Years 1920 to 1929

1920 The Tees Consevancy Act sees reclaimation of the Seal Sands, Teesmouth
24/02/1920 American born Nancy Astor became the first woman to speak in the House of Commons following her election as an MP two months earlier.
20/03/1920 Reported that B.O. Davies did not present a nomination for election to Redcar Urban District Council
24/03/1920 Reported that a proposal had been submitted to have Redcar, Coatham, Marske and Saltburn Gas Co to be taken over by Redcar UDC who would also supply gas for other purposes.
1920 Redcar’s first Post Office opened 38/40 High Street, Redcar.
20/08/1920 Cleveland Agricultural Show held at Redcar Racecourse
1920 War Memorial unveiled.
1920 Council purchase of land off West Dyke Road for council housing.
1920 Sketch before Redcar Council for proposed High School for Girls (212 pupils) with accommodation for some. (provisional approval)
29/05/1920 United Motor Services (Lowestoft) began running bus services from Redcar to Middlesbrough and Saltburn, with further destinations available.
05/09/1920 Hollywood comedy star Fatty Arbuckle was charged with murder. He was later cleared, but the accusation ended his career
07/10/1920 Oxford University admitted its first 100 women fro degrees.
08/11/1920 The well loved Rupert Bear made his first appearance in the Daily Express newspaper.
11/11/1920 King George V unveiled the Cenotaph in Whitehall
15/11/1920 The Free City of Danzig is established.
16/11/1920 Quanta Australia’s national airline is founded as Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Ltd.
16/11/1920 The Bolsheviks defeated the White Russians in the Crimea, ending Russia’s Civil War
04/12/1920 Five cases of Scarlet Fever admitted to the Fever Hospital, and six recovery patients had been discharged. A complaint regarding food in the hospital was made but not substantiated.
04/12/1920 The whole of the houses in Warrenby, belonging to Dorman Long were to be repaired forthwith, and work was already being carried in progress.
04/12/1920 It was known in Dormanstown that 98 houses of the new type were being built with76, already occupied. A further 100 were agreed at the with25 ready. West side of the village 15 houses were nearing completion, with another 35 to be erected.
18/12/1920 A sketch plan was placed before the council for a High Schools for Girls available for 212 girls. The contents of the plan got provisional approval.
08/01/1921 Report submitted to create Redcar a Municipal Borough. The clerk of the council was given permission to submit to His Majesty in Council, to grant a Charter of Incorporation creating the Urban District of Redcar a Borough.
29/01/1921 Mrs Margaret Isobel Emmans, 28 years met her death whilst assisting in the quick launch of the lifeboat Fifi and Charles.
21/01/1921 Chief Officer P.G. Power RN. in charge of Coatham and South Gare Coastguard Station, retied after 40 years service. Presented with a suitably inscribed walking cane. Served in China, Japan, and South East coast of Africa, and also took part in the prevention of slaves trade operations 1888/1889.
05/03/1921 Additional bore hole work to increase supply of water for Redcar carried out.
05/03/1921 Monthly death rate in Redcar 10.5 per 1,000, and the birth rate 28.9
17/03/1921 The first birth control clinic was set up in London by Dr Marie Stopes.
19/03/1921 H.M. The King sanctioned the appointment of The Marquess of Zetland, K T, Knight of Grace to the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem in England.
23/03/1921 Donald Campbell, who emulated his father, Sir Malcom, by breaking land and water-speed records, was born in Horley, Surrey.
09/04/1921. The Parish of Coatham disappears with the advent of the new financial year. Redcar & Coatham being merged into one Parish.
04/06/1921 It was reported that a person found playing games between the two piers, proceedings would be taken against them. This also included West of Coatham Pier.
11/06/1921 A new sewerage pipe was laid in Redcar Lane, which would have an effect of opening out land for new homes.
11/06/1921 It was reported that if Redcar became a Borough it was proposed to have a Council of 24. This would include 6 aldermen who could not but make for stability in the administration.
11/06/1921 Two popular dances were now being held in the Pier Ballroom on a Wednesday and Friday evenings 9pm. Music was supplied by Mr M. Bell, and popular artist from the Redcar area. The dance floor had been acknowledged by all dancing experts to be the most exquisite in the North.
07/07/1921 North Riding Yorkshire Education Committee forwarded a letter stating, that it was not going to proceed at present with the erection of a girls secondary school
09/07/1921 New premises for use by Redcar Urban District were officially opened for use. Afternoon tea was given for councilors and press on the lawns outside.
09/07/1921 In the July Edition of the Redcar Parish Magazine was an interesting article ?A Peep at Ancient Coatham?, by a local churchman. The writer traces Coatham back to 1119, and points out that important salt works existed on Coatham Marshes over 600 years ago, and that a church stood on the golf links in the 15th Century. He also refers to the charter granted by Henry III to the then Lord of the Manor in 1257, to hold a market and fair at Cotum. For many generations Coatham was the chief port of Cleveland, and ?Port offe Cotum? is mentioned as long ago as 1246 says the historical writer.
16/07/1921 An interesting cricket match at Redcar C.C. took place when the members of the local Police Force played Redcar Tradesmen. Police scored 100 runs. Redcar Tradesman 51.
23/07/1921 A large sports day was held for all the elementary schools of Redcar, Coatham, Warrenby, Dormanstown, and Yearby.
02/08/1921 Enrico Caruso, the great Italian tenor, died aged 48 from peritonitis.
05/08/1921 Redcar Rugby Football Club held its 1st Annual General Meeting, Friday, 5th August, 1921, in the Coatham Hotel.
06/08/1921 Marquess and Marchioness of Zetland celebrated their Golden Wedding. On 16/08/1921, the Marchioness celebrates her 77th birthday. Large celebrations at Marske Hall.
03/09/1921 A visit from the Sanger’s Circus and Menagerie in Redcar. The circus was celebrating its Centenary of existence.
17/09/1921 Number of employed in the district 1,000.
17/09/1921 Council decided laying a continuance of the sewer along Redcar Lane.
22/10/1921 Steel Plant at Warrenby Works of Messrs Dorman Long & Co, closed down.
29/10/1921 Works scheme introduced by council to combat unemployment. Decision to build a road from Sandy Lane through to Dormanstown, and then right to the boundary with the Eston Urban area. Further work agreed to the extension of the Promenade.
03/12/1921 How things change. It was reported that one player from the Redcar Rugby Club three quarters, actually walked from Guisborough to play in the game. Total of 6 miles.
03/12/1921 How things change. It was reported that one player from the Redcar Rugby Club three quarters, actually walked from Guisborough to play in the game. Total of 6 miles.
17/12/1921 Redcar population reaches 16,000.
24/12/1921 A well known Tradesman and respected person MR.W.G. Lennard, the confectioners of Redcar died 20/12/1921. President of the local Chamber of Trade, and a director of the Pier Company.
21/11/1921 Messrs Dorman Long agree with council for the extension of a water main from Dormanstown to Lazenby pumping station.
1921 Council complete first council housing Westfield Avenue.
1921 Redcar & Coatham population 16,401
1921 At the end of the WW1 to the Western end of the then golf course was constructed the Paisley Battery, being named after General Sir Charles Paisley. The battery was complete with a breech loading counter bombardment gun, which was used in WWII. Following the war the gun was removed.
1922-1923 First Mayor of Redcar: Councillor Benjamin Owen Davies.
1922 Redcar was incorporated as a Municipal Borough.
1922 Malcolm Campbell established the land speed record Saltburn Sands in a 350hp Sunbeam vehicle
1922 Town Guide states – 8 miles of golden sands, sand and pavement at same level
11/01/1922 Insulin was first used successfully in the treatment of diabetes.
14/01/1922 Crowded meeting at Pier Pavilion for establishment for market in the town. All full ratepayers admitted and overwhelmingly supported venture. B.O. Davies Chairman stated he would try his best to give ratepayers what they wanted.
02/02/1922 Author James Joyce published his masterpiece Ulysses.
11/03/1922 South Gare’s recent adverse weather had moved 20 of the 60ton blocks from the Gare into deeper water exposing the end of the Gare. Work to commence in summer to rectify.
14/03/1922 Redcar market held and a huge success.
13/05/1922 It was reported to the council that The King, and the Home Secretary, had approved the documentation for Redcar to become a Borough.
25/03/1922 Proposed that a Shopping Carnival be held in Redcar, and was given approval
13/05/1922 Redcar Works Band came 1st in a Bands Competition in Manchester, in which 65 bands competed. This now allows Redcar Works Band to compete in a higher class.
30/05/1922 The Lincoln Memorial is dedicated in Washington. D.C.
10/06/1922 The opening of the new Trunk Road took place, from the Redcar Racecourse to the boundary of the Eston U.D.
08/07/1922. Captain G.M. Cox of Norton, Malton, asked for permission to use a portion of the foreshore for short aviation flights. It was resolved by the council, subject to the Estate Agent concerned, that Captain Fox be informed that the council had no objection to part of the sands opposite the Coastguard Station being used. It was later reported that the flights were now part of Redcar’s entertainment, open on a daily basis in the Summer for 2 months. Proving popular with visitors.
08/07/1922 Redcar’s oldest resident was Rev. Dr. Hodgson 95th Birthday on 22/07/1922. He came to Redcar to reside 12 months previous following 43 years in the ministry at Wilton-le-Wear, County Durham.
1922 Cleveland Show held on the Racecourse. A record crowd of 4,000 attended the event.
27/08/1922 Paavo Nurmi of Finland ran a world record 3,000 metres in 8min.28.6 minutes in Sweden
09/09/1922 It was agreed to recommend to the College of Arms to modify to modify the proposed Grant of Arms by deleting the two centre portions, and the insertion in lieu thereof the emblems representing blast furnaces on either side, with a steel ingot between, and a ship between the ingot and the sea with fishes.
09/09/1922 Coatham Hotel requested how much they were prepared to pay to co-operate with the council in providing fire escapes from the upper floors of the Hotel. The hotel later refused to pay anything.
09/09/1922 Reported that Dormanstown was to get its first Post Office facility commencing 1st October, 1922.
09/09/1922 The council gave consideration to the Agent of Marquess of Zetland Regarding the sale of land for a proposed Coast Road from Granville Terrace to the council boundary on the East. The council could not give a pledge regarding the taking over of Green Lane as it was outside the council’s district. More information was requested.
07/10/1922 Marie Lloyd music hall entertainer, died aged 52, defying doctor’s orders not to go on stage when unwell.
18/10/1922 The British Broadcasting Company was officially formed.
22/10/1922 Dedication of memorial with a fully carved mural tablet, in St.Peters Church, Redcar, to those who paid the supreme sacrifice in WWI
21/10/1922 Clog days started this year. A clog day was a fund set up to provide footwear to the needy of the town. Fund raising was started.
24/10/1922 Last meeting of RUC held. Business of the Urban Council was officially concluded.
31/10/1922 Benito Mussolini is made Prime Minister of Italy.
04/11/1922 Redcar’s first Aldermen elected to the Aldermanic Bench were.
04/11/1922 The tomb of Tutankhamen was discovered by Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter.
09/11/1922 Most businesses in Redcar were closed on Thursday, 09/11/1922, to celebrate the formation of the new Redcar Borough, and the Inaugural Meeting of the Borough of Redcar, took place at the Palace Theatre, Redcar. The first mayor of the Borough was inaugurated Alderman B.O. Davies. A reception after the event was held in the Institute Hall. Flags and bunting were out all over the town, with children entertained at the pictures, with tea at their respective schools. The formal opening of the Trunk Road took place opened by the Chairman of the North Riding of Yorkshire County Council Sir Henry Berisford Pierse BART. Old people were given a treat on the evening in the Institute Hall. Other local events held throughout the week with the funds raised going to the Local Distress Fund. B.O. Davies was recognised by the Welsh people for his great generosity in giving to the Eisteddfods and other worthy causes. Presented with a silver salver by the Cleveland and South Durham Welsh Association.
11/11/1922 A screen was set up above Hinton’s Shop in the High Street, for the general election that was held on 16/11/1922. Sir Ged Park elected M.P. to serve area.
09/12/1922 New water main to be built in Moore Street for better protection of businesses in town.
09/12/1922 A petition from residents was received by the council from Dormanstown residents, for the provision of a new children’s school, to replace the present unsatisfactory temporary building.
09/12/1922 The County Council directed that no petrol pumps were to be built on highways without permission.
09/12/1922 Confusion had arisen in duplicate names for the streets register in the Borough. It was therefore decided that the postal addresses were to be as follows:-
09/12/1922 High Street, Redcar as High Street East, and High Street, Coatham, and High Street West.
1922 Portland Terrace as Portland Terrace East, Portland Terrace Coatham, Portland Terrace West.
1922 The High Street ornate fountain outside Potts Cottage knocked down by car. It was never rebuilt.
1922 Redcar Pier extended Pavilion to The Esplanade with a couple of novelty shops.
14/12/1922 John Reith was appointed general manager of the fledging BBC.
1922/1923 Redcar Ladies Choir formed.
1923 Municipal Buildings were housed in the combined ‘Seafield House’ and ‘Norton House’. Both large villas on Coatham Road.
1923 Redcar Racecourse Company presented a gold chain for the new Mayoress.
06/01/1923 Possible site for Pleasure Ground at Granville Terrace end of the town, being explored. Decision deferred for further consideration re how sand banks are laid out.
24/02/1923 Funeral of Mr. T.H. Callum 18/03/1923. Attendance was representative of every part of the community, which testified how he was held in high esteem. The present Mayor Ald.B.O. Davies, town councilors and public officials, representatives of Cleveland Golf Club, Redcar Cricket Club, Redcar Bowls Club, Redcar Rugby Club and many other sporting and social organisations attended.
24/02/1923 The Flying Scotsman locomotive began calling scheduled services between London and Scotland.
10/03/1923 Permission given for the Coatham Hotel to hold concerts during July, August, September during the hours 8pm to 10pm
26/03/1923 Leaders of public life in the town and members of the public met on the 26/03/1923, to pay tribute to the community by Mr Alfred Hick and his 44 years as Headmaster. Warm praise came from all walks of life in Redcar.
07/04/1923 The making of the following streets were completed apart from minor work:- Lawrence Street, Yeoman Terrace, Southampton Street, Fitzwilliam Street.
26/04/1923 The Duke of York weds Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon at Westminster Abbey.
28/04/1923 The first English FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium was staged. Bolton Wanderers defeated West Ham 2-0.
1923 05/05/1923. Council seal of approval on the conveyance of land on Redcar Lane for the purpose of recreation and cemetery extensions.
1923 05/05/1923. Letter received from the Yorkshire Automobile Club, asking for permission to use the sands between Redcar and Saltburn for their annual speed tests on 06/06/1923.
1923 The birth of the astronomer Patrick Moore
21/05/1923 On the Monday, the Whit Bank Holiday Weekend people thronged to Redcar, invading the beaches and town. It was also Redcar Races on the Monday.
02/06/1923 On this date 500 poor children from Middlesbrough were taken to Redcar for a day’s outing under the auspices of the Pearson Free Air Fund. Many civic dignitaries from Middlesbrough visited that party on the sands.
09/06/1923 A book was published re History of Local overnment in Redcar.
09/06/1923 A further 500 children from Middlesbrough, spent the day at Redcar complete with part on the sands under the auspices of the Pearson Free Air Fund.
30/06/1923 It was reported that Redcar was now promoting the Redcar Downs, in that there was now a lovely walk from Redcar to Marske through the old bridle ways and sand dunes. The downs had now been cut through to make the Redcar – Marske Trunk Road. The area along the dunes had now been flattened at the Seaward side of the rear dunes, The flat area was to be grassed, shrubs planted and seating installed. The walk over the weeks became very popular with people in their hundreds taking advantage of the new area. This also at the time encouraged the building of fine villas, bungalows etc.
1923 Population of Redcar 16,401. Population of old Redcar & Coatham showed little difference.
04/08/1923. The 1921 Census returns were made public and returned for Redcar a population of 8,243, and the population of Coatham 1,611. The average age of males was 29 and females 30. Number of females per 1000 males was 1,003. Number of married women under 45 per 1,000 females of all ages was 202. The occupation of males per 1,000 for classes peculiar to Redcar.
21/07/1923 Middlesbrough & District Motor Club used Yearby Bank for Hill Climbing Tests Competition. Best time was by a F.T. Dixon on a 9hp Harley Davidson covering the course in 29 seconds being equal to 77.14mph
21/07/1923 Middlesbrough Corporation Hackney Carriage Company inaugurated a new service from Stockton to Redcar, via Newport Road, Middlesbrough.
18/08/1923 Redcar residents gathered on The Promenade to celebrate Redcar’s first Carnival Night. Streamers, balloons, confetti, squeakers, paper hats, and all the necessary carnival requisites were in evidence. Dancing was to the Municipal Military Band on the roadway in front of the Bandstand until 10.30pm. residents and scores of holiday makers took part. 2nd event to be held 22/08/1923.
18/08/1923 It was reported that Redcar was one of the earliest lifeboat stations, and that the Zetland and the present lifeboat Fifi and Charles had saved 700 lives were amongst the interesting facts mentioned at a meeting held at Redcar on Monday 13/08/1923 to form the local ladies guild to assist in fund raising for lifeboat work. Mrs. A.O. Cochrane was elected President of the guild. A flag day in connection with the carnival and fancy dress parade, arranged by the town authorities for 22/08/1923 was agreed to. The lifeboat would also be taken from its station and paraded around the town, and afterwards launched.
26/08/1923 It was reported that 16,000 railway tickets into the town had been purchased for the carnival celebrations, along with residents, people in motor cars, motor cycles, char a banc and other modes of transport, there was a large crown. At times the crowds were so dense it was hard to move. The council expressed warm congratulations on the success of the event to everyone concerned, despite the inclement weather.
31/08/1923 The birth of comedian Larry Grayson, Generation Game’.
08/09/1923 Redcar Swimming Clubs 2nd Annual Water Carnival was held near to the pier, witnessed by a large crowd.
15/09/1923 It was stated by the North Riding of Yorkshire Education Committee, that the Sir William Turner Grammar School, Redcar, had the highest number of passes by any school in England, and also the greatest number of distinctions of any boys school.
15/09/1925. A number of schemes were scheduled by Redcar Town Council with a view to relieving unemployment. The schemes included a new gas main to Dormanstown. A new gas holder. Introduction of electric lighting. Widening of the Promenade. Extension of water and gas mains, and the construction of a Floral Hall. Steps to be taken to supply electric to all parts of the area.
28/09/1923 The Radio Times was first published.
27/10/1923 It was reported that on the 31/10/1923 Bostock & Wombles the world renown Zoo was to visit Redcar during a tour of the area. The exhibition was to be held on Lynas Field, New Road, Redcar.
03/11/1923 On this date the service of the deceased Doctor J.E. Stead was held at Redcar with many men of science, representatives of iron and steel, traders attending. It was requested that there should be no flowers and no mourning.
1923 Redcar Police Court also made a sympathetic reference to his death, stating that he had been a member of the North Riding of Yorkshire Magistrates since 1896. He was the 2nd senior member of the bench. He had taken a deep interest in all matters relating to the public good, and his death was greatly deplored.
17/11/1923 It was reported that Lady Zetland presented a youth W. Wilkinson of Redcar with the Royal Humane Society certificate for gallantry in saving the life of a mate who was in danger of drowning whilst bathing near the Pier on 29/08/1923.
22/12/1923 At the closing of this year it was also announced that work would commence immediately on the erection of a new Floral Hall in Redcar. It was to be built on the site of the old Coatham Pier. A grant from the Unemployment Committee, had already been passed for the work, which was expected to be completed by the Summer Season.
27/12/1923 On this date at 4 am in the morning people were alerted by a fire in the Drapery Sore of Mr & Mrs Roebuck, High Street, Redcar. The premises burnt fiercely and quickly, bringing the store into ruination. The premises and stock were completely gutted, and lost. The fire it was understood started in the upstairs sitting room. The premises and stock were insured.
29/12/1923 Redcar Parish Church paid out the yearly gifts of charity to the poor and needy. Over 60 people received gifts of money.
31/12/1923 The chimes of Big Ben were heard for the first time on the BBC. Became famous in WWII when they were heard on BBC World Service radio.
1923 The council offered to sell Guisborough Council slag at 7/6d per ton delivered over the councils private railway in Green Lane. The Town Clerk also offered cement kerb stones 4/- each, delivered by road, and ashes and other materials at 5/- per ton.
1923 Limited number of council houses built. New Housing Act encouraged builders by offering free sites with road, sewers, and drainage.
1923 Borough park opened.
1923 Redcar Cricket Club’s tea pavilion built.
1923 Royal Naval Air Station site finally cleared and the buildings demolished.
21/01/1924 Comedian and film star Benny Hill born Alfred Hawthorne Hill in Southampton.
26/01/1924 Saint Petersburg, Russia, is re-named Leningrad.
02/02/1924 Was this the first occasion a street Telephone Kiosk had been opened in Portland Street, available day and night. Calls to Redcar & Saltburn 2d. To Middlesbrough 4d. It was reported that calls could be made to other distant subscribers.
09/02/1924 The council voted for the postponement of the Redcar Pavilion due to financial commitments elsewhere.
09/02/1924 It was reported that the catches of fish had decreased due to the particular stormy weather over a long period of time.
23/02/1924 The death was reported of Surgeon Colonel T.W.S. Locke. J.P. at his residence ‘Whitburn’ Coatham, Redcar. 94 years old he was one of the oldest residents in Redcar, and arrived at Redcar following the Crimean War. He set up as a doctor and commenced his practice which lasted 50 years before retiring. He was held in great esteem and respect among everyone. He was also a County of Yorkshire Magistrate. Flags throughout the town were lower in respect. He was buried in Coatham churchyard on Saturday, 01/03/1924.
23/02/1924 Cleveland Dog Society met at the Station Hotel 16/02/1924, for the first occasion. The rules were in accordance with the Kennel Club and Ald B.O.Davies was made President.
15/03/1924 Three hard tennis courts approved for Zetland Park.
29/03/1924 It was resolved that the Yorkshire Hussars would give 28 evening concerts during the forthcoming Summer period.
03/04/1924. Guisborough Council to open Marske section of Coast Road.
12/04/1924 Right or wrong decision The council decided to abandon making that portion of the new Trunk Road, between West Dyke Road and the sea Coast Road, owing to the heavy cost.
12/04/1924 New hospital site chosen for Fever Hospital at the bottom of Redcar Lane. (that would be the southern end)
28/06/1924 On this day Redcar Zetland Park was officially opened by the Mayoress Mrs. B.O. Davies. Park contained, walks, gardens, bowling greens, hard and grass tennis courts. Lord Zetland had donated 6 acres for the park.
28/06/1924 Redcar 1st Carnival reported to have been a huge success. Pageant on the racecourse, amongst other activities.
19/07/1924 The 1st Annual Open show promoted by the Cleveland Dog Society was held at Redcar with 168 entries, and it was reported that the society had received encouraging support from the people in the area.
19/07/1924 Marquess of Zetland laid the foundation stone to St Peters Church. Building works to include new chancels, a lady chapel, and vestries.
09/08/1924 Redcar Carnival for next year cancelled due to lack of support owing to business obligations by committee.
30/08/1924 Redcar Magistrates gave power to Police to take immediate action against persons creating a noise when leaving dance halls in the town. Complaints that the halls were staying open until late hour, with shouting and brawling in the nearby streets.
09/09/1924 It was noted that exorbitant rents were being charged for properties in Redcar.
21/09/1924 Coinciding that as Summer Time ended, a gale blew up with considerable force lasting several houses. It caused large amounts of damage in Cleveland and on Teesside. Large numbers of people were awakened by windows breaking. Damage was caused to the wooden fence surrounding Zetland Park. A house in course of erection had its gable end blown down.
25/09/1924 Alderman B.O. Davies again chosen as Mayor for 3rd year.
13/10/1924 Ramsay MacDonald made his first election broadcast on the BBC on behalf of the Labour Party.
25/10/1924 Redcar Fishermans Distress Fund opened in 1919 was closed.
25/10/1924 The Government were prepared to make a grant of 75% of the interest and redemption charges on the cost of a proposed extension of Lord Street, to the present Promenade.
08/11/1924 The Masonic Hall in the High Street reported to have had built on it a further floor. The ground floor contained the reception and cloakrooms, the 1st floor the officers rooms and temple.
15/11/1924 An extension to the billiard room of the Redcar Institute, made room for two additional billiard tables, making the hall one of the finest in the North East. Opened by Hugh Bell, President of the Institute.
22/11/1924 Called to the Bar at various Inns of Court on 17/11/1924 was Mr.R. McClean, Town Clerk of Redcar. In 1922 was appointed Clerk to Redcar U.D. and it was largely through his efforts the town obtained its charter of incorporation in 1922.
22/11/1924 Lieut-Col Miles J Staplyton. Rt Worshipful Provincial Grand Master consecrated a lodge of Mark Masons, at the Masonic Hall, Redcar. Very Wor Bro J.M. Meek, Deputy Provincial Grand Master, was installed as first Master of the new lodge.
06/12/1924 The death was reported of Mr. Alfred Hich, 67 years, of ‘Cullingworth’, Queen Street, Redcar who was the Head master at the Wesleyan School, Redcar, and later when closed became the head of West Dyke School. He served 45 years in education, and was held in high esteem, with a public testimonial on his retirement.
13/12/1924 Redcar Town Council decided to undertake a large sewerage scheme for the Eastern end of the town, where a large number of houses were being built.
13/12/1924 Sea cars to be allowed next season, however steam roundabouts are to be banned from the sands.
13/12/1924 An application was granted to Mr W Dove to use an outbuilding at the rear of the Warrenby Hotel as a slaughter house for 12 months
19/12/1924 The last Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost was sold in London. Called “the best car in the world.”
20/12/1924 Zetland Club in the vicinity of Coatham Road opened by the Marquess of Zetland.
24/12/1924 Large new gas holder opened, Saturday 24/12/1924, on Corporation Road, and put immediately into operation.
27/12/1924 Death rates reported in Redcar up to the four weeks 20/12/1924 = 9.4. Birth rates over the same period was 17.2
1924 The introduction of electricity into the town.
1924 Foreshore rights purchase completed.
1925-1926 Mayor – Alderman William Wardman.
07/02/1925 Two cases of small pox reported in Dormanstown.
1925 Land purchased from Lord Zetland, subsequently new estate in Redcar opened. 350 houses for working classes.
10/04/1925 The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is first published in New York.
11/04/1925 Many council houses in Dormanstown nearing completion, and the council decided to sell them. Temporary sanction for another 150 free sites is to be applied for, and plans for 120 houses to be erected by private enterprise was passed.
15/04/1925 Council applies for more Police Officers, due to the increase in traffic in all parts of the town.
14/05/1925 It was on this date that prior to the commencement of the council meeting a Deed of 32 acres of land was handed over to the council. The land was to be laid out as a park in memory of Col. W.T.S. Locke.
14/05/1925 It was agreed that Redcar Borough Park could be supplied with hard tennis courts.
13/06/1925 Ralph Davison aged 11years, son of Councillor R.D. Davison of Saltburn was awarded a North Riding County Council scholarship at the Sir William Turner Grammar School. He was later on in life Chief Constable of Middlesbrough Police & Teesside Constabulary
13/06/1925 Borough Park Bowling Club was opened by Alderman B.O. Davies. It was remarked that the greens were the best in the district.
18/07/1925 The famous band of the Grenadier Guards was to visit Redcar for one week, commencing on 19/07/1925, and give 14 performances. The first was in Zetland Park.
23/07/1925 Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud became chair of the International Psychoanalytical Foundation.
25/07/1925 The Royal Irish Hussars Band was to play at Redcar on the 2nd,3rd, August, 1925 respectively, followed by the Seaforth Highland Band with pipers and dancers.
27/07/1925 It was decided to supply electrics to the Town Clock building and install lamps accordingly.
19/09/1925 The council decided to go ahead again with the Floral Hall. Later on 03/10/1925 deferred back again.
30/10/1925 It was reported that since the opening of the Redcar Literary Institute it had turned into a story of success on all fronts. Good work was being done by the institute in the town itself. Membership was up, and the billiard room also a success. The library had improved with a record number of books withdrawn.
24/10/1925 The Mayor Alderman B.O. Davies presided over his last meeting of the Redcar Town Council, and gave a resume’ of the Borough over the last 3 years.
30/10/1925 John Logie Baird creates Britain’s first television transmitter.
21/11/1925 Sir Hugh Bell, 81, years still Chairman of the Tees Conservancy Commission after 50 years service.
28/11/1925 What some people do. An unknown man paying 1d for his admission to Redcar Pier, later jumped over the railings and into the sea. A boat went to his rescue but the man was found to be dead. His clothes were the only means of identity, no money was found on him. It would appear to have paid his last penny for admission to the pier.
26/12/1925 The 1st Annual Dinner was held by the Redcar Branch (Men) of the British Legion in the Swan Hotel.
1925 It was reported that bus proprietors were not carrying out the regulations laid down by the council. The Town Clerk responded that should they be found not carrying out the regulations properly their licences would be refused on renewal.
1925 Amusement Park opened.
1925 War memorial unveiled.
1926-1928 Mayor – Alderman Walter Sacker Hill.
1926 General Strike declared with Teesside Industries at a standstill.
1926 Coatham Grammar School was elevated to the status of a public school, and renamed Coatham School. Previous called Sir William Turner’s School.
02/01/1926 It was reported that Redcar & District Cage Bird Society held one of its Cage Bird Shows if the Literary Institute and was a success with 60 entries.
09/01/1926 Sir Bertram Hornsby newly knighted. Governor of the National Bank of Egypt. Educated at Sir Wm. Turners Grammar School.
09/01/1926 Up to 500 children on 06/01/1926 were guests of the Unionist Club, Redcar, and Women’s Unionist Ass, at a New Year’s Eve Party, generously provided for the benefit of children from hard hit and unemployment families.
09/01/1926 Review of lifeboat during 1925, reported that 200 launches of lifeboats had taken place around our coasts saving 380 lives
1926 Coast Road, Redcar, was declared a main road by N.Y.C.C. The council also asked to pass a resolution to have the road from Kirkleatham Lane Bridge to the junction of Granville Terrace/Coast Road a main road.
16/01/1926 Total number of council houses built during 1925 to 1926 = 283
27/01/1926 John Logie Baird gave a public demonstration of television to members of the Royal Institution in London.
13/02/1926 Redcar Brewster Sessions reported 44 persons had been proceeded with during 1925 compared with 39 in 1924. Twenty two of the 44 above were from outside the area and non residents, with 6 being females.
13/02/1926 A scheme for two buses of M. Hall and 2 buses of United Automobile Services to ply for daily throughout the week between Zetland Park, and Dormanstown. This would make a seven and a half minute service during the busiest hours
13/02/1926 Member of council and Town Clerk instructed to see what steps could be taken to improve the appearance of the old lifeboat house on the Esplanade.
13/02/1926 The Sherwood Forrest Infantry Brigade and 54th West Riding and Staffordshire medium Brigade Artillery Camp to be held in Redcar in July.
13/02/1926 Letter from Lord Zetland offering 6,000 sq yards of land in South Terrace, Redcar, for car parking.
27/02/1926 It was recognised by the RNLI that the difficulties of launching the Redcar Lifeboat were paramount. The lifeboat had to be hauled down to the sea by the crew, and volunteers with a consequence that the time being lost on launching. As a result the R.N.L.I. provided a motor tractor that would be at the station in the near future.
13/03/1926 An act of kindness. The Deputy Mayor of Redcar, Alderman B.O. Davies performed an act of kindness by giving a defendant at his court, the amount required to renew his dog licence. The defendant stated that his dog licence was out of date, and could not afford a new licence for the dog which he was keeping for his little boy who was in hospital.
13/03/1926 It was agreed to the installation of steps from the Bandstand to Dundas Street Slipway, from the Promenade to the sands as quickly as possible
17/04/1826 There was a large attendance at St. Peter’s Church, Redcar when His Grace the Archbishop of York, consecrated the new extensions to the church. The new extensions will now mean that the church can hold 300 new worshipers.
17/04/1926. Following the disagreement of the removal of the WW1 tank from Redcar, the council approved the scrapping of the tank. It was agreed to sell the tank for scrap.
17/04/1926 It was agreed by the council that no public meetings would take place on The Stray, or Coatham Promenade.
14/05/1926 Comedy star Eric Morecambe was born.
(Morecambe & Wise)
22/05/1926 Amusement Park opened at Redcar with attractions including scenic railway, ride commonly know as figure eight, large ballroom to accommodate 2,00 people.
08/06/1926 Australian opera singer Dame Nellie Melba, gave her final stage performance at Covent Garden, singing Mimi in La Boheme.
12/06/1926 Reported no demand for apartments in Redcar this season. Boarding houses in the town showed much concern.
19/06/1926 New premises opened. Pavilion for Redcar Swimming Club.
10/07/1926 Land in front of South Terrace now used as car.
10/07/1926 Report that a there was a large increase of the electorate in the Esplanade Ward. Possible that there would be a future distribution of the ward.
17/07/1926 Sir Hugh Bell received a message of condolence from the King and Queen on the death of his daughter Gertrude Bell.
17/07/1926 Redcar War Memorial to be unveiled 16/10/1926 by Viscount Lascelles, and to be situated front of the Council Building (offices) Coatham Road, Redcar.
27/07/1926 The Coast Road, Redcar thronged with people and motor traffic when Saltburn speed trials took place.
31/07/1926 Sherwood Forrester Territorial?s numbering 2,000 arrived in Redcar for their camp. Brigade accompanied by 5 brass bands, 2 drum and fife, and a fine ram and wolfhound mascots.
31/07/1926 Decided by the council to include a lake for boating in Locke park.
03/08/1926 Electric traffic lights were installed at Piccadilly Circus, the first in Britain.
06/08/1926 American swimmer Gertrude Ederie became the first woman to swim the English Channel in 14hours 34minutes. This time beat the existing record held by a man by nearly 2 hours.
14/08/1926 Deputy Mayoress (Mrs. B.O. Davies) offered a water fountain to be placed in the corner of Locke Park, near the junction with Kirkleatham Street. This was accepted.
14/08/1926 High tides sprang up in Redcar due to a North Westerly gale, and the tide rose above the usual limits. Boats had to be taken from the sands, and the kiosks, and deck chairs were surrounded with sea water.
14/08/1926 Darlington Ragged School held outing to Redcar with 500 children on the beach. Donkey rides, boat trips, roundabout treats, plus two meals were all provided.
14/08/1926 Redcar Workingman’s Institute on 11/08/1926 opened their new premises in Redcar Lane. Spacious rooms consisting of billiard room bars, reading rooms, and stewards quarters. Electric lighting and heating also installed. Lord Zetland opened the building with a silver key. He also unveiled a stone commemorating the occasion. He was presented with a silver loving cup.
23/08/1926 Film heart throb Rudolph Valentino underwent surgery on a ruptured appendix, but died.
21/08/1926 The Marquis of Redcar purchased the Redcar War Tank and allotted a space near Zetland Park as its perpetual resting place. On 09/10/1926 it was lowered into its place by two large traction engines.
19/09/1926 Germany is admitted to the League of Nations.,
25/09/1936 Freedom of the Borough to Mr. A. B. Cochrane.
25/09/1926 Council received an application to form a bowling club at Borough Park. This was accepted.
02/10/1926 The next Mayor of Redcar would be Ald. S. Hill.
16/10/1926 Heavy seas battered Redcar, washing away the Redcar Swimming Club new premises.
18/10/1926 Bing Crosby mad his first commercial recording, I’ve Got The Girl.
07/11/1926 Redcar War Memorial completed and a dedication service took place.
18/11/1926 George Bernard Shaw refused to accept the Nobel Prize money of £7,000 awarded to him a year earlier. He said “I can forgive Nobel for inventing dynamite, but only a fiend in human form could have invented the Nobel Prize.”
1926 November. Messrs E. Upton opened a music shop in Queen Street, Redcar. Gramophones, records, wirelesses, cycles,, motor cycles, pianos, prams, some of the goods on show. Extended payments for customers were introduced for people who could not lay down the full payment.
03/12/1926 British crime writer Agatha Christie disappeared from her Surrey home. Discovered in a hotel in Harrogate under an assumed name, but no idea how she got there..
08/01/1927 Redcar boy overtaken by a swift incoming tide whilst playing on sands and a large wave took him by surprise. 2 men Christopher Alderson and Robert Snowden ran into the water and rescued the boy.
15/01/1927 Four bungalows completed for the NER Cottage Homes Ass, for OAPs. Situated near Zetland Park, the pensioners who reside in these cottages have to pay weekly sums to the association, and those whose circumstances warrant special consideration are permitted to reside in the homes for 1 shilling a week.
15/01/1927 Directors of the Pier Co. accepted a council offer of a 5 year lease of the Pavilion during the Summer season.
15/01/1927 15/01/1927. A letter received from the Imperial War Graves Committee, seeking permission for the erection of headstones on graves of members of the Armed Forces.who are buried in the cemetery. All the graves will be given headstones and proposed inscription will be approved.
15/05/1927 Between 250/300 people attended a ball in aid of the Redcar Tank Appeal. The tank had been saved from destruction. Captain Rooke was the first person to have the tank re-instated. He informed those present that he had received a painting depicting the tank in action, which was to be presented to Lord & Lady Zetland, who had unfortunately been advised not to travel. The painting was by Mr. J. Short of Redcar.
22/01/1927. Standing at 6feet 8inches tall Police Constable William Prood of the North-Yorkshire Constabulary station at Redcar was the second highest constable in England.
29/01 /1927 Work commenced on the making of Thrush Road.
04/02/1927 British driver Sir Malcolm Campbell broke the world land speed record in his car. Bluebird, with a speed of 174.88mph
05/02/1927 A connection with the old Stockton to Darlington Railway Line was severed this week by the death of Mr. John Metcalf, of Redcar on the 29/12/1926. He was with the exception 1 other person the oldest person (87years) locomotive driver in the world. He also drove the first steam locomotive along the coast line to Whitby, and drove the first train over the Crook to Tow Law line. For many years he drove the “Derwent” that now stands on Darlington Railway Station.
12/02/1927 The Redcar Licensing Bench again refused an application for Sunday Evening Performances in the town.
14/02/1927 Following a lapse of 7 years a large crown gathered in the High Street, Redcar, which was the scene of the meet for the Cleveland Hunt, which on previous occasions had met at locations outside the town. Horses, hounds and many foot followers were seen off and immediately made an early fox find on Ings Farm in a covert.
23/04/1927 Cardiff City became the first non-English side to win the FA Cup beating Arsenal 1-0 (own goal)
09/06/1927 James MacKinlay School was opened on this date.
11/06/1927 It was reported that in normal traffic conditions 44 buses per hour were recorded on normal time tables, went through the town. This doubled during the Summer months.
11/06/1927 Whit Monday, 60,000 people visited Redcar with motor bus traffic being the greatest seen. 3,000 people came by bus waiting until after midnight at Zetland Park to get buses back home. 12,000 people traveled from Middlesbrough to Redcar by train. 40 lost children. (all reclaimed)
11/06/1927 American aviator Charles Lindbergh awarded the American Distinguished Flying Cross, the first ever awarded. Record breaking flight crossing New York to Paris.
25/06/1927 Redcar making a gigantic effort to raise funds for the North Ormesby, Middlesbrough and Redcar Hospitals. Events of all sorts arranged for the following weeks involving participation from every one inside and outside the Borough.
02/07/1927 A full military funeral was held in Redcar for Captain. R. H. Hampton who died of his injuries received while at camp of his unit 107th Middlesbrough Corps of Royal Engineers. The coffin covered with the Union Jack on which laid his hat and belt was conveyed on a gun carriage, behind following was a military charger bearing the Captains sword and jack boots (reversed). He was buried in the Coatham graveyard and at the close of the internment three volleys were fired over his grave, and the last post sounded followed by reveille.
09/07/1927 A car driver from Sheffield, drove his car onto the beach and 5 yards into the sea with an incoming tide, when it became stuck up to its axles in the sand. 2 men and 2 women got to land without assistance. It took 30/40 people to pull the vehicle from the sea.
30/07/1927 Since last census 1,146 houses had been built in Redcar.
30/07/1927 30,000 people attended a motor cycle trials event on the sands between Redcar and Marske
30/07/1927 46th North Midland Corps of Signals, the first of Redcar’s Territorial visitors arrived by special train at Redcar Railway Station. 13 officers and 300 men.
06/08/1927 A letter of apology was sent to the Redcar Bench for the non-appearance of a Bradford man who had sent a postal order for 21 shillings which had to be used to pay expenses and if their was a balance that was to be put into the poor box. Charge with obstruction of the highway with a motor car he was find 10/6d, with 10/6d being put into the poor box.
06/08/1927 Enormous hospitality shown to the Dr Barnardo’s girls outing to Redcar. Fun and games were set out with free rides and free ice-cream. They were then given a tour of the Mayor’s parlour, with further fun at the Amusement Park. The outing concluded with a long sea ride by sea car.
27/08/1927 New launching tractor now on station for Redcar Lifeboat
10/09/1927 A milk seller retailing milk at two and a half pence a pint was convinced he can make a reasonable profit.
10/09/1927 Rates reduced in Redcar 8/6d to 7/4d in the pound for 6 months
30/09/1927 Babe Ruth hit his 60th home run of the season and with it a record that would stand for 34years.
06/11/1927 The first full length talking picture, The Jazz Singer, opened in New York. Al Jolson sang Toot Toot tootsie, Goodbye, Mammy and Blue Skies.
14/10/1927 The birth of film star, Roger Moore (007)
29/10/1927 Forty one blast furnaces reported to be working throughout Teesside.
21/11/1927 It was proposed that the charge for Winter games on the miniature golf course would be 2d, and on the 9 hole golf course 3d. The attendant would take 75 per cent of the takings with no other remuneration.
1927 Redcar Operatic Society performed ‘Pirates of Penzance’ in Arcadia Theatre in Wilton Street.
27/11/1927 Charges for Winter games on miniature golf course 2d. For nine hole course 3d. 75% of takings to attendant with no other remuneration.
28/11/1927 Steps built down to sands between the Bandstand and Dundas Slipway.
02/12/1927 Ford Model A went on sale as a successor to the Model T.
1928-1930 Mayor – Alderman William Metcalf.
1928 In this year the population of Redcar became 22,000
03/01/1928 Wreckage found on Redcar beach on Christmas Day was part of a sunken wreck. Part of the keel, and bottom timbers of a wooden vessel suggested initially that the sea had given up the wreckage of the Norwegian barque ‘BERGER’, which was swept onto the rocks 30 years previously. Subsequently, it was found that the wreckage was identified at that of the ketch ‘GRACE’, which went down off Redcar in a howling blizzard early November, 1923 with the loss of 2 lives.
27/03/1928 The Finance Committee of the council fixed the rate of pay for a refuse collector at 1s-1d per hour.
27/03/1928 Hearse Grove was changed to Stanley Grove.
19/04/1928 Deck chair attendants should be appointed from ex-service men, preferably those in receipt of disablement allowance.
27/05/1928 Floral Hall officially opened by Mayor Ald W.S. Hill.
02/06/1928 Mr. J. E. Batty elected Chairman of the Redcar School of Managers.
18/06/1928 Norwegian explorer Roland Amundsen disappeared along with a five-strong crew while on a rescue mission in the Artic.
30/06/1928 So much is true?At a founders day at Sir William Turners School the Rev F Hedley said, “Too much in these days were people disposed to rely upon the help of others, and got into the habit of thinking that the State or some other organisation was going to do all for them. As a result the old British spirit of self reliance was in danger.”
30/06/1928 Troops arrived for the Redcar Camp 4,000.
07/07/1928 Following a fatality of a tight rope walker in Redcar at the inquest of Rosa Elizabeth Carollina Nunn 20 years the inquest expressed an opinion that tight rope walkers when giving a performance they should have safety nets in place. This followed when the above fell 60feet to her death.
07/07/1928 The Royal National Lifeboat Institute presented with vellum signed by the Prince of Wales to the oldest lifeboat station maintained by the RNLI. Established in 1802 twenty years before the RNLI was founded and a record of over 200 lives saved from shipwrecks. A spectator Thomas Hood Picknett 83 years was the last serving member of the ‘Zetland’ crew. He became a lifeboat man at the age of 16 years.
29/071928. A new site was chosen for the Redcar Primitive Church, in Lilac Grove, near to the Zetland Park.
01/08/1928 The New Morris Minor was launched by Morris Motors Ltd. This car remained on the market until 1935 and cost £100.
25/08/1928 Princess Mary and Viscount Lascelles paid an unexpected visited to the Redcar Racecourse 18/08/1928.
19/09/1928 Most of the shops in Redcar closed on 17/09/1928 for a day, as a trip organised by the Redcar Chamber of Commerce went to Harrogate and Knaresborough for the day. This was following the August Bank Holiday when they were too busy catering for holidaymakers requirements.
13/10/1928. It was reported that Councilor Dr Robinson was taking a keen interest in the old lifeboat ‘Zetland’, and was endeavoring to locate a little museum in the old Lifeboat House.
10/11/1928 Hirohito was crowned Emperor of Japan. The Crown Prince, aged 27, had been regent for seven years before taking over from his sick father.
22/11/1928 The premiere performance of Ravell’s ‘Bolero’ takes place at.
01/12/1928 Councilor F Senior was reported to have invented a light motor driven roller for use on sports fields, and roads, which he had patented in 7 other countries. It was said the a boy could use it.
08/12/1928 Mayor of Redcar distributed 100 tons of coal to needy families in Redcar.
10/11/1928 Hirohito was crowned the Emperor of Japan, aged 27, had been regent for seven years before taking over from his sick father.
15/12/1928 An application was accepted by the council for Mr C Rea to open premises for fish frying in Tod Point Road, Redcar for 12 months.
15/12/1928 The foundation stone was laid for a new Baptist Church in Park Avenue, Redcar
25/12/1928 Olympic champion Johnny Weissmuller announced his retirement from amateur swimming taking up a career as an international film star with 12 movies as ‘Tarzan’.
29/12/1928 The Cleveland Fox Hounds meet started at the Swan Hotel Redcar, where large crowds of people were present.
04/01/1929 Australian cricketer Don Bradman made his first Test century playing against England in Melbourne.+
05/01/1929 Was this the way to do it? For having stolen a motor cycle from Redcar a youth appearing at the North Riding of Yorkshire Quarter Sessions was given 3 years Borstal Training
19/01/1929 It was reported that the Cleveland Miners were falling on hard times, and in view of the semi starvation Redcar Tradesmen organised functions to raise money for the miners, Many Redcar citizens offered help with help and gifts. The Miners Distress Fund was set up with the Mayor and Mayoress Patronages of the fund. Parcels of food, clothing etc gained momentum in the town with no expenditure being placed on the funds and the goods were transported administration free.
19/01/1929 A dedication service was held at the Redcar Wesleyan Chapel of a war memorial, stained glass window and porch.
19/01/1929 Large falls of snow were reported in and around the Borough.
26/01/1929 The tombstone of William Guy, in Redcar parish graveyard was renovated with monies placed in the collection box at the old Zetland Lifeboat House.
09/02/1929 The numbers of drunkenness during the last 12 months was 28 people and increase of 10. 21 of the 38 came from outside the area and were non-residential.
09/02/1929 Snow in and around the area of the Borough during the previous week had now reached 7 feet. The lake of Locke Park was frozen over with many ice skaters taking advantage.
11/02/1929 Kingdom of Italy and the Vatican sign the Lateran Treaty.
18/02/1929 The first Academy Awards were announced and earned a mention on page seven of the entertainment newspaper Variety. Janet Gaynor was named best actress for Street Angel, Sunrise and Seventh Heaven.
02/03/1929 A presentation was made to Mr. W. Davison a head teacher retiring after 50 years, 30 of which were at Zetland Council School. 300 boys and girls had gained scholarships throughout his association with the school. Councilor J.H. Batty school manager presented a cheque for a substantial sum to Mr. Davison.
09/03/1929 Ald B. O. Davies was elevated to the Aldermanic Bench of the North Riding County Council.
16/03/1929 The Redcar Wheelers later to be known as Redcar Cycling Club was formed with the first official run on Sunday 17/03/1929 meeting at the Town Clock, 9am prompt.
14/04/1929 The Monaco Grand Prix was first run – 78 laps around the narrow streets and harbour of Monte Carlo.
15/04/1929 J.M. Barrie donated the copyright of his hit play and novel Peter Pan to Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, London.
11/05/1929 Opening Ceremony of the Redcar Baptist Church.
15/06/1929 The council announced that they intended to introduce boating in Locke Park. The public would pay 6d per hour for each person. The following boats would be purchased.
17/06/1929 Film director Alfred Hitchcock’s movie ‘Blackmail’ premiered in London. First reel with the studio not equipped for sound. First part features only sound effects and music Dialogue introduced for second reel. The thriller is considered to be the first British talkie.sound.
11/07/1929 Redcar’s new beach walk was officially opened by the Marquis of Zetland. The mayor handed a knife to the Marquis, the latter handing a halfpenny to the Mayor, thus keeping up with tradition. 6,00 people were at the opening. The beach walk was illuminated on an evening.
13/07/1929 The council once again made it quite clear they were against Sunday opening of anything.
03/08/1929 The Stead Hospital was opened by Dowager Marchioness of Zetland. The building was given to the town by Mr Arnold Stead. 7 beds and equipment for emergencies was provided. The beauty in the outside grounds everyone remarked on. Redcar’s medical men offered their services free for the first year.
08/08/1929 The German airship Graf Zeppelin begins a round – the – world flight.
31/08/1929 St Peters Church celebrated its Centenary.
07/09/1929 Redcar Town Council announced that it was to carry out a big improvement programme in the town with the construction of an outdoor, and indoor separate bathing pools. A Boating Lake in front of the Coatham Convalescent Home. There was also to be built a sub way under the railway near to Redcar Halt Station.
21/09/1929 The recent Redcar New Walk and illuminated areas won praise from many visitors to the town
26/10/1929 Councilor J. E. Batty resigned from the office of Hon Secretary of Redcar Literary Institute after 35 years.
28/10/1929 Collapse of the New York Stock Exchange causing a world economic crisis.
29/10/1929 By a 3 to 1 majority Redcar rejected a proposal, that the Corporation should provided facilities for games and boating on Sundays. Total Electorate 8,612 only 1,060 voted with 791 Against 269 For.
21/11/1929 Second Aircraftman Robert Wilson, of Hanson Street, Redcar was killed in Scotland, when the two seater Hawker-Horsley aircraft he was piloting crashed in the sea during exercises. The deceased was brought home and buried in Redcar Cemetery.
09/11/1929 An overwhelming majority of the electorate decided in favour of joining Redcar and Marske in reorganisation of the county districts. In favour of joining Redcar with Redcar 815. In favour of joining Guisborough 97. Only 30% of the electorate voted.
11/09/1929 Hollywood film star Grace Kelly was born in Philadelphia.
23/11/1929 Sir Hugh Bell was re-elected to be Chairman of the Tees conservancy Committee of which he had been a member for over 50 years, and its Chairman for half of that period.
28/11/1929 Cleveland Hunt Fox Hounds meet at Redcar Promenade. Large crowds present.

Chris Hansom February 1, 2013 1920-1929