Shipwrecks Part 3

         At present our shipwrecks lists Part 1 to 3 contain vessels that have come to grief (for whatever reason) on our notorious coastline – Hartlepool Bay – Estuary of River Tees, Redcar to Staithes.
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         You may not have the correct NAME SPELLING or the EXACT DATE you are looking for in the Shipwreck Index’s 1-3. because through time/dialect some of the names/dates have been accidentally mis-recorded.
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         The vessel may have come to grief more than once on the rocks or elsewhere along the coast line.

Year Ship Name Information & Links
01/01/1890 GOTEBERG During the week. 18/02/1890-25/02/1890, s.s. Goteberg was wrecked off Salt Scar rocks. On (28/01). The whole and engines were sold at an auction held in Redcar Pier by Messrs Walker and Son, Auctioneers. Sold to Mr. Forster of Middlesbrough for £52.
01/01/1890 GREENWOOD 27/01/1890. 7 AM . This screw steamer, Captain Bell, laden with Spanish ore, from Bilbao to Middlesbrough , ran aground Salt Scar rocks, Redcar. Weather very thick fog. At 4:30 PM re-floated without sustaining any damage.
09/02/1891 HOLLAND On Monday (09/02) morning, the German steamer ‘Holland’ (Captain Marten), ran ashore at, Marske, while on a voyage from Esbjerg to Blyth in ballast. Fortunately she was got off shortly after midday, having received very slight injury.
17/07/1900 CARL This date, wrecked off Tees mouth. (Further information required.)
09/01/1901 HONORIA Of Hull, Richard Picknett and two others had been washed from their coble and drowned, as they attempted to rescue the crew of this steam trawler. At 2.30 am 09/01/1900, became grounded off Cliffe House Marske
13/11/1901 GERTRUDE A German schooner in distress of the Redcar coast, was turned into the shore line by the captain. Unfortunately, came to grief on the East Scar rocks, and eventually beached on the shoreline at Redcar. The lifeboat took off for crew members.
14/12/1901 ERATO Stranded Skinningrove. (Further information required.)
26/10/1902 BOUNTY OF PROVIDENCE Stranded at Redcar. (Further information required.)
04/08/1904 DENISON Stranded at Marske. (Further information required.)
27/12/1906 AWA MARU Even a Japanese liner fell foul of the West Scar rocks, drifting helplessly towards them during a severe storm. The ship of 6000 tons was en-route from Antwerp. All the seamen and passengers aboard the vessel were saved by local fishermen. Following an 18 days stay on the rocks. The vessel was eventually re-floated.all the “Maru” ships were part of the Nippon Yusen Kaishoi Line, which visited Middlesbrough (Tees). The ship was re-floated (30/01/1907) British skipper Captain Forbes.
1907 SAXON PRINCE Even a vessel, such as a paddle steamer came foul on the Salt Scar rocks when it became a victim in 1907.
08/04/1909 FRANK Steam powered tug stranded on. Redcar rocks. (Further information required.)
08/11/1911 SANTIAGO Out of Hartlepool, and collided with the vessel Cairness (which sank). Vessel ran aground Redcar
08/11/1911 CAIRNESS As above Satiago collided with this vessel, which immediately sank
18/08/1912 TESSIE West Scar rocks. (Further information required.)
15/06/1913 SWIFT SURE Became stranded on East Scar rocks. (Further information required.)
30/10/1914 ROHILLA Whilst outside the area of our record keeping, this vessel is worth mentioning. Click HERE for more information
12/12/1914 MEADOWFIELD This date it was reported that the steamer was in difficulties near/on East Scar rocks at Redcar. The steamer on route from Archangel to London, had taken four weeks in rolling seas. Such worthy conditions that the crew had taken wood from the side of the ship to make steam. The crew were reported to be in a deplorable state. Stranded the steamer began taking in water. On being released the steamer, made its own way to Hartlepool, under the watchful eye of the lifeboat and crew of Redcar lifeboat Fifi and Charles.
1914 – 1915 LEMBERG This Ketch, a British vessel became stranded on Salt Scar rocks (dates not known) but was re-floated 03/01/1914. On 10/04/1915 following repairs at the Tees Conservancy Commission dry dock the vessel turned on her side.
Date unknown GRANBY Known to have got into difficulties of Redcar and 21 crew members of the ship brought ashore. (Further information required.)
06/1915 FICARIA This Danish nationality ship (probably belonging to DFDS) ran aground on the Salt Scar rocks, and to enable her to get off the rocks of a suitable high tide, her cargo was removed. Towed off the rocks by tugs.
20/03/1915 SPIRAL 27/03/1915. This steam collier of Christina, carrying coal, crashed onto Salt Scar rocks. After a large amount of coal was thrown overboard. The vessel was re–floated. Taken to Hartlepool, where she was repaired, only to be sunk on her next voyage by a torpedo.
12/07/1915 FICARIA Ran aground Redcar. The flag of this ship was painted on its side indicating its neutrality to German warships and submarines. Refloated (15/07)
15/09/1915 BRAMHAM This steamship (15/09), from Hartlepool with cargo of iron ore, reported to be sure 1 mile east of South Gare breakwater.
17/09/1915 BOSSI This date, the Norwegian steamship ran ashore at Redcar. Was re-floated by lightening her load. Tugs assisted in re-floating.
16/10/1915 WRETHEA This date, carrying coal, ran aground on. Redcar rocks. Succeeded in re–floating herself on next tide.
18/12/1915 LEMNOS Built for Lumsdon’s at Short Bros, Pallion, Sunderland and launched 13/01/1880. This steamship, collier was laid in with coal, from Leith to Rouen, when she was ran aground in shallow water just south of Tees mouth. No loss of life and 19 crewmen brought ashore. The wreck was sold to a Mr. Riddle, of Middlesbrough.
24/02/1916 CHARLOTTE Sank in the Tees mouth. (Further information required.)
12/04/1916 LORD CECIL This steam trawler ran aground inside West Scar rocks, and eventually ended up near the bandstand. On 01/04/1916, For more info click Here
31/01/1917 IDA DUNCAN Tug owned by Charles C. Duncan originally named Sturgeon bills 1891 by J. P. Reynolds of South Shields. 139 tons, hit mine off South Gare, (31/01). Tug sank and all six cruel lost their lives.
17/02/1917 RECEPTO Sunk by mine on (17/02). Sean has an obstruction on Fishermans charts, and could be the resting place of a trawler.. (Further information required.)
02/08/1917 TEESDALE A 2472 ton steamer came to grief 3 miles north of Saltburn, despite surviving a torpedo attack in the English channel, earlier that year. In June. Bound for the Tees for repair, it is possible that the damage she is sustained, was responsible for her subsequent sinking. Old and built by a local company Ropner’s of Darlington.
21/01/1921 APHRODITE A Greek collier and ran aground on West Scar rocks. As the lifeboat was being launched a young lady Margarette Emmans, 28 years, was accidentally kills by the lifeboat carriage. Later, nine, seaman were taken off the stricken vessel.
17/03/1922 EVER TRUE A fishing boat crew saved by the last lifeboat incident of the Saltburn lifeboat Mary Badger.
16/12/1922 LUCIA This date, it was reported that this Russian vessel of 4000 tons, carrying iron ore had run aground on the Salt Scar rocks. By throwing over the side of the ship some of their cargo that on the (17/12), the vessel was re–floated, with tugs standing by
11/06/1925 BOW WAVE During fog on this date, the steamer of Lowestoft drifted and ran ashore on the rocks East of Redcar Pier. Re-floated on the evening time same day.
25/11/1926 GRACE This ketch was lost and smashed to pieces in a howling gale with the loss of two lives. The skipper was later washed up opposite Granville Terrace. The wreckage from this vessel was later washed up on Redcar beach Christmas Day, 1927.
16/01/1926 SIR HUGH BELL This tug boat ran aground 06/01/1926 on Coatham Sands. The tug boat was trying to recover a buoy which had broken away, and washed up on the beach. It was reported that the tug boat would not be able to get off the sands for the next 10 days, when high tides were expected.
12/05/1927 HOLYWELL This date to loud government retorts were heard in Redcar. Minute gun calling together members of the lifeboat crew. The steamer Holywell 4867 tons register at Sunderland and owned by Messrs T & J Brocklebank, Liverpool, bound for Tees laden, with iron ore, struck the Redcar rocks at 3 AM. Re-floated on the PM tide.
13/08/1927 JAMES & WALTER 18/08/1927. This drifter grounded on. Redcar rocks. The drifter had on board 25 crans of herring.The vessel was taking in water, but the drifter’s pump coped well with the situation. The drifter was eventually floated with the aid of a tug. The next day. An interesting note was that the public of Redcar, on the Saturday were buying herring from the drifter at 50 for one shilling.
29/12/1928 ORNEN This three masted Danish sailing ship struck the Salt Scar rocks at Redcar. the whole and the rudder were damaged and it was taking in water. Caught by a strong south westerly gale, they ship was being dragged out to sea when distress signals were fired by the Coastguards,and Tees mouth lifeboat was launched. Reaching the vessel. 30 min later it was found 2 miles from the shore dragging its anchor. Constant pumping of water was required to keep the ship afloat. Eventually a tug was summoned, whereupon it gave the Ornen a tow into the River Tees where it was beached to save her from sinking.
29/01/1929 s.s. ADJUTANT Old by the General Steam Navigation Co. Ltd, of London, in ward bound for Smith’s Dock (dry docks) at South Bank, went aground at the entrance to the River Tees. Later tugs drew her back into deep water and into the river. Found to have serious damage to the bottom of the ship.
08/09/1930 ATICIFER A small steamer was damaged on the Salt Scar rocks, when 1 mile out the steamer ran aground. The vessel registered in Newcastle, was en route to the Tees from Hull with a cargo of wheat. Re-floated on PM tide, with no damage.
13/06/1931 NORHAM 16/06/1931 it was reported that the mortar vessel Norham from London, laden with loam, struck the Redcar rocks.After 20 min it became free again, and made a dash up the River Tees where it berthed safely at Thornaby.
22/09/1934 FAITHFUL STAR The Lowestoft herring drifter, whilst drifting ran aground in the Bearsfeet Hole, near Huntcliff, Saltburn. Shortly after high tide on the Friday evening, HMS Saltburn (warship) signaled that the drifter and being removed from its high and dry position (low tide) rocks position, and was a game refloated, but without power (stripped propeller). The vessel was told by HMS Cherwell (Fishing Protection Boat) to the port of Hartlepool
28/02/1937 ATHINA LIVANOS Ran aground on Redcar beach. This was a new steamer, which when beached residents and visitors from all around, The name of the ship was the 2nd daughter of shipping magnate at the time Stavros Livanos. This daughter later married Aristotle Onassis and mother of two children Alexnder and Christina. The steamer was built in the Gray’s Yard, Hartlepool
11/01/1938 DUNGENESS Hull trawler came on to the rocks at Redcar in fog. (further information required.)
14/03/1938 BRIER ROSE 503 tons laden with slag bound for Ipswich, grounded on the training wall near to the fifth buoy on North side of River Tees in early hours. Queens Cross tug assisted, and that high water re-floated. No one on board was in any danger.
23/06/1939 ERNIX 692 ton vessel. All the crew were saved, but as the wreck was considered a hazard. It had to be blown up with explosives. (Further information required.)
21/01/1940 EMPIRE FACILITY This vessel ran aground inside the Luffway. The crew of 10 were brought ashore.
0203/1940 FAIRPLAY II Built in Hamburg1921, this 282 ton Admiralty steam tug was originally named Fairplay XlV. Came into ownership of the Fairplay Towage and Shipping Company of London late 1930s, and was requisitioned by the Admiralty in 1939. Fairplay ii was wrecked on the Salt Scar rocks. The remains of the vessel now lie in a gully at the end of the Scar and is well broken up.
05/03/1940 CORDALE The steamer lost her propeller blades off Skinningrove, and in possibly the worst seas ever recorded, the Redcar boat helped it to fasten a rope and drag her free. A destroyer had also been sent to help but was not required.
22/06/1940 LA BASIASE
A French patrol vessel, lost at the mouth of the River Tees. (Further information required.)
20/10/1940 GRANBY A 2000 ton Canadian Great Lakes Steamer ran aground in the Luffway, and was machine-gunned from the promenade shelters, until it was discovered it was an allied boat. The lifeboat could only be launched with an army escort. The crew of 21 were taken off. In November (01/11) she was re-floated
1945 HALCYON Struck by a mine leaving the River Tees. (More information required.)
20/01/1946 DUNSLEY


Ran aground East Scar rocks, but later was driven stern first onto Stokesley Scar with her bowels in the sand. Whilst the lifeboat was launched to the ship, twice the crew declined the offer, and remained on the ship. Later re-floated, repaired and sold. En route from London to Tees with 300 tons of scrap. Narrowly missed the Pier and became stranded facing Granville Terrace and can be touched at low tide. The largest vessel to come ashore since s.s. Athena Lavanos (28/02/1937) (note). This vessel was re-floated with the help of tugs the following Monday.

Both of the above became stranded over the weekend during thick fog. (Empire facility further information required.)

24/06/1946 Dutch Motor Vessel On this date in the early hours, Redcar fishermen used matches to guide the Dutch motor vehicle in danger of grounding near the Salt Scar rocks, back out to sea.
08/02/1947 MONA The 2000 ton Swedish vessel, having run aground during fog was re-floated from the Salt Scar rocks, with the assistance of tugs.
08/07/1949 OCEANIC This vessel believed to have fired a distress signal, found drifting down coast. As a result, Hartlepool boat followed vessel down coast to Whitby where tugs were standing by.
1951 ROTA Danish steamship finally freed after being stranded on the West Scar rocks during the night Alert raised by telephone exchange, after ship crew blowing its horn. Exchange supervisor informed, and lifeboat launched.
14/01/1952 TAXIARCHIS Became stranded on Redcar beach, location approximately opposite Coatham Hotel, Salt Scar rocks.
20/11/1953 ALBANO Ran aground on the Salt Scar rocks but was re-floated the same day.
14/12/1953 DIMITRUS The 5250 ton two-week steamer (ex Michel L Embiricos ex War Malyan) came far more of the East Scar rocks, Redcar at 9:30 PM. The steamer a regular visitor to this coastline was carrying iron ore from Boma, North Africa, to Middlesbrough. The ship was laden with iron ore, and for some unknown reason struck the rocks only 275 meters from the shore. A full rescue in darkness took place and 36 crew members were taken off the ship by the lifeboat and local fishermen in the area. Today at low water the spring tides, a boiler, and pipe can be clearly seen breaking the water marking the site. A favourite dive for some of our local diving clubs.
1954 GILL FORD (Further information required.)
1957?? BASALT Run aground Redcar. (Further information required.)
1969 LEAD US (Further information required.)
04/05/1973 HENDRIKA This ship capsized after running aground on the Salt Scar rocks. The 810 ton coaster capsized after running aground south of the Salt Scar rocks (04/05) whilst en route from Aberdeen with grain. An attempt at salvage failed and the wreck was dispersed with explosives.
05/11/1991 STORA-KORNAS-LINK While off Tees bay on 5 November 1991, the engine room of the vessel caught fire. The vessel was on a voyage from Gefle to Chatham with a cargo of timber, large rolls of news printing paper and Sodium Chlorate.The fire soon became intense and quickly spread out of control through the cargo holds. After a series of violent explosions, the crew abandoned ship, 3-miles off Skinningrove. More information

28/02/1993 FREJA SVEA This Danish oil tanker 100,000 tons ran aground on the Redcar rocks. Later re-floated.


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