1869 11 12 Redcar Local Board of Health Meeting

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 12/11/1869


            The monthly meeting of this body was held on Friday last (05/11). Present were Messrs Lennard (Chairman), Watson, Cowl, and Whitaker; J. G. Thompson (Clerk), and M. Crabtree (Surveyor).

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed, and the minute with regard to the lighting of the streets was ordered to be continued.

The clerk reported that he had carefully considered the question of forming by-laws for the regulation of bathing on the beach; and he was of opinion that at present the Board had no power to do so, inasmuch as their jurisdiction only extended to high-water mark. It was for them to consider the advisability of extending their district, as far as low-water mark; and he would suggest that they should try to have the Upleatham part of the town included in the district.

Ordered that the minute be continued.

The Surveyor read a report on the state of the burial ground, which he had laid before the Cemetery Committee. It was resolved to refer the matter to a committee of the whole Board.

The clerk reported that a summons had been taken against Mr Pearson, Ilda. He also reported that a committee of the whole Board met on the 14th ult., And directed him to write to the Secretary of the Sea Wall Committee, suggesting that the Town Committee, should report fully to a public meeting before further steps are taken.

Some discussion arose as to what name should be given to the open space of ground extending from the houses on the beach to the sea wall. Various names were mentioned as being suitable, but Mr Cowl suggested that it was a question which ought to be left to the town’s meeting, and the matter then dropped.

Buildings, amounting to £132.15s.8d were ordered to be paid. The surveyor stated that there would be a balance in the bank of £15; and they’re still remained about £300 to collect exclusive of the water rate.

The surveyor was ordered to procure a place to put the seats which were on the beach.

The Chairman reported that subscriptions to the amount of nearly £20 had been raised towards the cost of procuring the drinking fountain.

The clerk requested the Surveyor to add his name to the list of subscribers with £1.1s.

It was resolved to leave the matter of fixing a site for the fountain to a committee of the whole Board.

A letter from Lord Zetland’s agent was read, complaining of the scarcity of water on is lordship’s farm.

The Surveyor reported that the matter had been attended to.

In the course of the conversation, which ensued it transpired that the reservoir would only hold water sufficient to supply the town for six hours. The necessity of a much larger reservoir was discussed, and the Surveyor look into the matter and report on the subject at the next meeting.


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