1878 06 14 – Kirkleatham Local Board Meeting

Accreditation The Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 14/06/1878.


            The monthly meeting of the above Board was held on Friday afternoon last (07/06), at the Boardroom, Coatham. Present: Messrs. Ridley (in the chair), Hikeley, James, Proud, Rutherford, and Wallis; Watson (deputy-clerk). Thompson (surveyor), and Burton (rate-collector). Minutes having been read and confirmed, a discussion, it as to the watering of the streets during the ensuing summer, and the subject of providing a suitable water-cart was referred to a committee. The Chairman read a letter from Mr. Robert Moore, architect, acting on behalf of owners of property in Westdyke lane, accompanying plan of a bridge to be proposed to be laid across the stell near the Gas Works. Mr. Rutherford asked that the matter might be left over until after the other business was concluded, in order that he might retire, as there had been some litigation in reference to this road with which he had been connected. The Chairman said he did not think it was necessary to leave over the plan for further consideration, and so far as he knew the Board had nothing to do with the matter. The Clerk confirmed this view of the case, saying that it was merely an occupation Road over which the Board had jurisdiction whatever, and it was resolved that he replied to this effect. Mr. Rutherford Stained from taking part in the conversation which took place on the subject, and in the conclusion come to by the Board. Estimate of general district rate of 9d in the £for the half-year, was ordered to be signed and sealed. Application was ordered to be made to the Langbaurgh East Highway Board. Checks were ordered for payment of the accounts for the month, amounting to £43.12s.4d. The Surveyor reported that several crossings ordered by the sub-committee had been completed. Notices were ordered to be given of the intention of the Board to dedicate Cleveland Street, as a public highway. A license was ordered to be granted to Mr. Isaac Johnson for a temporary slaughter-house in Turner Street in accordance with the Surveyor’s recommendation. Plan of to houses, intended to be erected in Victory Terrace, by Mr. Nelson, with the Surveyor, had met Mr. Semple (on behalf of the Railway Company), with reference to the road leading from West Terrace to the beach, and he had suggested that a plan should be prepared for the consideration o the Railway Company of what the Board wish to be done; ordered that the plan prepared by the Surveyor be approved and that a copy of the same with the estimate of the cost of the work, be sent to Mr. Semple. The Surveyor was instructed to prepare plan specification, and estimate of the construction of Queen Street, from the Central Hall to Newcomen Street. This was the whole of the business.


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