Years 1970 to 1979

1970 1971 Mayor – Alderman Gordon Timberley Thornton (Redcar).
1970 In Redcar a resident Mr William Ling was awarded a testimonial on vellum by the Royal Humane Society, for rescuing a fellow seaman from drowning.
1970 Land Sailing Club formed at Redcar (more info required)
14/06/1970 Bobby Charlton played his 106th and last football match for England in the World Cup in Mexico. His first was April, 19, 1958, against Scotland.
16/07/1970 The Government declared a state of emergency and brought in troops to deal with a dock strike. 47,000 on strike to have tjeir basic wage raised to £11 a week.
08/08/1970 The Match Of The Day theme tune was aired for the first time. It has been called the most famous tune on British television
18/10/1970 Fishing Boat incident Teesmouth when boat sank with its owner. Further three persons rescued.
10/11/1970 The Great Wall of China was opened to tourists.
06/02/1971 ‘Apollo14’ crew landed on the moon.
Astronaut Alan Shepherd played golf on the moon, and struck two gold golf balls on the surface. The shots travelled more than 200 yards in the low density
08/03/1971 Boxer Joe Frazier defeated Mohammed Ali on points to become World Heavyweight Champion.
16/03/1971 Boxer Henry Cooper announced his retirement after losing his title to Joe Bugner.
29/03/1971 Charles Manson and three members of his cult were sentenced to death in Los Angeles for the murders of seven people and one unborn child.
29/03/1970 Easter Sunday. Over this period of Easter, council workers were brought out to fight an oil slick 1 mile long threatening Redcar Beach. Believe to have come from a slick further up the coast at Northumberland.
03/06/1971 The longest running comedy in UK theatre history No Sex Please We’re British opened in London, Savoy Theatre. Ran for 6,761 performances before closing in 1987.
06/08/1971 Chay Blyth completed his first solo round-the-world sail against prevailing winds in 292 days.
1971 NOTE – 15/02/1971 United Kingdom changes currency
00/07/1971 English National Sheepdog trials held their first ever show on Teesside. sheepdog
1971 Redcar parent requested prompt action regarding West Dyke Infant School toilets which had not altered since before the war. Children had to cross icy yard to get to the outside toilets.
18/07/1971 Legendary Footballer Pele played his last international appearance for Brazil in a game against Yugoslavia in front of thousands of fans in the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. Score 2-2.
27/10/1971 The Democratic Republic of the Congo is named Zaire.
09/11/1871 Henry Morton Stanley, sent to Africa by his newspaper to find Scottish missionary David Livingstone, finally made contact with him at Ujiji on Lake Tanganyika with the words “Doctor Livingstone I presume.”
1971 1972 Mayor – Alderman Ronald Hall (Redcar).
11/01/1972 East Pakistan renames itself Bangladesh
17/02/1972 Volkswagen broke the record held by Model T Ford by selling the 15,007,034th production of the Beetle.
22/02/1972 An IRA bomb killed seven people at Aldershot barracks.
22/04/1972 The first people to row across the Pacific Ocean arrived in Australia aboard their boat Britannia II. Sylvia Cook and John Fairfax epic 8,000 mile trip started in San Francisco and took them 361 days.
30/04/1972 UK Premiere of Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry movie
07/05/1972 Reginald Kenneth Dwight officially changed his name by deed poll to Elton Hercules John. His middle named came from the horse Hercules featured in sit-com Steptoe and Son.
17/06/1972 Don McLean’s song Vincent about artist Vincent Van Gogh was at No.1 in Britain. The sheet music, and some of Van Gogh paint brushes were buried in a time capsule at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.
18/06/1972 British European Airways Trident aeroplane crashed taking off from Heathrow airport, killing 118 men, women and children.
26/08/1972 The 20th Olympic Games opened in Munich.
04/09/1972 American swimmer Mark Spitz became the first Olympic athlete to win seven gold medals.
1972 Nuclear power started supplying electricity.
1972 Queen Elizabeth opened the new London Bridge.
1972 Redcar Squash Club formed as an offshoot of Redcar Rugby Club
1972 Memorial Clock bell given to Marske Parish Church. It had not been used for almost 60 years
1972 Lifeboats – Sir James Knott into service saving 68 lives.
11/09/1972 The BBC TV quiz ‘Mastermind’ was first transmitted.
17/09/1972 Comedy series M*A*S* premiered on NBC TV in America. Went on to show 251 episodes with last one 125 million viewers watching.
22/09/1972 Idi Amin gave Uganda’s 8,000 Asians 48 hours to leave the country.
11/12/1972 Apollo 17 becomes the sixth and last Apollo mission to land on the Moon.
19/12/1972 Last manned mission by NASA astronauts. with module splashing down in the Pacific Ocean.
1972 1973 Mayor – Councillor Maurice Sutherland (Stockton).
14/01/1973 Multi Talented performer Roy Castle tap danced his way into the record books
23/01/1973 American President Richard Nixon announced “peace with honour” ending with the ceasefire in Vietnam. US military intervention began in 1965. This was America’s longest war.
27/01/1973 America signed a ceasefire to end its military action in Vietnam.
09/03/1973 The Provisional IRA terrorists exploded a bomb at the Old Bailey, at the time of the referendum.
24/03/1973 Rock Band Pink Floyd released The Dark Side Of The Moon, which went on to become on of the biggest-selling albums of all time.
26/03/1973 Women were allowed to enter the London Stock Exchange for the first time in its 200 year history.
02/07/1973 Successful comedian Peter Kay was born. His live arena shows have broken records for ticket sales.
17/07/1973 The Everyly Brothers parted on stage in California when Phil smashed his guitar and stormed off, leaving Don to finish the gig.
20/08/1973 The Sydney Opera House opens.
10/09/1973 Muhammed Ali defeated Ken Norton and won the NABF Heavyweight title.
23/09/1973 Juan Peron was re-elected president of Argentina after being ousted almost 18 years earlier.
1973 The 810 ton Dutch coaster ‘Hendrik a’ was wrecked off High Point, Saltscar, Redcar.
08/10/1973 Britain’s first independent licensed commercial radio began broadcasting, goin on air at 6am.
20/10/1873 The Dalai Lama made his first visit to the UK.
20/10/1973 Sydney Opera House opened by the Queen.
12/11/1973 The group Queen began their first UK tour at the Leeds Town Hall.
14/11/1973 The wedding of Queen Elizabeth 11’s only daughter, Princess Anne, at Westminster Abbey.
1973 1974 Councillor Gordon W Hodgson (BEM Chairman) 21/06/1973. The First Annual Meeting took place of Langbaurgh Borough Council, on Thursday, 21st, June, 1974, at 10.30am in the Council Chamber, Eston Town Hall.
1973 1974 Mayor – Alderman Leonard Poole (Middlesbrough).
00/00/1974 Redcar Health Committee introduce a smokeless Zone for the town. The first being the Lakes Estate. Electric fires and radiators to be introduced.
18/02/1976 Carl Andre’s “pile of bricks” sculpture at the Tate Gallery caused controversy. Known as Equivalent VIII and was a rectangle of fire bricks in a rectangle, and costing £2,297.
00/03/1974 Terry Scott, actor and comedian drove straight off the front platform of the Transporter Bridge, thinking it was the road. His car was caught by the safety net but was written off.
26/03/1974 The Final Meeting of Teesside County Borough Council took place on this date.
1974 1975 Mayor – Councillor W Hodgson. BEM.
1974 British Steel Corp. debated plans for building a bridge or tunnel to connect their Redcar Works and Seal sands plants saving a 16 miles journey. Cost 20 million pounds.
04/05/1974 Abba reached the top of the pop charts with Waterloo, the Eurovision song contest winner.
1974 Redcar residents of France Street and Red Lion Street took legal action against Langbaurgh Council following flooding to their homes.
02/09/1974 Edward Heath’s Morning Cloud III was sunk in a Force 9 gale in the English Channel.
14/09/1974 Chia-Chia and Ching-Ching, giant pandas, arrived at London Zoo
1974 HM Coastguard, Tees Coastguard control centre established at South Gare.
05/10/1974 Five people died and 65 were injured when the IRA bombed two pubs in Guilford.
1974 Langbaurgh Borough Council replaced Teesside County Borough.
1974 Ridley House (former site of public library demolished).
05/12/1974 Final episode of ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus’ broadcast by the BBC.
24/12/1974 Drowned former UK minister, John Stonehouse, found alive after faking his own death. Living under a false name with his secretary in Australia.
1975 Damaged caused by 80 mph winds along the coastline. Redcar’s’ NLI was put on alert. Part of the beach centre roof was blown off during the winds.
1975-1976 Mayor – Councillor J Morgan. BEM.
04/02/1975 Sir Edward Hearth resigned as Tory leader, but remained a backbencher MP until his retirement in 2001.
1975 A19 Viaduct (Flyover) commenced taking traffic A19 over the River Tees Middlesbrough/Stockton North and South
19/04/1975 British actor William Hartnell died. Best known for playing the first Doctor Who series on television between November 1963 and July 1967. Returned to Dr Who to celebrate 10th Anniversary in a four part special involving three of the other Doctors.
05/06/1975 The first live radio broadcast of Parliament, from the House of Commons.
10/06/1975 It Ain’t Half Hot Mum comedy favourites Windsor Davies and Don Estell were no 1 in the Uk music charts with Whispering Grass.
05/07/1975 Arthur Ashe, American tennis player, became the first black man to win the Wimbledon singles’ championship.
11/07/1875 Archaeologists finished the first excavations of the Terracotta Army, discovered in China.
1975 Redcar resident Mr Benjamin Jones died at the age of 105 years.
1975 Sir William Turner’s moved as a Sixth Form College, to Redcar Lane.
11/08/1975 The Government took ownership of British Leyland, the only British owned car company.
24/09/1975 Douglas Heston and Doug Scott became the first Britons to conquer Everest
22/10/1975 Art Garfunkel was number one in the music charts with I Only Have Eyes For You. Originally written in 1934 for Busby Berkeley musical film Dames.
03/11/1975 The North Sea pipeline, the first to be built underwater bringing 400,000 barrels each day was opened by The Queen.
19/11/1975 One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, based of the 1962 book by Ken Kesey, was released in cinemas. Went on 50 win 5 Oscar’s and the best actor award to Jack Nicholson. Film made more that £120m.
1976 1977 Mayor – Councillor Jack S Dyball.
1976 Construction of Kielder Dam commenced mainly to supply the needs of Industries in the North East, mainly Teesside.
02/01/1976 Queen were at number 1 in music charts with Bohemian Rhapsody. Freddie Mercury reported to have written the song on scraps of paper and telephone books.
12/01/1976 Dame Agatha Christie, the world’s most successful detective story writer, died. aged 85.
11/02/1976 John Curry was awarded the men’s figure skating gold medal at the Innsbruck Winter Olympic Games. First Britain to win a solo title. 20 million TV viewers watch his performance on TV.
05/04/1976 James Callaghan won the Labour leadership contest and became Prime Minister.
05/04/1976 Billionaire recluse Howard Hughes died on his private jet on his way to Houston, Texas.
11/04/1976 The Apple 1 is created.
29/06/1976 The Seychelles become Independent from the United Kingdom.
01/08/1976 World Champion Formula 1 racing driver Niki Lauder badly burned in an accident German Grand Prix
05/09/1976 Eurovision winners Abba went to the top of the charts again with Dancing Queen.
09/09/1976 The death of Chairman Mao Zedong.
09/09/1976 Mao Tse-tung (Chairman Mao) died aged 82 after a series of strokes.
04/10/1976 Official launch of the Inter-City 125 high-speed train.
15/10/1976 Two men from the Ulster Defence Regiment were jailed for 35 years in connection with the murders of the Miami Show Band. 7 people died in total.
03/12/1976 40 foot flying pig broke its moorings at Battersea Power Station during a photo shoot for Pink Floyd’s album Animals. Later at 18,000 feet over Chatham, Kent. Airports made aware of situation.
1977 1978 Mayor – Councillor Leonard A Douglass. JP
1977 02/77. Local Newspaper reported allegations of overcrowding in boarding houses in Redcar. Boarding houses being converted to accommodate large workforce at both British Steel and Redcar steelworks. Five or six men to a room.
27/03/1977 Two jumbo jets collided on a runway in Tenerife, killing hundreds of people, some from the UK
02/04/1977 Charlotte Brew became the first female jockey to ride in the Grand National at Aintree with the horse refusing at the 27th fence. The eventual winner was Red Rum.
27/08/1977 First ever Teesside Steel Family Gala held at the Redcar Racecourse.
17/08/1977 The Soviet icebreaker Artika becomes the first surface ship to reach the North Pole.
16/09/1977 Maria Callas opera singer was found dead in her Paris flat, aged 53.
26/09/1977 Freddie Laker’s first cut-price Sky train flight to New York from Gatwick
01/10/1977 World renown footballer Brazilian legend Pele retired from football. He scored 1,281 goals in his career.
18/10/1977 German anti-terror troops stormed a high-jacked Lufthansa airliner at Mogadishu, Somalia, killing three Palestinian terrorists, and freeing all hostages.
21/11/1977 The first occasion that Supersonic passenger aircraft Concorde, flew from London to New York’s John F Kennedy Airport.
21/01/1978 The Saturday Night Fever soundtrack featuring The Bee Gees, Kool and the Gang, and KC Sunshine Band Topped the US billboard chart. The music sold 30,000 copies when first released. Later sold 20 million, and became the popular music film soundtrack starring John Travolta.
07/04/1978 US President Jimmy Carter took the decision to postpone production of the controversial neutron bomb.
17/05/1978 Compact discs were created by Philips.
24/05/1978 The London to Washington, DC, service begins.
24/05/1978 Princess MArgaret’s 18 year marriage to Lord Snowden was ended by a special procedure divorce.
25/06/1878 First occasion when the Rainbow Flag was raised during the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade.
Redcar’s Coatham Bowl was the venue for the selection of the 1978 British Steel Gala Queen. 22 contestants from steelworks around the area.
17/08/1978 First transatlantic balloon crossing by ‘Double Eagle’, landed in Normandy, France.
26/08/1978 Cardinal Albino Luciani was elected Pope John Paul I. Within 33 days he was dead.
28/09/1978 Pope John 1 died after only 33 days as Pontiff
1978 A four day holiday in Blackpool for 78 pensioners from the Pig and Whistle public house was organised and paid for by younger customes.
1978 James Cook Museum opened in Stewart Park.
1979 David Coverdale former Depp Purple star, brought his acclaimed new band Whitesnake, to the Coatham Bowl.
1978 1979 Mayor – Councillor Mrs Pat J Zoryk.
02/01/1979 Sex Pistol Sid Vicious, on bail charged with killing girlfriend Nancy Spungen, died of a heroin overdose in New York.
1979 1980 Mayor – Councillor Mrs Ivy M Cole.
1979 During the Spring of this year the Cleveland Organ Society installed a Wurlitzer Organ.
1979 In the Spring of 1979, 32 houses were flooded at Dormanstown, owing to the excessive rainfall. Local becks overflowing onto Armitage Road. The whole flooded area was described as a Venetian lagoon.
01/02/1979 Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Iran after 14 years exile’ in France.
18/02/1979 Some falls of snow in the Sahara Desert in southern Algeria for the only time in recorded history.
22/02/1979 Independence of Saint Lucia from the United Kingdom.
19/03/1979 Richard Beckinsale comedy actor in Rising Damp and Porridge died from a massive heart attack.
04/05/1979 Margaret Thatcher became Britain’s first woman prime minister.
11/06/1979 Marion Robert Morrison, better known as John Wayne, movie star died. Nicknamed The Duke.
14/08/1979 The longest lasting rainbow on record took place over North Wales from the coast of Gwynedd to Clwyd, remaining for more than 3 hours.
27/08/1979 Earl Mountbatten, the Queen’s cousin, killed when the IRA exploded a remote controlled 50lb bomb on his boat Shadow V off the coast on County Sligo, Ireland.
24/10/1979 Paul Mc Carney celebrated being the most successful composer of all time. Presented with a rhodium disc.
16/11/1979 Anthony Blunt was revealed as the ‘fourth man’ in the Philby affair.
30/12/1979 Richard Rodger’s on of the world’s best-known composers of musicals died in New York, aged 77.


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