1871 06 16 Redcar Local Board of Health Meeting

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 16/06/1871.


            A meeting (date not known) of the above local board took place and present were Messrs Lennard, Cowl, Mallaby, Harrison, Whitaker, Johnson, Webster, J. G. Thomson (clerk), Crabtree (surveyor). The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed. A letter was andread from Mr. R. Abbey, complaining of the late delivery of letters at the West end of Redcar, and requesting the attention of the Board thereto. The Clerk was directed to communicate with the Post-office authorities, pointing out the necessity of appointing an additional letter carrier. A letter was read from Mr. Wm. Thwaites, complaining of the undue deposit of building material on the Esplanade, near Athol Cottage, stating that is remonstrance’s to the builders had been useless, ordered that the Clerk be directed to write and request the material to draw into smaller compass. After a discussion on the state of the approaches to the beach, a resolution was passed ordering the Surveyor to carry out the repairs with as little delay as possible. A letter was read from Mr. S. Gamble, complaining of the hanging out of clause opposite his place of business, it appears, however, that the clothes were home only on private property and the Aboard could not interfere the following accounts were ordered to be paid.:-Hartlepool Cement Works, £1.10s.0d; North-Eastern Railway, Company (Carriage), £4.4s.5d.; J. G. Thompson, Esq. (expenses), £2.16s.0d.; Ord and Maddison, £33.11s.7d.; Mr. Cunningham, 12s.9d.; Knight and Co., 14s.6d.; current expenses (Surveyor), £20. Total, £65.14s.8d. The following plans were approved. :-Six cottages to be built by the Gas Company in Alma Parade. Plan of the cottage proposed to be built by Mr. Westerby to be was rejected for want of proper ground plans. Plan of a new shop front to be put in by Mr. Craggs, Draper, approved. Plan for a shorter box in Zetland Place by Mr. Wester by, was agreed to. Draft of an agreement with the Earl of Zetland, with reference to the extension of the district was read and agreed to, and an estimate for a special district of warm showing in the pound, having been prepared by the clerk was agreed to. It was ordered that the Surveyor BM powered to obtain a place for the deposit of material.


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