ACCIDENT – Gas explosion, Redcar.

Accreditation the Middlesbrough Gazette 21/10/1870


            On Wednesday evening (19/10), an explosion of gas occurred at the residence of Mr G. Hood stationer, Redcar. The servant had just lighted the gas in the gas cooker to boil a kettle, and a minute or two afterwards a terrible explosion occurred, and the large gas cooker was instantly blown to atoms and the windows of the kitchen blown out, and some of the damage done. Fortunately, at the moment, no person was in the kitchen, as the girl had just gone into the yard for a pail, but so violent was the force of the explosion that even knocked the pail out of hand in the yard, and it also threw the door of the stove fou yards across the kitchen. On examination of the taps, it would seem that one of them, through some unknown cause, was open. Probably something knocked accidentally against it and all mandate through which, when the gas was turned on at the meter, it escaped into the law part of the stove and exploded when it reached the light above.



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