by Germany. As a result (not in this area two Danish steamers had been destroyed).
29/08/1914 Appeal made in Redcar to the residents for 500 pairs of socks, also blankets and shirts for the soldiers defending the breakwaters at the Tees entrance.
29/08/1914 It was reported that a Police Officer Ashworth threw himself at a runaway horses head. Although knocked down he kept hold of the horse. His actions saved a serious situation, as the horse was heading for the bandstand area of the seafront, where many people were congregated.
05/09/1914 Want a job. It was reported that 4 Boy Scouts were guarding the Redcar Water Works and reservoir engine house. Paid 10 shillings each, a week.
03/10/1914 The following communication from the Home Office was read out at a council meeting, that recent requests to have all coast lights extinguished were being ignored, and some can be seen 20 miles out. Compulsory orders would be issued if further ignored. Handed to the Police for further process. As a result this the manager of the Palace of Varieties wrote stating that he was losing money as a result of the order. The council reply was that of the original order, in that it must be complied with.
11/10/1914 A large Swordfish ( Xeptua Gladues) 10 feet long, washed up on Redcar beach by 2 boy Scouts. Dr. A. S. Robinson referred to it as being “an armed alien” which had wandered from its haunts. Past to Dorman Museum for preservation at museum. Speciment very rare. Last known record 1874.
19/10/2016 The first Battle of Ypres began.
27/10/1914 The birth of Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas
10/12/1914 Hollywood film star Dorothy Lamour was born Mary Dorothy Slaton in New Orleans.
19/12/1914 A Mrs. W.E. Ennis of Redcar High Street, was reported to have a letter of thanks for the collection throughout Redcar of grammar phones and records, for the troops at the South Gare, and 1st Redcar Troop of Boy Scouts.
1914 Convalescent Home billeted the 12th Battalion of the Green Howards.
1914 Warrenby Works of Dorman Long taken over by Government to make munitions.
1914 Redcar Racecourse meeting discontinued and the land used by 300 Army soldiers.
1914 German battleship shelled South Durham and North Yorkshire coast.
1914 Royal Navy Air Station built on Ramshaw’s Low Farm.
09/01/1915 The trawler ‘Lemburg’ which appeared to bring such bad luck to the district was re-floated Sunday, 3rd, January, 1914 off the Redcar Rocks.
04/02/1915 Slapstick film star and comedian Sir Norman Wisdom was born.
06/02/1915 It was reported that the fishermen have had a rather sad time lately, due to the lack of fish, and what catches were caught were expensive. Now fish was plentiful, and cheap.
08/02/1915 DW Griffith’s epic The Birth Of A Nation was released.
23/02/1915 French actress Sarah Bernhardt had her right leg amputated, but was back on stage by November.
27/02/1915 Monday, 29/02/1915 is to be the first meeting of the Chamber of Trade. It was reported that already 75 percent of the tradesman had joined, or notified their intention of becoming a member.
13/03/1915 A proportion of each fisherman’s catch this week in Redcar was put aside as a thank you offering for St. Peters Church new building fund.
20/03/1915 Captain J.W. Bell, from Alfred Street, Redcar was awarded Distinguished Service Cross for his services in commanding his steamship ‘Thordis’ 23/02/1915, when he rammed a German submarine in the English Channel. The submarine had previously attempted to sink his ship, when a torpedo aimed at the stern missed owing to the stern lifting out of the water on a wave. On trying to take up a new position the submarine was then rammed. The ‘Thordis’ with bow damage made immediately for Weymouth Harbour.
03/04/1915 Heavy seas damaged the Dundas Street slipway.
07/04/1915 Billie Holiday -“Lady Day” – said by some to be the greatest jazz singer of all time – was born in Baltimore as Eleanora Fagan.
10/04/1915 The landlord of the Royal Standard was fined £2 charged with having a man on his premises drunk. Stated that the man was not served whilst on his premises.
10/04/1915 The landlady of the Clarendon Hotel was fined £2 charged with having a man on her premises in a helpless condition. She stated that she would not have served him with a glass of rum in front of him had she known he was so drunk.
22/05/1915 The second Battle of Ypres began on the Western Front and Germany first used poison gas as a chemical weapon. An estimated 6,000 died within ten minutes.
1915 Royal Navy Air Station established Low Farm, Redcar.
08/05/1915 Northumbrian Hussars now stationed at Redcar.
08/05/1915. Proceedings to be taken against the noise and nuisance caused by people at 4 Rocket Terrace, and the Coatham Hotel.
15/05/1915 Announced that there would be no horse racing at Redcar over the Whit Bank holiday (Monday & Tuesday) due to the war crisis.
15/05/1915. The officer commanding the Tees Defences unable to comply with the councils request to have the amusements on the sands due to the emergency.
01/06/1915 Zeppelins carried out their first raid on London.
19/06/1915 Redcar Police received instructions that it should be acquainted to several shop keepers the Sunday Shop Trading ruling. That these traders must be closed on a Sunday.
11/07/1915 Magnificent Seven film star Yul Brynner born in Vladivostok
14/08/1915 Wounded soldiers of the war (18) arrived at Kirkleatham Hall from York for recuperation. The Hall was now being used full time for this purpose.
04/09/1915 The following figures were reported from The Railway Station re use of the train services. 1914 Booked Out 69,681 Booked arrived 116,149.
1915 Booked out 80,947. Booked arrived 151,1776.
13/09/1915 The process for making breakfast cereal flakes was patented by Fran Martin.
18/09/1915 It was reported that a Mr. C. S—- a tramp was found begging in Kirkleatham. Sent to prison for 1 month. The Bench expressed their opinion he ought to be fighting for his country. A man of 42 years was well able to work.
12/10/1915 Edith Cavell a British nurse was executed by German firing squad for being a spy.
20/11/1915 Sir Hugh Bell was re-elected as Chairman of the Tees Conservancy Commission.
12/12/1915 American singer and film star Frank Sinatra was born.
18/12/1915 A motor ambulance was presented to the local detachment of the Red Cross. It was purchased through generous donations from the citizens of Redcar.
1915 Promenade pavements extended to it’s present day width. Sea wall extended further along promenade.
08/01/1916 Mr. W. S . charged with causing four fires at Wilton, which might have been of use to the enemy. Fined 15/- (fifteen old shilling then = 75p now)
1916 According to the information available in the Redcar area, it was about now that as the case above shows, people were not recognising that lights illuminated on shore could be seen for miles, and useful to the enemy.
08/01/1916 The dwelling house known as London Cottage, Station Road was deemed by the Medical Officer to be unfit for human habitation. As a result the council prohibited the premises for use as a house.
12/02/1916 Messrs Dorman Long & Co purchased Redcar Iron Works. They intend to provide labour and material for the building of 6 furnaces during 1916. They also proposed to lay down a steel works plant, however this would mean
12/02/1916 North East Railway Company already purchased a large area of land (Marshes) close to proximity of Redcar Wharf, for purpose of deep-water berths to encourage still greater shipping in the Tees. Augured well for Redcar seaside town.
30/03/1916 PM Nine wounded soldiers arrived at Redcar and conveyed to Kirkleatham Red Cross Hospital in motor cars belonging to Miss Walton, Saltburn
01/04/1916 Notice served on the Coatham Hotel to abate the nuisance caused by insanitary refuse pit.
01/04/1916 Mr. Thomas Davis, of Ludlow House. Redcar, left estate valued at £11,531.8s.6d.
15/04/1916 One of Redcar’s oldest citizens (Mrs. Jane Preston) dies/interred during this week. The deceased was one of the first persons to travel by train on the Darlington to Redcar line. She also traveled by stagecoach from Leeds to Redcar.
22/04/1916 The council decided having received circular from the Board of Trade in respect of discovering those of military age who had evaded the National register. The dividing of the town into divisions and asking the special constables to co-operate with the civil police to canvas those concerned.
24/04/1916 A club room in Station Road was being provided by the Local Ladies Group for the benefit of troops. The club became popular so the Wesleyan School had now been placed at the disposal of the committee. It was estimated that 1,000 items of post were addressed daily by the troops.
06/05/1916 New lavatories at the bandstand, and urinals near the Swan Hotel were opened.
06/05/1916 Appearing before the court were between 18 and 20 people for Lighting offences after dusk. (black out due to war) Following the convictions, the bench desired it to be known, that they would seriously consider sending people to prison without the option of a fine in future.
14/05/1916 14/5/1916. On this date close to 10,000 people arrived at Redcar by train.
31/05/1916 The Battle of Jutland was fought in the North Sea.
08/08/1916 On this date a Zeppelin dropped bombs on the outskirts of Redcar, looking for the military camp. No deaths or injuries. The Zeppelin was brought down over Hartlepool.
18/08/1916 A heavy court was held at the Redcar Courts recently, with a total of 49 defendants appearing for varying offences such as, 22 for lighting after dusk offences. 1 Drunk and Disorderly. 5 motor car offences. 4 for striking matches after dusk on the Esplanade, and 1 for cruelty to a donkey.
03/09/1916 Captain William Leefe Robinson became the first pilot to shoot down a zeppelin airship crashing down in Cuffley, Hertfordshire. He was later awarded the VC.
09/09/1916 The council ordered for demolition 5 houses that were not fit for human habitation, repairs having not been carried out. They were 77, Lord Street, 5,7,8,9 Smith Street.
15/09/1916 Tanks went into battle for the first time for the British Army, in the Somme. Designed by Sir Ernest Swinton, they revolutionised battle strategy.
17/09/1916 First World War flying ace Manfred von Richthofen better know as th Red Baron won his first aerial battle near Cambrai, France. Credited with 80 kills before being shot down over the Somme, and died aged 25 years.
04/11/1916 It was reported that Warrenby Fever Hospital that a patient from Loftus had been admitted with Scarlet Fever.
18/11/1916 The first battle of the Somme ended.
30/02/1916 Rasputin influential Russian mystic who was a favourite of Nicholas and Alexandra was killed by a group of conservatives led by Prince Yusupov.
16/02/1917. Warrenby Works, Dorman Long produce first ingot cast 9th February.
03/03/1917 The council were petitioned by 17 council worker employees stating that they did not receive a living wage, compatible with the cost of living. It was decided to increase their wages to 2/6d per week (22pence approx now)
09/03/1917 Foreign intervention in the Russian Revolution begins as British troops land in Murmansk.
15/03/1917 Tsar Nicholas II of Russia abdicated.
01/04/1917 Heavy snowstorms in Redcar, and left snow 2 feet deep in Redcar. Gigantic drifts in the town brought it to a standstill. A special path was made for the Vicar of Redcar to get to his church but all in vain! No one attended the service. Troops in the town assisted in snow clearing with the residents who also did their bit, and showed gratitude to the Tommie’s by handing out cups of coffee, cocoa, tea, and other beverages.
14/04/1917 Children of Coatham School sent a supply of cigarettes to soldiers recuperating within hospital’s in the district.
28/04/1917 Dorman Long discussed at a conference at Middlesbrough the erection of houses for their workmen at Warrenby. One of the main issues was that a main road should run from East to West, and connecting up to the roads to Middlesbrough. (Possibly why Tod Point Road is like it was/is.)
05/05/1917 It was common knowledge that the Promenade was being treat like a store yard by the fisherman. As a result the council decided that only fishing boats be allowed on the Promenade.
09/06/1917 Complaints from allotment holders that seeds and crops were being damaged due to cattle and mules straying from racecourse due to broken fence.
23/06/1917 Rowdy scenes had place on the Esplanade, Redcar, when it was revealed at Guisborough Court that a male person Mr. W.G. was fined at the court. It would appear that a struggled had occurred when a detective constable found the defendant playing ‘pitch and toss’ for which he was fined 10/-, for assaulting the constable fined 30/-, and for damaging his clothing 15/-
04/07/1917 During a heavy thunder storm a resident of Lumley Road, escaped serious injury, when approaching her home a lightening strike hit the premises prior to her entry. The chimney stack was ripped open at the centre, dislodging half of the roof, bringing down interior ceilings. The fireplace downstairs in the sitting room was blown entirely out of the window. Debris was thrown 25 yards away by the force of the explosion which was felt by many local residents.
02/08/1917 Ship ‘ Teesdale’ owned by Ropners was hit by a torpedo in the North Seaton 02/08/1917. The crew of the stricken vessel took to the lifeboats, following the Captains vain attempts for help by way of firing 16 distress rockets with no response. The crew in the lifeboats eventually were seen off Redcar Pier and the Redcar Lifeboat launched in difficult seas. All 21 men from the Teesdale were brought ashore mainly due to the skill of the coxswain of the lifeboat and his men. The survivors were treat by a local doctor. All recovered.
04/08/1917 Allotments near to the (Racecourse) were voiced to the council who would make enquiries.
11/08/1917 On August Bank Holiday Monday 7,000 people traveled by train to Redcar. Large crowds on the beach and also at a Military Tournament on the Racecourse.
11/08/1917 Reported that there was a shortage of sugar in Redcar, which may have to be rationed. As a result sugar cards were later brought into use.
15/09/1917 Concern was growing about the amount of damage being caused in ‘Titty Bottle Park, through children ‘running wild’. Damage was also continually being caused to covered seats on the Bandstand.
22/09/1917 £25,000 to be spent immediately on mains water to Warrenby. Urgently required.
29/09/1917 Over recent weeks soldiers being treated (recuperating) were moved from Kirkleatham Hall to the Red Barnes. This would make it easier for them to walk and take advantage of the Promenade and sea walks.
13/10/1917 Redcar Food Committee distributed 25,000 boxes of butter from cold storage to relieve the shortage.
15/10/1917 Double agent Mata Hari was shot in Paris after being found guilty of passing on information to the Germans.
23/10/1917 Lenin calls for the October Revolution.
27/10/1917 Tribute to the late Lieut. Gordon Ridley and officers associated with him placed in St Peters Church, Redcar, a brass tablet. This was dedicated by the church.
06/12/1917 Finland declares independence from Russia.
07/11/1917 Russian Revolution when the Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir Lenin overthrew Russian Prime Minister Alexander Kerensky’s government and formed their own
15/12/1917 Troops (1,000) treated to a night of entertainment in the Palace Theatre, Redcar.
15/12/1917 Redcar Food Committee fixed prices for butter at 2/6d per pound following recent shortages. The committee also urged the Food Controller to fix maximum price for stock at auctions.
22/12/1917 Redcar to be rationed for food. New system of distributing tea, butter, margarine and bacon.
22/12/1917 Redcar Workingmen’s Club & Institute completely destroyed by fire. Police and soldiers prevent loss of life by rescuing trapped people.
26/12/1917 Two unknown vessels ran ashore at Redcar due to heavy winds and high seas. Later both re-floated. No damage to vessels and lifeboat not deployed.
31/12/1917 Charles C Duncan (originally named Sturgeon) hit mine off South Gare this date. All 6 lives on board lost.
31/12/1917 Sugar rationing introduced in the UK during World War 1.
1917 Dormanstown houses built, described as ‘Redcar’s Garden City’.
1918 Formation of Redcar Food Committee.
1918 Redcar Food Committee requested that the fishermen of Redcar caught more fish. The committee offered 12/6d for every stone caught.
16/02/1918 Anniversary (1st) of starting of Warrenby Steel Furnaces. People met to celebrate the occasion.
06/04/1918 Reported that 5,000 people visited Redcar on Easter Monday.
1918 Reported at a Middlesbrough Council Meeting (Pans Committee) that enquiries were now being put forward for a new Trunk Road, from Middlesbrough to Redcar.
21/04/1918 Manfred von Richthofen, the Red Baron, scourge of the First World War British fliers, was hot down in his red Fokker tri-plane and died.
17/08/1918 Redcar Food Committee decided that visitors to Redcar were not allowed to purchase cheese, jam, syrup, and ‘Nestle’s’ Milk, as the needs of residents could not be fully supplied
28/09/1918 Redcar Food Committee set the price of 3 shillings a gallon from 01/12/1918 until 30/04/1919
12/10/1918 A deputation from Warrenby Blast Furnace men met Redcar Food Committee for more meat, stating that they were unable to carry on a seven day working week unless meat was forthcoming. Request denied. At the time no household was to be supplied with no more than a quart of milk. (children first)
19/10/1918. Coatham Grammar School held their Speech Day in the Redcar Palace. It was reported that there were now 200 pupils attending the school.
11/11/1918 11 am. The end of World War 1 Ceasefire. 3,765
soldiers lost their lives from Teesside towns in this war.
14/11/1918 Czechoslovakia becomes a republic.
28/12/1918 Lloyd George’s coalition government was re-elected.
1919 Dormanstown Redcar Works Athletic Club formed this year. The meeting was held in a barn.
1919 Royal Navy Air Station closed.
1919 Shell case 6ft tall on display under the Town Clock’s arched base. Presented to the people of Redcar in recognition of war efforts.
01/02/1919 Russia adopts the Gregorian calendar.
05/01/1919 The Nazi Party was founded by Anton Drexler in Munich.
08/02/1919 Reported that the first liquor licence was issued to Mr Arthur Dorman (Messrs Dorman Long) for a public house to be erected in Dormanstown. It was felt by the Liquor Licencing Officers that the name of the liquor licence should be in the name of a head of Dorman Long Company. At the same time it was revealed that 800 new dwellings were going to be built in Dormanstown.
23/03/1919 In Milan, Italy, Benito Mussolini founds his Fascist political movement.
1919 29/03/1919. Reported that the Golf Clubhouse adjoining the Convalescent Home, Coatham was destroyed by fire. During the war the building housed by military personnel.
1919 It was reported that concern was growing in relation to the number of large wagonettes, traps, and people travelling by rail (males), coming to the town from the mining district of Cleveland and Eston, and Middlesbrough area. These people were using filthy language, and interfering with the respectable inhabitants of the town.
23/03/1919 In Italy, fascism became an organised political movement following the founding of Fasci di Combattimento by Benito Mussolini a month earlier.
12/04/1919 Reported that B.O. Davies was elected to represent the East Coatham ward.
19/04/1919. Reported that council met the Redcar Gas Co., and the Electric Power Co. to discuss lighting for the town.
19/04/1919 The International Labour Organization was founded.
1919 June 1919. Reported that the first steps taken to make Redcara separate Petty Sessional Division. To include area from Lazenby to Saltburn.
1919 Redcar Racecourse resumed meetings.
14/06/1919 Reported that on the first day of racing 53,000 tickets were collected at Railway Station during Tuesday & Wednesday of the races. This required in total 127 trains each 100 yards long.
17/06/1919 British actor Beryl Reed was born. Awarded MBE in 1985.
1919 Reported that concern was growing for the abuse in relation to the donkeys on the beach by some owners. A report had been sent to the inspectors. Offenders hopefully would be punished by heavy fines
05/07/1919 Reported that the council had served notice on the owners and occupiers of the Jolly Sailors Boarding House, and the London House, to abate nuisance arising from overcrowding.
18/07/1919 The Cenotaph in London Whitehall was unveiled. Designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens it would later do double duty for WW II .
09/08/1919 Reported that following numerous practice sessions Redcar Town Band gave their first performance. Well acknowledged.
11/08/1919 The constitution of the Weimar Republic was adopted.
1919 Reported that during the Summer of this year Police and Council were concerned over the increase of hawkers and travellers without the necessary permission. Other local people genuinely trading had to pay for a licence.
07/11/1919 Reported three fisherman returning from fishing got into difficulty on Saltscar Rocks. High running sea swamped the boat. One fisherman rescued, whilst two other fishermen were not recovered or found.
28/11/1919 First woman took her place in the House of Commons. Nancy Viscountess Astor.
30/12/1919 Lincoln’s Inn in London, England, admits its first female bar student.
1919 It was reported in Court Circulars the The Queen had received Miss Gertrude BELL, daughter of Sir Hugh BELL, assistant political officer @ Baghdad since 1917.
1919 Tank from WWI was given to the town and displayed at the East end of the High Street, before being sited at the junction of Lilac Grove, Later sold for scrap in 1940.

Chris Hansom February 1, 2013 1910-1919