Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn News 14/10/1875


            On Tuesday (12/10) forenoon, the volunteers attached to the Rocket Apparus for saving life, belonging to Redcar and Coatham, was summoned to assemble on the sands, west of Coatham Pier, for their usual practice.

Acting Inspector Hackney, from Sunderland was present to superintend the proceedings, and under the able tuition, and firm discipline of Mr Bates, officer in command at Coatham and Redcar. The men exhibited a proficiency which did credit to both master and men,

The rocket was sent on its fiery errand, landing the rope across the remnants of the old “Griffin,” with a precision showing how effective in competent hands this useful apparatus is when men’s lives are at stake in the midst of a raging storm. The working of the cradle was un every way satisfactory to the officer inspecting, who expressed his delight with the conduct of both the members of the coastguard, and the volunteers.

The most difficult part of the duties in reference to what the volunteers have to perform is throwing the lead, for the success of which evidently depends upon the steady and firm position of the man throwing it – it “wants practice to complete perfection,” and we should advise the volunteers to make it a point to have meetings occasionally for the purpose at attaining a perfection in the art.

The following are the names of the volunteers present:- W, Wetherald, J. Saxton, R. Skinner, W. Preston, Fishwick, Bradley, Brigham, W. Johnson, C. Whitaker, G. Earl, J. Earl, and Radcliffe.

The coastguard were represented by three of the men under the command of Chief Officer Bates, all of whom showed a full knowledge of their duties under an emergency.


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