Shipwrecks Part 3

         At present our shipwrecks lists Part 1 to 3 contain vessels that have come to grief (for whatever reason) on our notorious coastline – Hartlepool Bay – Estuary of River Tees, Redcar to Staithes.
         Tips when searching for the vessel(s) :-

         You may not have the correct NAME SPELLING or the EXACT DATE you are looking for in the Shipwreck Index’s 1-3. because through time/dialect some of the names/dates have been accidentally mis-recorded.
         If not in the 1-3 indexes try a search of our list (using the search box below) by ship name or date. If you have information on the shipwrecks we have listed or any we have not listed then please feel to drop us a line.
         The vessel may have come to grief more than once on the rocks or elsewhere along the coast line.

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dean February 3, 2010 Shipwrecks Part 3