ACCIDENT – Carriage accident near Redcar

Accreditation the Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-Sea Gazette 13/04/1876


            A serious carriage accident occurred on the road between Redcar and mask, on Friday evening (06/04). An innkeeper, named Hustler, living at Stockton, had been out in a conveyance with his wife and a boy, at Marske, and on proceeding homeward late at night, and taking a sharp turn in the road, known as Redcar Lane End, the horse shied, and the conveyance immediately overturned and throughout the occupants. The accident was witness by Messrs. G. Willey and James Dufour, of Stockton, who were in close proximity, driving in the same direction, and to immediately rendered assistance. Mrs. Hustler, when picked up, was insensible her left arm was broken between the elbow and wrist, one of her eyes was injured, and her face and other parts of our body were bruised in a frightful manner. Her husband was all so severely bruised and shaken, and is arm much injured, the boy fortunately escaping with a few slight bruises on his side and leg. The sufferers were removed as speedily as possible to Redcar, where medical aid was called for, and subsequently to Stockton on Saturday (14/04) Mrs Hustler only then having gained consciousness. The whole of the party are now in a fair way of recovery, though not considered out of danger.


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