Years 1940 to 1949

08/01/1940 World War II: Britain introduces food rationing
16/02/1940 HMS Cossack rescued more than 300 British prisoners from the German Naval auxiliary ship Altmark in Norwegian waters.
01/03/1940 Vivien Leigh won Best Actress Oscar for her role as Scarlet O’Hara in Gone With The Wind.
06/05/1940 John Steinbeck is awarded the Pulizer Prize for his novel ‘Grapes of Wrath’.
14/05/1940 The Home Guard was formed by the British Secretary of State for War Anthony Eden, with him appealing for volunteers. Nearly 1.5 million signed up within a few months.
25/05/1940 Middlesbrough this date was the first industrial town to be bombed by Germany.
20/07/1940 California opens its first freeway, the Arroyo Seco Parkway.
20/07/1940 The first singles chart was published in the US Journal Billboard. No.1 was I’ll Never Smile Again by the Tommy Dorsey band, and vocal Frank Sinatra.
23/08/1940 The Blitz began as German bombers launched an all-night raid on London.
05/09/1940 Famous film star Raquel Welch was born.
15/10/1940 A 500lb bomb hit Broadcasting Houser, London, killing seven people. Bruce Belfrage was reading the news at the time and paused for only a second before continuing.
26/10/1940 The P-51 Mustang makes its maiden flight.
09/11/1940 Neville Chamberlain died just months after resigning as Britain’s war time prime minister.
11/11/1940 Willys-Overland launched the Jeep (so called from the initials GP, for general purpose car).
29/12/1940 German bombers dropped 10,000 bombs on London on one of the worse nights of the Blitz. Eight Wren churches and Guildhall were destroyed.
January 1941 Opened January 1941 RAF Middleton St George Airfield. Opened as a bomber Base for WWII. RAF’s 78 Squadron based during war.
05/01/1941 Amy Johnson, English aviator and first woman to fly solo from England to Australia in 1930. drowned in a mysterious accident over the Thames easturary.
1941 Sergeant George Frederick Dunn, Dormanstown awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal for gallantry, having flown 33 times over Germany as wireless operator, and rear gunner.
1941 This was the year when the ban on visiting seaside resorts was lifted, but the beaches were still out of bounds.
1941 Five months without news of their son 4th Officer T. L. Reid of Redcar, received a letter from him news that he was a P.O.W. in Bordeaux, France
11/01/1941 Air raid warnings etc may lead to unavoidable delays or delivery of newspapers. Those newspapers that have been ordered with the newsagent will be delivered or can be collected should this occur.
11/01/1941 Redcar Emergency Wartime Committee made arrangements for residents to go on the beach between the Pier and Coatham Enclosure to gather sea coal. Must have identity Cards stamped by Police
01/02/1941 Women’s Section of British Legion send parcel of clothing to H.Q. for persons made homeless as a result of bombing in London.
08/02/1941 Redcar A.T.C. expected to reach 200 members.
08/02/1941 W.V.S Redcar Branch given permission by Lord Zetland rent free for the duration of voluntary workers.
08/03/1941 Town Women’s Guild reported to have sent away over 900 garments to the minesweeper they have adopted.
12/03/1941 A cargo ship SS Politician ran aground on the Island of Eriskay with a hold filled with 24,000 cases of whisky. The ship from Liverpool and the islanders managed to hide 24,000 bottles. from Customs officers.
13/04/1941 World War II. German general Erwin Rommel attacks Tobruk.
19/04/1941. Easter at Redcar in peace-time was the official opening of the season along the North east Coast with thousands coming to the area for a holiday weekend. Happy days! There were a few this time visiting Redcar and Saltburn, but for the majority of folk in the district it was work as usual.
03/05/1941 Medical Officer of Health reported 19 cases of measles in Redcar area.
10/05/1941 Rudolf Hess, Hitler’s deputy, parachuted into Scotland in an effort to negotiate a peace settlement. but was arrested and imprisoned for the remainder of the war.
10/05/1941 The worst night of the London Blitz when the Houses of Parliament were damaged.
15/05/1941 Britain’s first jet-propelled aircraft, the ‘Gloster-Whittle E28/39’, flew for the first time.
20/05/1941 WWII Battle of Crete – German paratroopers invade Crete.
24/05/1941 Mr. Edward c. Baker of Redcar, retired on pension after 30 years as engineer to R.N.L.I. Worked various stations but mainly Tees Mouth Lifeboat. 12 year in R.N. as Chief Petty officer (engine room staff).
14/06/1941 Rise in the amount of pilfering from allotments. Police informed.
21/06/1941 Redcar reported to have collected in the month of April 1941, 47 tons of salvage
22/06/1941 Hitler’s German army began its invasion (Operation Barbarossa) of the Soviet Union.
05/07/1941 For the present NO action is being taken by the Redcar Corporation in respect to giving railings for scrap – reason, “outstanding loan charges in respect thereof.”
05/07/1941 Shortage of paper and has to be rationed. Newspapers only have 30% of they had pre-war.
12/07/1941 Popularity of Redcar Public Library growing and sees even more applications for membership. Additional shelving for books installed.
09/08/1941 Redcar Council reported that during June 1941 there was nearly one and a half million cubic feet of gas in the holder than the same period in 1940. It was all sold and more besides.
09/08/1941 RAF fighter pilot Douglas Bader was sho down and seized by German troops, who were surprised to discover his apparently fractured legs were both artificial.
16/08/1941 Redcar included in the registration for compulsory fire watching. Unlikely that it will have any impact on Redcar because the bulk of people are already doing it on a voluntary basis.
23/08/1941 Registration of Milk Scheme starts 1st Oct, 1941. Babies and expectant mothers seven and half pints per week. Children born between 01/01.1921 and 31/12/1935 three and half pints per week.
23/08/1941 W.V.S. Redcar reports over 600 members.
06/09/1941 Yellow Star of David badges became compulsory for all Jews living in Nazi Germany.
17/09/1941 The Government ordered potatoes be sold at just 1 old penny to encourage people to eat more of them. Potatoes were not rationed in WWII. Women’s Auxiliary Air Force often helped in harvesting them.
24/09/1941 A message from the Japanese Naval intelligence headquarters in Tokyo to the Japanese consul in Honolulu was intercepted by America. They required information of fleet in Pearl Harbour. It was deciphered one month later. The attack on Pearl Harbour occurred in December of the same year.
03/11/1941 Roy Plomley suggest an idea to BBC Desert Island Discs. This programme was first broadcast in January 1942.
07/01/1942 Redcar reported now to have 757 members of its W.V.S. Branch.
14/02/1942 At the Redcar Court Brewster Sessions if was reported that in Redcar area their were 25 fully licensed houses and 21 off-licensed houses.
11/04/1942. Borough Engineer to report on how best the famous lifeboat “Zetland” maybe best preserved.
02/05/1942 Redcar Police Inspector reported that during the last 6 months 88 cases against the black out regulations were committed, stating that fines were having no effect.
23/05/1942 Redcar Police requested to pay more attention to damage being caused to Air Raid Shelters following an Emergency Committee request.
23/05/1942 In order to protect the famous Redcar Lifeboat “Zetland” a blast wall has been authorised,
23/05/1942 Badges/plaques exchanged between adopted ship H.M.S. Skate and Redcar Borough Council.
23/05/1942 Redcar Medallions presented to Mayor & Mayoress at the end of office suspended until after the war owing to cost.
23/05/1942 Tightening up paper control with new Ministry order that bans wasteful letters, and only a quantity of paper that is reasonably required may be used for any document, leaflet, pamphlet, report, letter, or memorandum may be used
13/06/1942 Birthday Honours list – Marquis of Guisborough Made a K.G.
11/08/1942 Barnes Wallis patented the bouncing, which destroyed German dams in 1943.
24/10/1942 A special service of remembrance was held in Coatham Parish Church on Wednesday for the twelve Redcar people who lost their lives in the destruction of the Zetland Club.
24/10/1942 Thirty Redcar district schoolchildren have picked 48 tons of potatoes in two days.
14/11/1942 Redcar Magistrates granted permission to local picture houses to be open on Christmas Day from 2 p.m. – 11 p.m.
14/11/1942 The North Riding County Valuation Committee won their appeal against Redcar Corporation regarding the ratable occupation of the boating lake, New Pavilion, two shops and part of the foreshore.
26/11/1942 The makers of the film Casablanca took out $100,000 insurance policy in case Humphrey Bogart died before filming ended.
27/11/1942 French Navy at Toulon scuttled fleet to prevent Nazi capture.
07/12/1942 The Japanese attacked the US fleet in Pearl Harbour in Hawaii.
02/01/1943 Shortage of apples. Firm in Redcar to obtain special permit (railway priority) to have apples transported in.
09/01/1943 M.B.E, awarded to Chief Officer Harold Ingledew, Redcar for gallantry at sea with the Merchant Navy.
14/01/1943 American President Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill met in Casablanca Morocco, taking part in meetings to discuss the end of the Second World War.
16/01/1943 Mr. John Brown Smithson, Redcar awarded the M.B.E. for being engaged in important work (Smiths Dock) since outbreak of war.
06/03/1943 Red Army Day celebrations celebrated at the Palace Theatre when the Red Flag stood alongside the Union Jack. members of the services joined together.
20/03/1943. Pie Centres – National Chamber of Trade asked if it would be possible for the pie distribution to be effected through legitimate retailers rather than through local committees
20/03/1943 Flight Sgt George Dove D.F.M. of Redcar awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Medal.
04/04/1943 Redcar increased rates by 5d to 13s-5d.
23/04/1943 According to the “Daily Telegraph” Redcar had disappeared in a recent gale.
01/05/1943 Concern in Redcar over the loss of Ration Books. Over 50 applications for replacement books.
01/05/1943 Proposed bus shelters plane for Redcar would not be looked at until after the war.
01/05/1943 No extra buses on Middlesbrough to Redcar route due to staff shortages and shortage of vehicles.
03/05/1943 St. Peter’s Church celebrated 114th anniversary 1829-1943
27/05/1943 Birth of British singer, actress and television personality, Cilla Black
02/10/1943 Church service and parade for “Battle of Britain” Sunday.
00/12/1943 Recent investiture by the King to Flying Officer Donald Vincent Hibbert of Redcar received for gallantry and devotion to duty.
22/12/1943 Death of children’s author Beatrix Potter.
08/01/1944 Warrenby Labour Party entertained a party of 80 Warrenby children. Christmas festivities and Father Christmas.
22/01/1944 Influenza epidemic in district had reached its peak early part of last month. Six schools showing a few cases of chicken pox.
24/01/1944 Further 501 houses to be built on 42 1/2 acres of land in region of Bennison Cort. (12 houses to the acre.
04/03/1944 New premises for Redcar Boys Club “Burnhamthorpe” Coatham Road, Redcar.
11/03/1944 Miss Betty Maltby, Redcar Soprano professionally know as Jeanette Hall left Britain for concert tour of the troops in North Africa, Egypt and probably India.
18/03/1944 Reported in news that Redcar cannot run a bus service properly. Discussed in detail at Council meeting.
30/04/1944 First pre-fab homes went on show in London at the Tate Gallery. Seen as a solution to the country’s post war housing problems.
06/06/1944 Thousands of allied troops landed in Normandy beginning the D-Day landings offensive against the German army
06/05/1944 Ministry of fuel alarmed by the amount of fuel being used in the area. M.O.F. states need for economy savings to avoid curtailment of supplies.
06/04/1944 Recruits required for A.T.S. particularly drivers, cooks and assistant cooks, pay clerks, and orderlies Must be over 17 1/2years and under 18 years.
13/05/1944 Redcar’s Salute the soldier Campaign planned for town.
13/05/1944 Both British restaurant and packed meals service in Redcar have shown a trading profit.
13/05/1944 Coun. A. W. Caplin J.P.. was elected an Alderman.
17/06/1944 Vandalism caused in Redcar Cemetery
01/07/1944 Redcar was amongst the authorities supporting the proposed new Teesside Industrial Council.
01/07/1944 Sgt H. Morris of Redcar, awarded the Military Medal for gallantry in the Burma Campaign.
20/07/1944 An assassination attempt was made by a German staff officer, Count Claus Schenk von, at Rustenburg, East Prussia. He was summarily executed, as were 1,000 other people implicated in the plot.
22/07/1944 Chief Sanitary Inspector reported at present that 305 manholes had been baited with rat poison and that 715 rats had been poisoned to date.
22/07/1944 Twenty Six persons now waiting for allotment lan d in Redcar.
22/07/1944 Sale of gas continued to rise in May by 10 per cent more than last year at the same time.
22/07/1944 Mr. J.E. Mills retired Post Office worker form Redcar awarded Imperial Service Medal by the King.
22/07/1944 Redcar’s quota of evacuees from London 1,000 this being in addition to those already staying in the town privately.
22/07/1944 Major Leslie Petch, son of Mr. T. S. Petch, became Chairman of the Bench at Guisborough, and also appointed director of the Redcar Racecourse Company
22/07/1944 Coatham Parish Church Garden Fete held in the grounds of the Red Barnes attracted 300 people
20/07/1944 Adolf Hitler survived a third assassination attempt.
29/07/1944 Several hundred evacuees from London arrived in Redcar given official welcome at Redcar Station. Given a hot meal at the rest centres before going to their billets the next day.
05/08/1944 Redcar holidays at home seems to have attracted a lot of visitors.
07/08/1944 IBM creates the first programmable calculator, the Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator.
12/08/1944 Redcar rats campaign estimates that up to 1,500 rats killed.
29/08/1944 15,000 American troops liberated Paris, and marched down the Champs Elysees.
16/09/1944. Reported that an extra 59,000 adult volunteers throughout the country will be required to bring in the harvest of beet and potatoes.
17/09/1944 The British airborne invasion of Arnhem and Eindhoven in the Netherlands began as part of Operation Garden. The object was to secure a bridge over the River Rhine as part of an Allied invasion of Germany, but after a battle which lasted until September 27th, the attempt failed.
20/09/1944 Guy Gibson, British pilot and Victoria Cross winner, (Raid on German Dams), was later killed when his aircraft crashed in Holland on its way back to base.
30/09/1944 Built in 1800 at Sunderland, Redcar’s old “Zetland” lifeboat arrived in the town 142 years ago this week. She is still in pretty good state of preservation.
14/10/1944 Rommel the “Desert Fox” took cyanide tablets and died within minutes – before he could be arrested for his part in the plot to kill Hitler.
30/12/1944 Reported that 3,318 rats have been killed since campaign started.
1945 Redcar Topwn Council stated that 90 houses stood empty, These were given up by the War Department..
1945 Redcar Community Centre used John Emmerson Batty School as H.Q. if its new Community Centre.
06/01/1945 Rear number plates now to be displayed with a rea light following relaxation due to war.
10/03/1945 Grotto Bar at Coatham Hotel licence not granted by magistrates. Coatham Hotel to appeal. Later court rescinded embargo.
10/03/1945 King appointed Marquess of Zetland as Lord Lieutenant of the North Riding of Yorkshire.
17/03/1945 The Americans defeated the Japanese at the Battle of Iwo Jima.
30/03/1945 Start of the Easter weekend when nearly all the Boarding House and some Hotels well full to capacity. A Bumber crowd were urgedwhere possible to take care of barbed wire (WWII) still on the beach and in the sand.
00/04/1945 Rationing remained in force with cuts in meat, bacon, fats and soap on the cards and no extras likely for Christmas
15/04/1945 Art treasures looted by the Germans during WWII discovered in a mine in Austria. Among the paintings were paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo.[
21/04/1945 Council Entertainments and Publicity Committee accepted suggestion of Ministry of Food that the Redcar British Restaurant should close April 28th.
21/04/1945 Ivor Novello’s Pechance to Dream opened at the London Hippodrome with his new classic song We’ll Gather Lilacs. The show ran to 1,022 performances.
28/04/1945 When applications for reinstatement of establishment licences took place members of the council vent their feelings at the price of a cup of tea. Food enforcement officers investigated the matter and found that note more than 1/3d (one shiiling and three pence) was being asked for a jug of tea.
07/05/1945 Germany signed the unconditional surrender to the Allies in Rheims.
23/05/1945 Redcar Juvenile Court. 20 boys of
varying ages 8 – 11 years before the court on 8 charges of criminal damage.
03/06/1946 The first bikini bathing suit was unveiled in Paris.
14/07/1945 Reported that in Redcar 90 average dwelling houses standing empty.
17/05/1945 Warrant Officer Frank Walker, Sherwood Forrester’s of Redcar mentioned in dispatches and awarded the Oak Leaf.
17/05/1945 19/05/1945. Good turn out for Redcar’s Thanksgiving Day but rain spoilt the procession.
19/05/1945 Councillor speaks out regarding the damage to property along the Stray, having not received the co-operation of the public who appear not to be aware that it is their property others are causing damage to. Police informed.
07/06/1945 Benjamin Britten’s opera Peter Grimes was premiered at Sadler’s Wells, London.
16/06/1945 Growing concern by the Redcar Control Committee regarding the residents finding it difficult to obtain un-rationed foodstuffs owing to visitors standing in the same queues for their share.
16/06/1945 Redcar solicitor Sgt. J.A. Askew, R.A.F.V Redcar awarded B.E.M.. Mentioned in dispatches in June last year.
23/06/1945 Former Prisoners of War were entertained by Redcar British Legion to a social evening.
22/06/1945 Two British Restaurants close to Warrenby and Dormanstown due to losses.
30/06/1945 A native of Redcar, Pte. Robert S. Boagey awarded M.M.
16/07/1945 The first atomic bomb was exploded in New Mexico at the Jornada del Muerto desert.
26/07/1945 Clement Atlee’s post-war Labour government came to power with huge majority.
06/08/1945 The first atomic bomb codenamed Little Boy was dropped on Hiroshima from a B29 US Plane called Enola Gay.
25/08/1945 Flight Lieu Ernest James Pearson, of Redcar awarded the D.F.C.
1945 Redcar football team The Albion reached final of North Riding Junior Cup. Team beat Middlesbrough Crusaders 2-1. Played at Redcar Borough Park Redcar won 2-1 before a record crowd.
02/09/1945 Vietnam declares its independence forming the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.
10/09/1945 Vidkun Quisling, the “puppet” Premier of Norway during the second World War, was sentenced to death for collaboration with the Nazi and was executed on October 24
15/09/1945 Over 7 million shell or bomb parts were made at the Redcar Factory of Gerald Fleming Ltd, which closed down last weekend.
06/10/1945 Sub. Lieut. Cecil Golightly, R.N.V.R. of the aircraft carrier Indefatigable, awarded the D.S.C. Old boy and Captain of Coatham School, Redcar.
17/11/1945 Mine washed up on shoreline at Marske. Safely secured by H.M. Coastguard until arrival of Bomb Disposal Squad.
17/11/1945 Councilor J. S. Dixon installed as Mayor of the Borough of Redcar. Ceremony held at the New Pavillion, Redcar.
24/11/1945 Redcar still waiting for extra food from Ministry of Food seeking the same treatment as Newcastle and Tyne area (extra food granted). A huge petition and M.P’s requesting to press for reasonable treatment. It would appear the Minister at Ministry of Food cannot make his mind up as to whether Teesside is a heavy industrial area.
08/12/1945 Military Medal awarded to Corp. E. Hustwitt, Redcar, also mentioned in dispatches for his distinguished service at the beginning of the war in France. Took part in the invasion of Sicily, and Italy, D-Day. In last war served 2 years.
08/12/1945 White House School held their first annual party since the war in the Coatham Hotel at which there were over 200 scholars and pupils.
22/12/1945 Redcar 57th Cleveland Dog Show a huge success.
1946 In this year Corporal E Hustwitt of Redcar was awarded the Military Medal in recognition of his gallant and distinguished services in the field. Served in France, Sicily, and Italy and took part in D Day. He also served in the last two years of WW1.
1946 Redcar Rotary Club founded by a group of men when they met at Wilson’s café, Station Road, Redcar. Redcar Rotary Club was later given charter by Rotary International.
1946 ICI started building new complex on Wilton Site.
17/01/1946 The United Nations Council held its first session.
19/01/1946 Mr James Phelps, Warrenby celebrated his 93rd birthday this week.
20/02/1946 VERA actress Brenda Biethyn born in Ramsgate. Worked as a book-keeper before becoming a well know actress being nominated for Oscars for several of her roles.
02/03/1946 Ho Chi Minh is elected the President of North Vietnam.
19/01/1946 Red Lion Hotel, opens new dance floor (Lord Street Entrance) with new dance floor furnishing, fittings, lighting refurbishment. Dances Wednesday evenings.
February 1946 February 1946. 5 men lost their lives when the River Tees tug boat George Robinson, owned by Tees Towing Company, sank in the River Tees, this morning a few seconds after being involved in a collision with the s.s. Imperial Valley.
23/02/1946 Major J. A. Dooley, Green Howard’s, B.A.O.R. of Redcar, awarded the M.B. for gallant services in Europe.
05/03/1946 Winston Churchill coins the phrase ‘Iron Curtain’ in his speech at Westminster College, Missouri.
23/03/1946 Redcar Corporation report that there are 900 persons on the housing list.
23/03/1946 L.N.E.R informed Redcar Corporation that it hoped to arrange additional trains between Darlington and Saltburn in May.
23.03.1946 A branch of Redcar Public Library is being established at Dormanstown.
23/03/1946 Redcar and Thornaby Councils have objected to the use of the air raid siren for fire alarms
30/03/1946 Cleveland Show to be revived.
30/03/1946 The Coatham Hotel held the Stead Hospital 300 Ball dancing to Charles Amer and his band.
06/04/1946 A letter simply addressed Redcar, North Yorkshire has just been delivered – via New York.
07/04/1946 Syria’s independence from France officially recognised.
13/04/1946 A native of Redcar Mr. O. S. Franks elected Provost of Queens College, Oxford.
13/04/1946 One thousand people in Redcar waiting for houses reported the council.
18/05/1946 Government cut down brewing of beer by 15%. Barley to the extent of 148,000 tons made available to feed the starving people of Europe. Shortage of beer in Redcar licensed premises, and in fact throughout the area.
25/05/1946 Archbishop of York (the Most Rev Cyril Foster Garbett, D.D.) attended Coatham Parish Church to confirm 55, people.
25/05/1946 Dormanstown public library officially opened 24/05/1946 by Mayor (Councilor Dixon).
25/05/1946 Redcar Pierrots start on Victory Day for 13 weeks ending in September.
01/06/1946 Sign of the times when a Norwegian vessel arrives in the Tees with timber. First since the very early days of the war.
01/06/1946 Licence for a mobile canteen turned down. Application made by three ex-airmen. Later meeting revoked decision.
04/06/1946 Former army colonel Juan Peron became president of Argentina. Married Eva Duarte, (better known as Evita. Later Evita became a musical by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber.
22/06/1946 Mr. James Batty, Redcar, Senior Principal inspector for Inland Revenue receives C.B.E.
24/06/1946 Redcar fishermen used matches to guide a Dutch m/v in danger of grounding near Saltscar rocks ou to sea.
06/07/1946 Over 750 ex-service men attended county rally of British Legion. Civic welcome by the Mayor and Mayoress Councillor and Mrs. Dixon.
06/07/1946 400 Inhabitants of Redcar and over 300 electors of the borough met at public meeting to decide on a democratic manner whether cinemas should be open on a Sunday. Those qualified to vote in the hall showed that 212 were in favour of opening and 102 against.
13/07/1946 Reports of broken glass on Redcar beach reported to be 15/20 casualties every day.
08/06/1946 BBC part of programme from the race meeting at Redcar Racecourse broadcast live.
29/06/1946 Redcar stated by other papers to have received a deluge of water when it started to rain. Described as “A curtain of water.”
20/07/1946 Redcar Rugby Club given permission to use Coat of arms in President’s jewel.
20/07/1946 A recent vote at an open meeting regarding Sunday opening of Cinemas resulted in 102 Against 243 For
27/07/1946 Successful Cleveland Show 107th held after a break of seven years. 12,000 people attended.
27/07/1946 Redcar Rotary Club inaugurated nine months ago received its Charter.
03/08/1946 During a storm a lightening strike hit the electric power plant Low Farm, causing damage.
03/08/1946. I.C.I. made an application to build a bridge West Coatham Lane.
10/06/1946 Macedonian-born Sister Teresa Bojaxhiu, of Loret Sisters’ Convent, was on a train to Darjeeling when she said she heard the call of God directing her “to leave the convent and help the poor while living with them.” She became known as Mother Teresa and was known as the saint of the slums. She died in 1997 and this week was declared a saint by Pope Francis at a ceremony at the Vatican.
16/09/1946 Have a Go began on the Light Programme, with Wilfred Pickles and his wife Mabel (Mable at the table)
20/09/1946 The first CAnnes film festival opened.
05/10/1946 Sergeant J. Jones, of Redcar, Royal Artillery, Belgium 1939-1940 received the Belgian Croix-de-Guerre with bar, for courage and bravery in glorious battles leading to the liberation of Belgium. Issued by H.R.H. The Prince Regent of Belgium.
05/10/1946 Display of the Northern Lights visible a 10pm in Redcar.
05/10/1946 Newly sited steel works between Cleveland and Redcar Works to be called Lackenby Steel Works to perpetuate the name of the farm and houses swallowed up by the new project.
07/10/1946 Woman’s Hour was first broadcast, a daily programme of music, advice and entertainment for the home. The thriller serial Dick Barton, Special Agent, also started.
11/12/1946 The United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF, was established.
18/12/1946 Potato picking now covered by rules of employment in relation to hours worked per day. School children granted special permission to undertake work at 5 shillings a day and snacks included by farmer.
21/12/1946 A small fire at the Pier Pavilion, Redcar (due to open in January) was extinguished by the N.F.S. before any damage was done.
1947 Wilton Castle sold to ICI for use as an H.Q. administration centre for the company.
04/01/1947 Redcar Council protested to Ministry of Health about the reduction in supply of dustbins. Suggested that the dustbin lids lasted longer than the bins therefore manufacturers should be allowed to to supply bins without lids.
04/01/1947 Question of plane flights from Redcar sands and the possibility of running a model railway in the Borough are being considered.
04/01/1947 Cleveland Hunt Meet at Redcar on the sands. Large crowd in attendance.
25/01/1947 Al Capone, Chicago gang boss in the Prohibition era, died of a heart attack, days after suffering a stroke, aged 48.
01/02/1947 Redcar Town Council request for band to play on the pier.
08/02/1947 The Swedish 2,000 tons vessel “Mona” which ran aground on Salt Scar rocks, re-floated with the help of tugs. Ran aground in fog.
08/02/1947 Woman 46 years, Mrs Barry, appeared before Redcar Court for theft. 69 previous convictions for mainly drunkenness.
08/03/1947 Now takes eleven months to build a house, against three pre-war.
15/02/1947 Redcar Magistrates to her report from Inspecting Licensing Justices re the Majestic Cinema, Dormanstown, as to whether the cinema should be re-new or revoked.
22/03/1947 Agreement reached that a road be made along Thwaithes Lane, with Racecourse providing access road to racecourse
22/03/1947 Redcar has the distinction of having the largest penny weekly paper in England. Cleveland Standard.
22/03/1947 Hitler’s former yacht, “Grille,” sailed from Hartlepool for the Mediterranean on Saturday.
06/04/1947 Death of Henry Ford, American motor car manufacturer.
12/04/1947 Redcar contributed 2,000 garments to the victims of the floods at Selby.
12/04/1947 Redcar Rate increased by 2/6d bringing the General Rate from 15/2d up to 17/8d.
12/04/1942 Death of Alderman W. Wardman reported.
12/04/1947 Election of Ald. Mrs. I. Lonsdale to become a Freeman of the Borough of Redcar.
12/04/1947 Coun. J. T. Fletcher to the Aldermanic Bench.
19/04/1947 Resolved that Alderman Mrs. I. Lonsdale be made a Freeman of the Borough, in this the Silver Jubilee anniversary of the Redcar Charter.
28/04/1947 Rockets fired by Marske Coastguards to warn 4 masted schooner approaching dangerously close to the Scars off Redcar.
26/05/1947 Northern Council of Butchers Association held a conference at the Royal Hotel, High Street, Redcar. Butchers from Northumberland, Newcastle and Durham met to hear a deputation of Jews to state their case with regard to fresh meat and the Jewish religion.
03/05/1947 Mr. H. Morris of Redcar, received from the King the Military Medal he won for gallantry in Burma three years ago. accompanying the medal was a letter from his Majesty.
10/06/1947 Saab produced its first automobile.
25/06/1947 First version of Anne Frank’s diary was published in The Netherlands by her father, the only surviving member of the family following the war.
17/05/1947 Freedom of the Borough was conferred on Ald. Mrs. Lonsdale.
09/07/1947 Engagement of Princess Elizabeth and Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten officially announced.
14/08/1947 Pakistan gained independence from Britain.
20/09/1947 Coatham Convalescent Home to be sold.
27/09/1947 Police Constable in Redcar finds a newly born child (deceased) in the bottom of a pram wrapped up in towelling and brown paper.
11/10/1947 During the previous weekend coastguards at Redcar warned shipping about getting to close to the Redcar Rocks.
1947 Corporation Health Com. reported that the following foodstuffs had been voluntary surrender being unfit for human consumption. Meat 174lbs, Fish 383lbs, Misc Packet Foods 269 packets, Misc Canned Food 325 tins.
08/11/1947 Mrs. Shillito 93 years, mother of Coun Sydney Shillito will attend the New Pavilion, Redcar, where her son will be made Mayor of Redcar Borough Council.
13/11/1947 The Soviet Union completes development of the AK-47 on of the first proper assault rifles.
06/12/1947 The Golden Wedding of Mr and Mrs Henry Shieldon, Redcar. Both members of the business of Shieldon’s Plumbers in Lord Street, Redcar which is 100 years old.
1948 1948 Timeline The Windsor Ballroom in Redcar played host to the Annual hairdressing competition of the Teesside Coordinating Committee of the National Hairdressers’ Federation.
1948 1948 Industrial development on Teesside made it absolutely necessary’ that work on a school in Redcar get started, heard the North Riding Education Department. Redcar Girl’s Grammar School should start in 1949. Due to increase in birth rate.
14/02/1948 Alderman Mrs I. Lonsdale to retire at the end of her term of office. She presented shrubs to the council for placing in the roundabouts entering the town.
10/03/1948 Arrangements made for purchase of sweets for provision to children attending Redcar Immunisation Centre. The custom is adopted in other council areas.
10/03/1948 M O H contacted in relation to100% increase in costs and maintenance re burial at Redcar Cemetery.
28/03/1948 Mr. Charles Amer, a director of Coatham Hydro Ltd, and well known band leader in the are, realised a life-long ambition when he purchased Normanby Hall (built 1840) and 80 acres of grounds
16/04/1948 For the first time Cleveland Hunt Point-to-Point held on Redcar Racecourse for first time.
16/04/1948 Borough Librarian reported that 720 applications were accepted in February, 343 postal applications had been made for books overdue, 184 new books were added, and 687 withdrawn. Total number of books issued during March 24,963. and increase of 3,786 during same period 1947.
23/04/1948 Steel Confederation Conference held at Redcar in the Coatham Hotel a.m. and pm. followed by a smoking concert held in the Swan Hotel on the evening.
01/05/1948 Large crate of food arrived John Batty School, Redcar, from the pupils of Watertool Primary School, Wellington New Zealand. Tinned food, cooking fat, soap, soap flakes. Distributed among the school children.
21/05/1948 Record Whitsun Crowds at Redcar, and on the Tuesday the Princess Royal, attended the horse racing at Redcar Racecourse.
21/05/1948 Council decided to make representations to the Minister of Town and Country Planning for permission to proceed with the compulsory purchase of the Coatham Convalescent Home.
21/05/1948 Letter from Head Postmaster stating that it was not possible to accede to the Council’s request for a sub pots office at Redcar East end of the town.
25/06/1948 Saltburn & Marske Council consider boundary changes. Opposition to merger with Redcar.
25/06/1948 The Berlin airlift begins.
02/07/1948 Paul’s International Circus visited Redcar on West Dyke Fair Fields. A success.
05/07/1948 Labour Government introduced the National Health Service. Supplied free medical treatment and free prescriptions for glasses, teeth and wigs.
16/07/1948 Attempted Robbery at the Pier Ballroom. Safe removed, and attempts made to open failed. No contents stolen from safe or inside premises.
20/07/1948 Dormanstown Kirkleatham Estates hold their 1st Carnival organised by Dormanstown and Kirkleatham Communities Association.
20/07/1948 Bishop of Whitby held a untied service on Redcar Sands.
23/07/1948 12,000, Visitors attended the Cleveland 109th Agricultural Show, with thousands of enteries.
27/07/1948 BBC Radio “Beside the Seaside” recorded from Redcar Pavilion, and also from Saltburn.
27/07/1948 Large crowds watched Middlesbrough District Motor Club Special Trials on Redcar Sands, with people coming from all ove the U.K.
06/08/1948 2nd Donkey Derby held by Redcar British Legion. Good crowd saw well known jockey D. Buckle thrown off his mount twice and getting back on to win race.
06/08/1948 Patients (33 men) from the St. John of God Hospital, Scorton, Richmond, returned back to their hospital following 2 weeks re-cuperation in Redcar.
06/08/1948 Mayor and Mayoress Mrs. N. Atherton, opened new Cleveland Golf Club, Redcar.
06/08/1948 Town Clerk was requested to investigate and report on derlict houses in Tod Point Road, Warrenby.
14/08/1948 Donald Bradman played his last innings at The Oval. After a standing ovation, he was bowled for a duck.
18/08/1948 Lester Piggotr, at just 12 years rode his first winner on only his seventh ride.
20/08/1948 Bus crashed down embankment at Warrenby Bridge.
15/09/1948 The F-86 Sabre sets the world aircraft speed record at 671 miles per hour.
17/11/1948 Britain’s House of Commons voted to nationalise the steel industry. The Labour Government was determined to nationalise steel, but the Conservatives partly opposed it.
19/11/1948 The Redcar and District Chrysanthemum Society held their fourth annual show, at the Pier Pavilion. Without doubt the best show ever held in the area. 260 entries, a record for the Society.
28/11/1048 Edwin Land’s first Polaroid camera went on sale in Boston, USA, (1963 colour camera.)
03/12/1948 Redcar & District members of the Scots Society gathered at Wilson Cafe, Redcar, on Saturday, to celebrate St. Andrews Day.
17/12/1948 Letter from RNLI was submitted to council suggesting that the derelict house in Moore Street should be added to the existing Lifeboat, and used for re-housing the old Zetland Lifeboat.
24/12/1948 Mayor Coun S. G. Shillito performed the opening ceremony, unlocking the door of the new British Legion Club, Legion House, Coatham Road, considered to be the “finest little club of its type in the North Riding.”
1949 Two 700 giant ore unloaders were pictured relieving the ship Polyana of it cargo of ore. Meant that 10 men could clear the ship in to time it previously took 40 men.
07/01/1949 Cleveland Agricultural Ball was held at the Swan Hotel with over 350 persons attending.
07/01/1949 Yes you will not believe it, but true Redcar had a shortage of soap.
14/01/1949 Coun. John Dixon was elected an Alderman of the Borough, filling the vacancy caused by the resignation of Ald. Mrs Lonsdale.
14/01/1949 Mr James Phelps of Broadway West, Dormanstown, celebrated his 96th birthday, and is believed to be the oldest resident in Cleveland.
04/02/1949 Redcar Master Builders held a dance in the Coatham Ballroom with over 380 attending.
13/02/1949 Allied planes began bombing Dresden, East Germany. More than 25,000 people were said to have died. 3,900 tons of bombs and incendiary devices were dropped on the city during these raids
18/02/1949 Army Cadet Force, Redcar, in need of recruits.
01/03/1949 Joe Louis, US world heavyweight boxing champion known as the Brown Bomber, retired aged 35, after a record 25 successful defences of his title.
11/03/1949 Licences for all public houses raised to read 10pm to 10.30pm in the Summer.
18/03/1949 Redcar Council may buy Kirkleatham Hall as Newcastle Breweries Ltd approach council to make the Hall a Hotel.
18/03/1949 Revealed that 347 ration books had gone astray in the past 7 months, with only 82 being recovered with people getting rations that they were not entitled to.
18/03/1949 Enquires with boat building firm in Keswick for new pleasure boats at Locke Park. Informed that the ban had not been lifted regarding the building of pleasure boats by the Admiralty. (presumably since the war years)
18/03/1949 Letter submitted to Council By Redcar District Amateur Operatic Soc to have stage trapdoor fitted as this was necessary for their forthcoming production.
18/03/1949 Chief Sanitary Insp. reported that 103lb of meat, 96lb of fish and 11 tins of miscellaneous canned foods had been condemned as unfit for human consumption due to putrefaction.
18/03/1949 Application from Open-air Mission Elijah Logan to hold religious services on the foreshore was granted subject to no microphone or loudspeakers equipment being used on the site
18/03/1949 Application for permission to hold motor racing on foreshore July 2nd not granted. asked to apply for alternative date.?
18/03/1949 Reported the average consumption of Water weekending February 14th and the corresponding week of (1948). Cleveland, 274,000 gallons. Cleveland 226,000 Gallons. REDCAR 219,000 Gallons. REDCAR 308,000 Gallons. Tees Valley 205,000 Gallons. Tees Valley 160,000 Gallons.
25/03/1949 Redcar Rate Payers will have to pay 1s.10d in the pound more in mates in the forthcoming year, Council to levy a rate of 18s payable in two instalments of 9s each as compared to the present rate of 16s.2d
08/04/1949 Redcar soap shortage blamed on the influx of extra workers into the area.
08/04/1949 New Pavilion refurbished with alternative lighting and decoration.
08/04/1949 New extension for library. Extension consisting of renovated hut at rear.
22/04/1949 Herbert Sutcliffe, former Yorkshire and England cricketer, spoke at Redcar Cricket Club dinner, held at the Swan Hotel.
06/05/1949 Not soap but bricks. Reported that there was a shortage of bricks in Redcar.
06/05/1949 Letter received by council signed by 21 residents complaining about the smoke and soot discharged from the Cleveland Laundry chimney. Further investigations by Chief Sanitary Inspector.
20/05/1949 Redcar Works Silver Prize Band will compete in the area band competition for the first time since before the war.
17/06/1949 Dormanstown School wins both Senior Shields at the Redcar Schools Annual Athletic Sports Day. 12 schools entered.
17/06/1949 United Automobile Service requested by Guisborough Council to provide a half-hourly service to Redcar. They stated that they ran such a service through the summer months and Saturdays, but several members wanted the half-hourly every day where practicable.
01/07/1949 Stated as being an hectic day for the beach patrol on Redcar sands.1949
01/07/1949 Borough engineer was requested to carry out work painting the old Zetland Boathouse, and was decided forthwith for removal of the white paint from the windows and doors of the premises.
08/07/1949 Kirkleatham Estate sold.
08/07/1949 Vessel believed to have been Oceanic 100 tons fired a distress signal believed drifting down coast. Vessel located as a result of Hartlepool boat following vessel down coast to Whitby. Tugs standing by at Whitby.
15/07/1949 Warning given to Redcar people not to buy ice-cream from vendors coming into town.
21/07/1949 The Unite States ratifies the North Atlantic Treaty.
1949 Eston Beacon demolished
1949 ICI major advance at Wilton. A third cracker unit is on site and on-line. Now capable of handling 250,000 tons of feed stock per ethylene capacity 60%annum. Olefine capacity of high purity 110,000 tons a year produced.
29/07/1949 29/07/1949. Borough Engineer reported that up to 7th, July, 1949 that 250 houses had been completed, under construction 104, and approved but not started 36.
29/07/1949 A sketch layout providing for 260 houses was submitted foer approval. These houses would be built south of Brooksbank Avenue.
29/07/1949 A draft standing order providing for the press to be admitted to council meeting was put forwarded and recommended to the Council to make such an order.
29/07/1949 Old Zetland Lifeboat house, Esplanade the committee recommended that the RNLI be requested to co-operate with the Council regarding supervision of the building.
29/07/1949 The “Redcar Follies of 1949” attracted full houses to the New Pavilion, proving that they are to be one of the best companies to have appeared there.
29/07/1949 Sparks from a passing train set fire to a N.A.F.F.I, marquee at Zetland Camp, Marske. Blaze extinguished immediately. No other damage.
05/08/1949 10,000 people attended the 110th Cleveland Agricultural Show at Redcar Racecourse. Wind ripped roof of show field Marquee.
05/08/1949 Six people helped to save the life of a girl aged 7 when she fell into a hole near the waters edge. Mr. P. Picknett and another person applied artificial respiration until oxygen assistance and ambulance arrived. Taken to Stead Hospital and released the next day.
10/08/1949 ‘Acid Bath; murderer John Haigh, was executed at Wandsworth Prison.
12/08/1949 Redcar air is so bracing. Find 10s for being drunk and incapable Tyneside lady who came out of the public house drunk. She stated in a letter to the court, “The sea air must have taken hold of me when I came out of the public house.” Police officers who arrested her state she was carried to the Police Office on a stretcher.
15/08/1949 The day the Circus came to town Barrett’s Canadian Circus on Bean’s Field, near Redcar Racecourse, and an eagerly awaited eve
19/08/1949 Cleveland Province of the R.A.O.B. held its annual outing to Redcar when a party came from 15 different lodges, and included old age pensioners and 170 children. 350 in all. Children’s sports were held on the afternoon and each child given 2s. The Mayor presented the prizes to sports winners
26/08/1949 Redcar Donkey Derby, organised by Redcar British Legion attracted a crowd of 5,000.
26/08/1949 Picknett Brothers whilst “crabbing” caught a twelve and a half pound sunfish. A Tropical fish. Second caught off Redcar during past 30 years. First presented to Dorman Museum, Middlesbrough.
26/08/1949 34 Austrian children holidaying in Middlesbrough visited Redcar as guests of the Legion of Mary, Sacred Heart Church. Brought by bus from Middlesbrough and given free donkey rides, free ice-cream and rock. meals were provided by the Coatham Hotel.
14/09/1949 ICI Wilton opens and starts operations with an inauguration ceremony by Lord McGowan, chairman of ICI Tour of the works site by a large number of invited guests.
16/09/1949 Last of the ironstone mines ended at Eston.
23/09/1949 The birth of rock singer and guitarist, Bruce Springsteen.
30/09/1949 New carburetter water gas plant with frontage on West Dyke Road recommended, but gas works were not to be extended in a residential area.
30/09/1949 Reported that there was an acute shortage of houses on 71 houses being built since January. Borough Engineer stated that there was an acute shortage of bricks which he would raise with the Ministry.
30/09/1949 Modest scheme of illuminations planned for Redcar Esplanade.
07/10/1949 Redcar council rents to rise by 10% on pre war houses.
07/10/1949 Redcar Squatters in huts Green Lane, Redcar, defiant they would not leave. Legal action taken against the. Also persons living with pensioners at aged persons homes given one week to leave.
07/10/1949 Council gave consideration to Chief Constable of North Riding, asking the council to give favourable consideration to an application for houses to married constables.
28/10/1949 Plea from councillor made for cheaper rents stating that the house being built presently renting at 24s.6d a week appeared to be out of reach of most on Council List. Request to build a cheaper house.
28/10/1949 M.O.Health stated that 8 huts in Green Lane, Redcar occupied by council tenants were in bad state and were to be demolished.
28/10/1949 Sooty and Harry Corbett appeared on BBC television for the first time.
18/11/1949 Street lights at Redcar are to be restored to 100% pre-war standing. i.e. street lights lit until midnight and main traffic routes dusk to dawn.
18/11/1949 Miss E. M. Lee, of Redcar Lane, Redcar, 85 years died recently after living in Redcar all her life. Miss Lee was a descendant of the famous navigator Captain Cook. Her grandmother’s mother was sister of Captain Cook.
18/11/1949 Redcar Rotarian’s held their first dinner dance in Redcar.
25/11/1949 Reported that there was no early hope for Redcar getting a Maternity Home in the near future.
21/11/1949 Redcar fisherman whilst fishing from the shore at Redcar caught a six and quarter lb Silver Bream fish which is a deep sea fish and very rare on the North East Coast.
02/12/1949 Redcar Town Council refuse North Riding Constabulary for 15 houses in the town.
09/12/1949 Redcar Town Council informed Billingham Rural Council that their expectations regarding a crematorium would be met by Middlesbrough. It was stated that Middlesbrough and Hartlepool had agrred in principle with the establishment of a crematoria.
10/12/1949 American singer and piano player Fats Domino recorded The Fat Man – the song that gave rise to his name
16/12/1949 In connection with the National Savings Week during October it was announced that three balloons crossed the North Sea 2 landing in Germany and 1 in Germany.
16/12/1949 In connection with the National Savings Week during October it was announced that three balloons crossed the North Sea 2 landing in Germany and 1 in Germany.
16/12/1949 Warrenby Halt but the 8.25am train went on to Redcar forgetting that it was supposed to stop at Warrenby Halt. Arrangements were made for the passengers for train travelling in opposite direction to make a forced stop at the halt to let off the passengers concerned.
30/12/1949 Mr. George Nadin, aged 98 believed to be Redcar’s oldest resident died on 28/12/1949.


Chris Hansom February 1, 2013 1940-1949